Pleotint Announces Distribution Partnership with Polar Seal

Michigan-based Pleotint LLC, announced a distribution partnership with Polar Seal Windows Corp., which will now incorporate Suntuitive glass into its product line.

“Suntuitive glass by Pleotint provides the benefit of flexible comfort, but what makes it unique is that it tints in response to heat generated from sunlight and doesn’t need to be wired into a home’s electrical system,” says Jason Blyveis, general manager of Polar Seal. “Collaborating with a fellow Michigan-based company is an added benefit.”

He adds, “The mainstream energy-efficient glass options of today focus on either blocking solar heat gain or allowing it in. While people in our part of the country understand and value solar heat gain in winter, they don’t want it in summer. Suntuitive glass opens the door for conversation about addressing both needs.”

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