Pilkington North America Introduces TV Mirror Glazing Product


Pilkington North America has released a new product used to conceal the appearance of television displays and video screens. Pilkington MirroView™ has a highly reflective mirror coating on a clear substrate which gives television displays and video screens a modern, transitional look, according to the company. The new product is designed to conceal the screen by turning it into a normal mirror when the screen is off. The image shows through the mirror when the screen is on.

The MirroView product is ideal for a variety of applications such as hotel rooms, bars and restaurants, living rooms, bathrooms, lobbies, salons and other areas where you may want to conceal television displays and video screens when they are turned off. The new glass product can be fabricated to meet any size requirement that may be needed for home or office.

The MirroView glass is coated using a pyrolytic or “hard coat” process. The pyrolytic process allows for the coating to be chemically-bonded to the glass at the molecular level while the glass is still in the semi-molten stage. According to the company, the new glass is durable and can be easily handled, transported and processed, including tempering. Due to the durability of the pyrolytic coating, it does not degrade over time, which gives the product a virtually unlimited shelf-life, according to the company.



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