Guardian Industries Introduces Reveal

GuardianGuardian Industries now offers interior designers and architects a product solution that enables them to design with glass without sacrificing privacy: Guardian Reveal, the company’s newest interior glass innovation.

Guardian Reveal uses switchable technology to bring new versatility to interior and architectural designs. It transitions from transparent clarity to serene privacy in a single click.

According to the company, designers and architects can create distinctive designs for shower enclosures, walls and partitions, dividers, windows and doors, entryways, airport screening booths and more. The glass is available in a broad range of colors, tints, patterns and textures. In addition, it is eligible for LEED certification points because it is energy efficient and helps pull daylighting deeper into a project’s interior.

Guardian Reveal begins with high-quality float glass, laminated with a liquid crystal film and a PVB interlayer. A current renders glass transparent, offering unobstructed views and welcoming abundant light. The glass can be controlled with a switch, motion detector, daylight sensor or other device.

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