Glass Has a New Way to Heat Up

Heated Glass

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A low cost option for heated insulating glass windows is now available.

Glass Products Consulting Co. LLC has developed a heatable glass panel that it says can replace current silver ceramic-based systems. In the new product, copper replaces 83 percent of the silver previously used. Soldering electrical terminals and related use of expensive indium is eliminated.

The heating grids are printed on a PET film and is laminated to a glass panel with a PVB film on the grid side. This is applicable to heated/insulating glass units where the PET is on the inside facing a low-E coated surface.

According to information from the developer, the fabrication process uses established production processes such as flexography roll-to-roll printing, nano silver material and roll-to-roll electroplating. It also makes feasible a grid line width as low as 0.2 mm.

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