October 2002

     New Products       

SIMSON DOORS Simpson Door Introduces Primed-Packaged Doors
Simpson Door Co. of McCleary, Wash., has introduced the Primed Package, a comprehensive collection of ready-to-paint doors. The new product offering consists of four separate door lines, more than 100 standard door designs and a wide variety of applications, including exterior doors, interior doors, French doors and bi-fold doors, said the company.

“This new program provides a homeowner with the opportunity to select the ready-to-paint door that is best for his home and for any door in the house. It’s one-stop shopping for painted doors,” said Jim Brandt, Simpson’s marketing services manager.

Turncraft Introduces Maintenance-Free Columns 
COLUMNS Turncraft of White City, Ore., is now offering Turncraft Poly-Classic columns® with Flame Guard.™ These columns are said to feature classic proportions and freedom from maintenance.
According to the company, these are the first rotocast, fiberglass-reinforced polymer columns to pass the ASTM E, 84-01 test-measuring flame spread and smoke production of building components during a fire. 

Staying Traditional: ODL Introduces New Doorlites
Traditions, a new line of wide-panel decorative doorlites, is now available from Zeeland, Mich.-based ODL. Designed for fiberglass entryways, Traditions is available in six styles: Expressions, Endless Harmony, Heirloom Master, Legacy Master, Radiant Hues and Majestic Elegance.

Sidelites and transoms are also available to complement the doorlites.

Also available from ODL is Illuminations, a decorative design addition to its SECURE by Design™ line of door glass and sidelites. According to information from ODL, Illuminations is 180 percent more break-resistant than tempered glass.

Fen-Tech Releases Botanica Line and More
FEN-TECH Fen-Tech Inc. of Superior, Wis., has introduced its line of Botanica windows, which includes the Botanica Bay Window,™ the Botanica Garden Window™ and the Botanica Garden II-Trapezoid Window.™

The Botanica Bay Window is the largest of the line, available in lengths of 5 and 6 feet. The Botanica Garden Window offers the same features of the bay window, but in a smaller, compacted design. Fen-Tech’s Garden II-Trapezoid Window also offers the same engineering and design advantages of the curved Botanica Garden Window, but with cost savings and in a trapezoidal shape, according to the company.

All of the windows in the Botanica line feature 1-inch insulating glass with the Ultratech HP4 glass package, which comes with low-E coating, argon gas fill, an Edge-Tech Super Spacer and MagiClean glass coating.

The company also has available its Botanica garden door line, which is manufactured from vinyl compounds. The door comes standard with stainless steel operator hardware, and according to information from the company, the door’s multi-hollow, fusion-welded design adds structural integrity to resist warping, bowing and twisting.

Milgard Introduces New Cable Bay Window
Milgard Windows® of Tacoma, Wash., has introduced the vinyl cable bay window, which is designed for simple installation and can be quickly and easily installed in new or existing openings.
Constructed of a vinyl frame and offered with an array of glass options, cable bay windows help reduce outside noise and condensation and require little maintenance, according to the company. In addition, cable bay windows utilize standard window framing and the narrow frame design creates wider views of the outdoors, adds size and depth to a room and floods a home with light. Seat boards are available in vinyl, PVC or a PVC and oak combination.

Replacement series windows are custom-built to order, which means a home’s structural framing remains untouched and windows fit existing sizes. They also can be installed in homes with any type of exterior, including stucco, wood or brick.

Replacement Kits
Lincoln Offers Sash Set Windows and Replacement Kits
Lincoln Windows of Merrill, Wis., has introduced sash-set, clad-radius units to its product line. The bending capabilities of the clad sashes allow the homeowner the choice of the same low-maintenance exterior on radius sash units as the entire clad product offering, according to the company. Sash-companion units provide a more architecturally appealing vertical sightline than the LINCOLN REPLACEMENT direct set and companion union, according to the company. Venting casement units are available with segment or radius heads, while radius sash-set products can be ordered with primed wood exteriors.
In addition, Lincoln also offers a solution for transforming old windows into property, increasing energy-efficient windows without disturbing interior or exterior trim. Lincoln Windows offers the replacement sash kit in seven widths and 13 heights, and to ensure a perfect fit, custom sizing is available. A number of glazing options are also available and the solid pine sash comes with an exterior in aluminum or primed wood in six standard colors.

