September  2002

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Weyerhaeuser Introduces Lyptus Hardware Flooring

Weyerhaeuser Building Materials of Federal Way, Wash., has unveiled Lyptus® high-grade hardwood flooring. A naturally occurring Eucalyptus hardwood, Lyptus is described by the company as beautiful, durable, easy to install and good for the environment. 

Lyptus is considered an ideal hardwood for building materials because of its extremely fast growth and because it is a fully sustainable and renewable resource. Lyptus compares favorably in terms of density, strength and technical properties with oak and beech. Lyptus appears cherry tone in color, with the grain of fine mahogany. Its warm color, pleasant grain and overall strength make it an extraordinary wood for flooring applications, according to the company.

Lyptus high-grade hardwood end-matched tongue and groove flooring is available in both 2- and 3-inch widths. Lyptus is available in both prefinished and unfinished flooring, and is receptive to all common types of finishing, including water and solution-based lacquers, various types of pigments and oil and wax.

Nafco Unrolls New Vinyl Flooring
Florence, Ala.-based Nafco has introduced vinyl flooring that mimics the beauty and real-life look of ceramic, stone and wood. According to the company, vinyl is a great alternative because it’s soft underfoot, easy to clean and impossible to scuff, dent or scratch.

“Rediscover vinyl—this is not the vinyl floor you remember,” says Diane Martel, vice president of marketing for Nafco. “Not only are the designs incredible, vinyl’s more durable than ever—especially with our Tritonite wearlayer, which uses the same technology that protects the space shuttle. While vinyl is tougher than ever before to protect against dents and scratches, its softness underfoot will keep you light on your feet.”

Woodstar Introduces Oakcrest Mitrered Cabinetry Doors

WOODSTAR Woodstar Cabinets, a division of Quality Cabinets of Duncanville, Texas, has added a new mitered oak door called Oakcrest to its line of kitchen and bath cabinetry.

According to Bob Anderson, vice president of sales and marketing, “We designed Oakcrest, a new mitered door line, with the look and feel of fine furniture and made it in oak to give customers even more value for their cabinetry dollars.”

Trim Board
New Trim Board from WindsorONE

According to Craig Flynn, vice president of sales and marketing for Windsor Mill of Windsor, Calif., “WindsorONE’s most popular primed trim board—the S4SSE—brings quality, style and design flexibility to interior and exterior finish work.”

Smooth, knot-free surfaces on all four sides and precision square edges make the double-primed S4SSE board ideal for a variety of exterior applications, including rake, fascia, corner boards and band boards. Straight and true WindsorOne boards also ease the trim carpenter’s job for interior applications such as decorative trim, decorative wrap, baseboards and window trim, according to Flynn.

The S4SSE is available in 4/4 or 5/4 thickness, with width sizes varying from two to 12 inches. WindsorONE S4SSE boards are available in 12-foot and 16-foot lengths.

Kroy Offers New Composite Deck Product

Kroy Building Products of York, Neb., has introduced a new composite deck product that marks a dramatic leap forward for homeowners and contractors alike. Manufactured from a wood composite product by Strandex Corp., Kroy’s new Timberlast® composite deck offers the features of both wood and vinyl deck systems.

TIMBERLAST “Decks are increasingly important extensions of the living area in many households,” said Kroy corporate executive officer John T. Forbis. “The Timberlast composite deck offers homeowners unmatched durability and low-maintenance beauty, allowing them to create an inviting and attractive outdoor entertaining area that can be installed by professional installers or experienced do-it-yourselfers.”

“The composite deck system will never rot, rust or corrode, never needs scraping or painting and is impervious to insects,” Forbis said. “It is ideal for installations where space limitations do not allow the installation of 2-inch thick vinyl deck boards,” explained Forbis. Timberlast composite deck materials are less than 1½ inches thick, yet are strong enough to provide a solid deck surface when installed over traditional joist support systems.

CraftMaster Expands Tall, Smooth Door Design Lines
Chicago-based CMI offers two new tall door designs: the Conventry® and the Carrara®.

The CraftMaster® Conventry® smooth 7-foot door design features an elegant, square-topped four-panel design that lends charm to any décor. This new option complements existing 6-foot, 8-inch and 8-foot smooth designs of the popular Conventry style.

CraftMaster’s Carrara door design is now available for 7-foot bi-fold doors where a smooth surface and sophisticated look is desired. The versatile, two-panel, linear design is well-suited to both traditional and minimalist home decorating styles. Builders and remodelers now have access to the Carrara design in a great range of passage and bi-fold sizes from standard 7-foot and 8-foot heights. 


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