Dow Corning Introduces New Structural Glazing Sealant

Dow Corning Corp. describes its structural silicone sealant as a high-performance solution to glazing challenges. According to the company, the new Dow Corning121 structural glazing sealant is easy-to-use and fast-curing with the potential to simplify installation and reduce repair time.

121_application_AV21289Supplied in a two-part cartridge complete with a static mixer, the sealant is a neutral-cure RTV silicone sealant with a 1-to-1 (“121”) mix ratio. With easy mixing, simplified dispensing, and a 24-hour cure, this option can eliminate the need for specialized mixing equipment, according to the company. In addition, the sealant can minimize quality assurance issues, ensuring adhesion and structural strength on many substrates without using a primer.

The product can be used for repair or replacement of structurally glazed glass and other substrates. According to the company, it is equally suitable for on-site structural glazing, including storefront systems or attachment of panel stiffeners, as it is for in-shop structural glazing.

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