Kroy Offers a Rail With a View
  Kroy Building Products of West Babylon, N.Y., now offers an exterior vinyl railing that helps retain attractive views while providing an element of safety and low-maintenance security. According to the company, the Kroy vinyl railing system with laminated glass inserts requires little maintenance and is unlikely to rust, rot, corrode, chip or peel. The impact-resistant vinyl is also resistant to wet conditions and retains its sleekness, durability and weather resistance.

Hinge Shims
LCS Announces New Hinge Shims
LCS Precision Moulding of Elysian, Minn., has announced the LCSR739 hinge shim, offering a quick solution to French and standard door alignment. According to the company, the LCS hinge shim can save installation alignment time, is less costly than adjustable door hinges and is available in varying thicknesses to accommodate a range of door adjustments.

Davis Offers Classic™ Convertible Hardwood Storm Sash
Davis Woodworking Designs LLC of Attica, N.Y., offers the Davis Classic Convertible Hardwood Storm Sash. 

This mahogany storm sash converts to a screen in seconds from inside the home, said the company. The sash is available sanded, ready for finishing or primed for painting.

door Kits
Johnson Hardware’s Space-Saving Kit
Johnson Hardware of Elkhart, Ind., has introduced a unique folding door hardware kit designed to conserve space by folding back-closet doors completely out of the opening.

Applicable for remodeling or new construction, Johnson’s full-access folding door hardware enables folding doors to fold back 180 degrees and lie flat against the adjoining walls. According to the company, installation’s a snap. The patented jamb hinges require no mortising—they simply attach with screws as do the control arm and panel-connecting hinges.

Biometric Readers
Access Hardware Introduces Biometric Readers
Access Hardware Supply of San Leandro, Calif., has added the VeriSeries line of security products, manufactured by Bioscrypt Inc. These biometric readers utilize fingerprint and card identification technology for an advanced level of access control.

The VeriSeries line consists of four biometric readers, each tailored for different security needs. All four utilize the advanced fingerprint reader technology, which identifies the user in less than a second. According to the company, the patented fingerprint algorithm maintains its accuracy even when faced with wet, dirty or scarred fingers. The ergonomic design has a weather-resistant housing and intuitive user interface with lights and tones. 

American Weather-Seal Announces New Line
  American Weather-Seal (AWS) of Barberton, Ohio, recently introduced its premium vinyl Astoria patio door line. AWS doors have high-impact, rigid vinyl frames and panels made of an unplasticized PVC powder blend. The AWS weatherstrip is designed with a solid center fin within the polypropylene pile to provide increased resistance to air, water and dust infiltration. All doors come standard with double tandem steel rollers and a painted handle and hardware lockset in white or sandalwood.

For added strength and insulation, Astoria patio doors feature multi-cavity construction, including fusion-welded, metal reinforced panels, ¾-inch insulating glass and a warm-edge space system from Pittsburgh-based PPG Industries.


Western Wood Products Association Releases New CD
In an effort to help those new to the industry better understand the ins and outs of selling softwood lumber, Western Wood Products Association of Portland, Ore., has introduced the “Lumber Basics CD”.

Featuring ten selections and nearly 170 pages, the CD is designed as a training aid for new industry personnel and explains how lumber is manufactured, graded, stored and used in today’s marketplace. In addition, the program focuses on the major lumber grades, characteristics and products made by Western mills.

The interactive program includes quizzes at the end of each section that challenge users to learn the fundamentals of the lumber industry at their own pace. The CD also contains a library with 15 WWPA digital publications and links to the WWPA website.

“The CD will better educate those who are responsible for representing Western lumber products to the end user,” said WWPA information services director Butch Bernhardt. “The program is a valuable resource that covers the lumber manufacturing process and lumber’s use in the marketplace.”

Hardwood Council Releases Free CD
The Hardwood Council has released the “Finishing Touch CD,” a comprehensive electronic booklet containing information about buying, specifying and finishing hardwood floors, cabinetry and millwork.

According to the Hardwood Council, one of its CD’s most popular features is the room-stain selector, which allows users to apply clear, light, medium and dark stains to a kitchen with oak cabinets or a den with maple and cherry built-ins.

In addition, the CD allows users to apply virtual stains to full-color swatches of 21 American hardwood species, including walnut, beech, poplar, hickory and birch. The function also includes a review of common American hardwood species in grades ranging from clear select to those with a more rustic appearance, such as the company’s no. 2 common.

The CD’s “Finishing Touch’s” smart specifying guide features . This section of the CD is full of tips from building and woodworking professionals, ideas on how to use lower-grade hardwoods in non-appearance applications and how to apply stains to less expensive hardwoods to mimic the appearance of their more expensive cousins.



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