Namibia: Harahan Industries Launches Harahan Chemicals to Supply Silica Sand Products to Tses Glass

Harahan Industries (Pty) Ltd, an industrial company formed by the community of Harahan in Windhoek to develop, market, and manufacture innovative industrial products for construction and agricultural related products, has been awarded a 15-year contract by Tses Glass (Pty) Ltd to supply silica sand products for the Tses Glass Manufacturing facilities in Tses, Namibia.

In order to meet the needs as the exclusive supplier of silica sand to Tses Glass, Harahan Industries has established Harahan Chemicals (Pty) Ltd, as a separate company exclusively for the mining and manufacturing of silica sand and related products in Namibia.

Tses Glass is being developed in Tses, Namibia and will have all four separate manufacturing plants in a single location in Tses, southern Namibia. They will include a 250-tons-per-day container glass plant, a 600-tons-per-day float glass plant, a 350-tons-per-day tableware glass plant and a 200-tons-per-day ultrathin glass plant.

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