Linetec Adds Stretch Forming Option

Stretch Forming by Linetec is designed to allow architectural product manufacturers to have their metal building components curved and finished in one location. Stretch forming is the newest service Linetec has added to benefit customers seeking not only paint, anodize and powder coat, but also field repair and restoration, thermal improvement and other support for finished aluminum products, according to the company.

linetecBorn from the aerospace industry, stretch forming maintains precise dimensions throughout a curve, according to the company. The extrusion is kept under constant tension, while wrapping it around a form, or die. According to the company, this produces perfectly contoured products, while limiting or even eliminating wrinkling inside the arc. Half-circles, eyebrows and Gothic arches are typical for architectural applications including a hotel skylight, a mall archway or a skyscraper’s glass and metal facing.

“As building projects continue to push the limits in vision and design, we will continue to invest in these innovative, value-added services to support our customers’ short-term needs and long-term goals,” says Rick Marshall, Linetec’s president. “Stretch Forming by Linetec alleviates the worry and hassle of multiple points of contact and brings tremendous benefit.”

Marshall continues, “Customers can ship us their aluminum for bending and then, have it finished in the same place to retain the full finish warranty. Utilizing the company’s dedicated fleet of trucks ensures the finished, curved material, along with the rest of the project, arrives free from damage, on schedule and backed with an industry-leading warranty. This saves shipping costs and transit time, as well as reduces material handling and packaging to minimize the opportunity for damage.”

To deliver the new stretch forming services, Linetec teamed with Southern Stretch Forming. Southern Stretch is headquartered in Texas with production facilities in California and Pennsylvania. The company is providing a full scope of bending capabilities on Linetec’s Wisconsin campus, including annealing and tempering to soften and harden aluminum.

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