Court Approves Extension of Post-Confirmation Deadline in Dlubak Bankruptcy Case

A post-confirmation deadline extension requested by the plan administrator for Dlubak Corp.’s bankruptcy proceedings has been granted.

On August 6, the United States Bankruptcy Court of the Western District of Pennsylvania granted the motion of the plan administrator, Lawrence C. Bolla, which was put forth August 5. The deadline was put in place last month after the liquidation plans for Dlubak’s assets were confirmed.

Since the motion was put forth in proper form under code and rules—within 45 days of the July 2 post-confirmation order—and the court found “the relief requested in the Motion is in the best interest of the Debtor and its creditors,” the deadline was extended from August 16 “through and including November 14,” according to court documents.

In the motion, Bolla cites a list of tasks he’s completing in an effort to implement the plan, adding that he’s “investigating additional claims that were previously unknown or only recently rediscovered.”

“By this Motion, and given the number of tasks he is attempting to accomplish at the same time, the Plan Administrator requests that the Court extend the current deadline for claims objections, adversary proceedings, contested matters, motions or applications,” the motion reads, “… to allow him additional time to secure, review and analyze the Debtor’s records and to investigate any and all claims the Debtor may have for turnover of property of the estate, fraudulent transfers, and any other claim or cause of action preserved under section 13.8 of the Plan.”

In the motion, Bolla adds that “any claims objections would be premature at this time because any proposed distributions to be made pursuant to the Confirmed Plan are generally dependent upon recovery from pending and future adversary proceedings and contested matters, which recovery has not yet occurred.

“The requested extension is sought not as a result of the Plan Administrator’s delay, but rather as a result of his many concurrent investigations and the volume of information to be reviewed and analyzed in order to fulfill his duties under the Plan. The requested extension will also allow the Plan Administrator sufficient time to duly evaluate and reach conclusions regarding newly discovered potential causes of action.”

Dlubak originally filed for bankruptcy last August. Dlubak Specialty Glass, which is owned by Consolidated Glass Holdings, is not a part of the bankruptcy proceedings.

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