Abilene Hailstorm Likely to Eclipse $400 Million-Mark in Damage

The June 12 hailstorm in Abilene, Texas—the city’s second catastrophic hailstorm in three years—is expected to hit $400 million in insured losses to vehicles, homes and commercial property, according to the Insurance Council of Texas.

“This is the worst storm damage I’ve seen in my 41 years in the insurance business,” says Leroy Perkins of Perkins Insurance Agency.

According to the council, commercial buildings in the downtown area sustained millions of dollars in damage to windows, roofs and structures due to baseball-sized hail.

All of the windows on the north side of facilities on the Hardin Simmons University campus were reportedly knocked out, and roof damage was widespread over the Abilene Christian University campus.

“The North side of town got hit pretty hard by hail,” Yolanda Daniel, office coordinator at Binswanger glass, told USGNN.com™. “The hospital and college was hit and there was a lot of auto damage.”

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