June  2002

     Dear SHELTER

Canadian Lumber Tariff 
Could Hurt Small Retail Lumberyards

My name is Kerry A. Schmitz, and I am part of a family-owned lumberyard in Park River, N.D. I thought I would send you a note—after reading your article titled “Timber!” that was published in the April issue of SHELTER—stating why we as lumber dealers in the Canadian bordering states disapprove of the tariff the U.S. government has decided to issue.

In the last 5 years, we have dealt with Canadian houses coming across the border into our communities, and we have never had a chance to compete in selling them for many reasons mainly because of the exchange rate in money, but now we have to deal with this tariff too. Why is the tax only on raw materials? Now by having this tax of up to 29 percent, the U.S. Government and Commerce Department take another risk in putting small businesses like ours out of business due to unfair sales—so to speak. 

Why can’t you report on that side and the impact it will have on us? We as retail lumberyards could use a little help, and I think you and your magazine could shed some light on the situation, and maybe the government will then see our side as well.

Kerry A. Schmitz, Manager
Leon’s Building Center Inc.
Park River, N.D.

Editor’s note: SHELTER will continue to follow the Canadian lumber tariff and its impact on the building product industry. Please look to future issues of SHELTER for the latest on this topic. 


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