Glazer’s Choice Offers QuattroLift Nomad

Nomad 2

Now available from Glazer’s Choice is the new QuattroLift Nomad glass plate transportation and installation cart. Designed to increase installer safety and productivity, the Nomad can handle glass weighing up to 880 pounds, and measuring up to 175- by 140-inches. According to the company, it allows for reduced installation crews, generally requiring only two people to transport and install the lite.

The company adds that the new cart:

•Eliminates OHS issues such as strains and sprains resulting from manual handling of glass;

•Reduces man power required for transportation and installation of heavy glass by up to 50 percent;

•Prevents breakage and damage to glass during transport and installation;

•Protects workers while carrying glass; and

•Rotates long lites of glass.

In addition, the cart can be used to unload glass on and off an A-frame truck; transport glass over uneven ground; and rotate glass from horizontal to vertical positions.


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