July/August 2002

     Publisher’s Note

                      Hurry Up and Wait!


I have had the opportunity to travel around the country quite a bit and visit with some great people and companies in this industry.

We certainly live in a world of convenience due to our hectic lifestyles. With all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is amazing we have time to actually stop and think for a minute about life down the road, instead of just worrying about getting through the day and the fast-paced daily activities. Whether I was at home on the East Coast or on the other side of the country, I did notice a couple of things: No matter where I was, everyone was in a hurry. Sometimes people are in a hurry to get nowhere! Or to hurry up and stand in line! Or try to save five seconds of their commute each day by driving 80 mph in bumper-to-bumper traffic! 

Whether on the East Coast or the West Coast, different products do better than others in certain areas of the country. I pondered why this is the case. Was it the climate, or just the fact that a manufacturer was only selling regionally? Could it be that a particular manufacturer was spending a bit more time focusing on the energy efficiency of its products than its competitor? Certainly convenience has a part in it as well, but when it comes to buying a bigger investment for one’s home, people tend to finally slow down and do a bit more research. Consumers want more information. They can do their own research for products on the Internet, and one of the most relevant factors nationwide is energy efficiency. 

Are you prepared to answer questions from your customers about energy efficiency? Consumers ask a bunch of questions these days before making a big purchase. Do you have the knowledge needed to inform them and educate them so you can sell your product? Energy efficiency is a subject with which we are all confronted—all the way through the supply chain from the manufacturer, distributor, dealer, lumber yard and contractor to the consumer. The point is that we need to be educated in order to be of any value to our customers. In "Energetic Frenzy", we feature an article on energy efficiency that will help get you started, or give you a quick review on energy efficiency in windows. As I stated in my previous column, society is changing daily, and we need to keep educating our customers on new products and services that manufacturers are now offering that will improve their daily lives whether it be in the short term or in the long term.

No matter in what part of the country you are located, slow down and take a minute to catch up on what is going on around you.

Make it a great day,

Brian Welsh

P.S. I almost fell over when I had to purchase gas in California for $1.95 a gallon! Especially since I was putting the gas into a rental car!


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