April 2003

Publisher’s Notes
An Opening View

Since it is always hard finding the new client or buyer or customer, I thought I would give you one live and in the flesh—me.

My wife and I currently are looking for our “Dream House,” and we’ve walked through all sorts of houses, from old farm houses to brand-new, custom-built homes. Through this process, I am recognizing many of the millwork products we highlight everyday. It is also interesting to see how they are marketed to the end buyer. 

Pushing Products
Some realtors are pushing the brands and others aren’t. Sometimes they really don’t know the differences among products at all. But the custom builders do. They definitely push the products they are installing and try to gain that competitive edge to close the sale. 

Come Out and Play
Now, being in this industry, I guess I have the advantage in knowing who’s who and how to choose among them. What does your company do to attract new leads and turn them into permanent customers?

Since I am not having any fun searching for a new home, I thought it might be fun to play a little game with this and test your sales strategies and abilities. You can play no matter with what sales channel you are involved. 

Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, jobber, dealer, builder, etc., just treat me as if I were a prospective buyer for your product. 

Go ahead and test your sales staff. Are they following up on new leads? Let’s find out. Obviously, I am not going to be the cure-all for a bad year or the account that breaks things wide open for you. But then again, how do you know that if no one calls? 

It could also be a good review as well: what are you doing differently from your competitors? How are you getting noticed—are you creative enough? Are your competitors beating you to the lead? 
This game is not about the product, but rather how you present your product and whether it is done in a timely manner. After all the information is collected on my end, I would like to announce the winners for (1) quickest response, (2) best promotion, (3) best sales presentation and possibly more categories.

Please have your sales staff contact me by e-mail at or call 215/822-7600, ext. 102.
Make it a great day!

Brian Welsh, publisher




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