Quanex Celebrates 35 Years of Warm Edge Technology

quanexQuanex Building Products introduced its flexible, non-metal-based spacer 35 years ago to the insulating glass industry.

The concept of reducing thermal conductivity at the edge seal for improved thermal performance inspired further innovations, including the introduction of Super Spacer® in 1989 and, more recently, the Dura Spacer platform, which includes Duralite®.

“The last 35 years have brought much advancement in IG systems—and many of the technologies have been tied to the individuals and companies that now make up Quanex Building Products,” says George Wilson, general manager, Insulating Glass Systems, Quanex Building Products. “To this day, we take pride in being innovators. We are always striving to help our customers find the next best thing that will improve performance and allow them to operate more efficiently. It’s ingrained in our history and will continue to be part of our future.”

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