May  2002

     Publisher’s Note

                        The Finisher

BRIAN WELSH “I am often amazed at what can be done and what is being offered these days to make the simple home into a masterpiece.”

Working in this industry, I am sure we tend to take a look at the houses in which we live, work and visit entirely differently than the “normal person” would. This mainly is because we know what something costs and how much effort is put into building a masterpiece—whether it is renovating a house from the 1800s or building a custom home in 2002. The look of a certain house has a lot to do with the finishing touches in the house. And since we are in the millwork industry, you can guess that I must be talking about the finish work—the moulding in the house.

When I see a particular home that catches my eye, it is usually because of its look. Obviously, if it didn't look nice, it would not have caught my eye. But what made it look nice? The answer is the moulding and all the little attention to detail that adds so much to the interior of a home as well as the exterior. These always catch my eye because I know how much the items cost and how much time and detail went into making the home a masterpiece. For example, you may have tried to install crown moulding in a room that had one too many corners or in a 100-year-old house that isn’t exactly level anymore. It is a fun project to say the least—can you tell I would rather do the framing work than the finish work? 

I remember watching “The Rich and the Famous” once and the person beside me saying, “The woodwork in that house cost more than my whole house together!“ Well, maybe—maybe not, but that is why we are in business!

That is what we are striving for with this, and every issue of SHELTER magazine—providing you with the tools and insight to increase your bottom line.

For example, in this issue we will feature our Annual Moulding & Millwork Industry Directory. With many new products on the market it is important to stay on top of who is doing what and who is offering what to keep your customers informed. We will also give you some of the latest trends in moulding (see related article, "So Trendy"); offer some insight into training and development (see related article, "Training for Success"); plus we have even visited an auction (see related article, "SOLD! To the Highest Bidder"). In this issue we also bring you comments from the new executive director of the National Sash & Door Jobbers Association, Linnea Johansson (see related article, "NSDJA News"), as well as remarks from the executive vice president of the Wood Moulding and Millwork Producers Association, James D. Costello.

Maybe somebody could give me some training on how to install the moulding and become a finisher instead of a publisher.

Brian Welsh, Publisher
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