July/August  2002

     Big Box Bulletin

Home Depot Clarifies Position On Fed Business

 The Home Depot of Atlanta recently issued a statement clarifying its position on doing business with the federal government. 

“The Home Depot takes compliance very seriously,” said Frank Fernandez, executive vice president and general counsel for the company. “Since we have never been a federally-approved contractor, our intent was to re-state our existing policy for our stores and associates and remind them of their responsibilities in complying with related rules.”

The company, which has always maintained a policy of not being a federal government contractor, made the decision years earlier based on administrative and systems requirements. The company said it will continue to monitor the situation and could decide to change its policy at some point in the future.

The company’s statement comes in response to media reports that suggested the company has recently changed its policy of doing business with the government. 

One such report by Associated Press (AP) business writer Justin Bachman, stated, “The company’s notice said credit card customers would be sent notes informing them no purchases would be allowed ‘that would cause the company to be covered by or responsible in any way for compliance with’ three federal laws or executive orders, which deal with equal employment, affirmative action and discrimination. The company also will not accept purchase orders or even cash if the items are being used by the federal government.”

There was such an outcry from many media outlets on Home Depot’s clarification of doing business with Uncle Sam that the company reversed its stance just a few weeks after “reminding its stores not to sell to federal agencies,” reported the AP. 

Home Depot said the decision to change is position was based on feedback from its associates, customers and further evaluation of the systems and administrative requirements necessary to become a federal contractor.

“Home Depot has always listened to its associates and customers and responded accordingly,” said Bob Nardelli, chairperson and chief executive officer of Home Depot. “This time is no different. It is the right thing to do for our company.” 

Home Depot Appoints Stoddart as President of Home Depot Supply
The Home Depot of Atlanta recently named Jim Stoddart as president of Home Depot Supply reporting to Jim Nardelli, chairperson, president and chief executive officer of The Home Depot. Stoddart’s duties include the maintenance and operation of all of Home Depot’s subsidiary businesses including Home Depot Supply, Apex Supply, Georgia Lighting, Maintenance Warehouse and Your “Other” Warehouse.

Stoddart was previously vice president of national accounts, and replaces Lynn Martineau who left the company to pursue other personal interests. 

Stoddart joined Home Depot in February 2002. Previously, he was senior vice president of operations/facilities for Exodus Communications Inc.


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