ICD Introduces CeramiGlass™Frost Etch

ICD recently introduced CeramiGlass™Frost Etch, a product line it says is designed to meet the growing decorative glass specification needs in the architectural community.

ceramiglassAccording to the company, CeramiGlass™Frost Etch is a100-percent water based ceramic-like coating that simulates the look of an acid-etched process without the environmental concerns or difficult sourcing. In addition it can also come in a full range of colors and be screen-printed, sprayed, or roller coated, allowing the ICD Approved Factory Fabricator (AFF) multiple usage opportunities with one product.

“We’re very excited about CeramiGlass™Frost Etch. Our goal is to provide the architectural community with the best decorative options possible, as well as giving our customers value added products combined with an improvement in efficiency,” says Kris Vockler, CEO of ICD. “This product does that with great design flexibility and it gives our fabricators options to control their own destiny instead of outsourcing product and taking up multiple spots on their floor.”

CeramiGlass™Frost Etch not only provides the look of a traditional acid etched product but also the surface feel. It has zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs), uses no pine oil or solvents, and less energy to cure, according to the company.

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