April 2003

Time Machines
Adding Machinery to Your Production Line Could Save Time
by Samantha Carpenter

Pre-hanging doors, customizing windows and prefabricating stairs takes a lot of time. Why not make life easier by adding a piece of machinery to your production line? From CNC machines to stair fabrication machines, machinery manufacturers have many options to make your business run more efficiently.

Full House Expands Manufacturing Facility
The Full House Co. has expanded its manufacturing facility in Melbourne, Fla., to include a 20,000-square-foot addition. The company says the additional space will be used to assemble its expanding line of door machinery. Fred Braid, president of Full House, says that business has been very good despite the economy.

The latest machine introduced by the company is the Diamond 3001 “Millennium Edition.” This door and jamb machine includes dozens of new features and technology that make it the smoothest and most accurate door machine every built, according to the company. In addition, the machine gives door shops the quality and flexibility needed to thrive in today’s market.

SSRS Machine Cuts in Both Directions
BUILDERS AUTOMATION-SSRS Largo, Fla.-based Builders Automation Machinery has added to its wide range of products for the door and stair industry with the release of the Stair Skirt Relief Saw (SSRS). After passing all field tests, the company is now taking orders for the machine for May deliveries.

“The SSRS cuts kerf relief in riser boards to help shape quarter-round, bull-nose and scroll-end stair skirts,” according to Thomas Schusser, director of manufacturing. “It is processor-controlled and equipped with a powerful 2 horsepower motor.”

Utilizing air over oil pneumatics, the machine cuts kerf depths from 0 to 13/4 inches deep in boards ranging from 21/2 to 14 inches wide. It can also provide pitch from 0 to 3 inches.

The company says the SSRS machine cuts in both directions providing superb productivity. Its automatic action allows the operator to attend to other duties while the machine produces skirts. The work piece is held down from the top to a solid table to ensure accurate depth control. Pitch control also is managed according to the length of the pitch selected by the operator.

The company says that it engineers and manufactures some of the finest and most versatile automated equipment available for the construction of pre-hung doors and prefabricated stairs. The SSRS is the latest in the company’s line of stair equipment, which also includes the MFSR Stair Stringer Router, Wedge Saw and Stair Case Assembly Clamp.

CNC Door Machine Downloads Daily Work Schedules
Two years of development and testing has culminated into the introduction of a true CNC door machine—the 8800—for the pre-hanging door industry, according to manufacturer, Wise Corp. of Largo, Fla. The company says the machine’s tool changing capabilities has reduced revolutionized changeover time and increased accuracy.

WISE-8800 The machine offers all CNC functions, including a hinge-pocket radius, pre-drill, square-corner chisel and hinge application, which are performed automatically through programmed tool changes.
Hinge pocket sizes and patters along with lock-bore and deadbolt locations are saved to memory. Three- to five-degree bevel mortising options can also be stored. A door “recipe” may then be recalled at any time, according to the company.

While the operator fully controls the entire machining of the entire pre-hung door unit, management may download daily work schedules, including house packages from standard desktop personal computers.

Machine Pre-Hangs Doors in 20 Seconds
Petaluma, Calif.-based KVAL Inc. has introduced its KVAL 990FX, which the company says is the fastest pre-hanging door machine on the market. The machine will rout a door and jamb for three hinges, drill the pilots for the hinge screws, mortise for the lock and apply three hinges, all in 20 seconds. When set up in line with a special KVAL Handler Door Feeder and a KVAL 700-C Frame Assembly Machine, the 990FX can produce up to three complete door units every minute, according to the company. 

The company says that even the door-swing changeover is a snap with new, intuitive touch-screen technology. In addition, KVAL’s designers incorporated the latest in sound management technology, along with quiet heavy-duty routers and drills. Each head has a dust/noise containment shroud that stays below OSHA’s 85-decibel exposure limit for operators.

Triad Ruvo Offers Model 928
Alda, Neb.-based Triad Ruvo’s model 928 is a complete interior/exterior pre-hung door factory. This machine can improve the efficiency and economy of any medium- to large-volume pre-hung door manufacturer drastically, according to the company. Any size door from 16 inches to 48 inches and any jamb width from 21/2 inches to 101/2 inches can be used with no manual adjustment required. 

RUVO'S 928 The company says automatic stops can be easily pre-set by touching a button for either right- or left-hand doors, and the latch bore is self-centered automatically for different thicknesses of doors to give an exactly located hole.

A unique feature of the 928 is the simultaneous machining of both the strike jamb and the hinge jamb. The obvious improvement over industry norms puts the 928 in the forefront of productivity, according to the company.

Norfield Introduces Horizon
Chico, Calif.-based Norfield Industries has completed the development and testing phase of the Horizon System, and the company says field testing has yielded excellent results. This project was a giant leap in terms of technology and versatility, raising the bar for performance in the door-processing industry. 

HORIZON The company recently introduced an auxiliary lock-drill module available for all Signature Series Magnums. The standard lock-drill fixture for a Magnum is not intended for use on steel doors, but the addition of this module makes it possible to run steel doors down the line for pre-hanging and lock boring. This upgrade is available in the field through Norfield’s service technicians or as an option when ordering a new Signature Series Magnum.

Another recent upgrade is the new guide system for the 450 Stop Stitcher. This guide system keeps the stop aligned properly with the jamb, even with warped material. Additionally, a new stop system provides positive locations for both square and mitered stops. Since many shops have needs that may change over time, the two systems are interchanged easily with minimum set-up time, according to the company.

Norfield says that one of the most exciting upgrades it is introducing is the “SS” Package for the 5000 Series door machine. New software and hardware can now be purchased on a 5000 System that substantially decreases the cycle time. Automatic screwfeeding is an option with the “SS” Package. This system currently is undergoing final field testing, and Norfield anticipates announcing its availability in the very near future. The “SS” Package will be available on new machines or as a field upgrade on most 5000 lines.

Listing of Machinery Companies
Below is a listing of companies who make machinery for jobbers, dealers and wholesalers.

Builders Automation Machinery LLC
P.O. Box 10068
Largo, FL 33773-0068
727/538-2180 F: 727/536-2624
E&R System Technik Inc.
85 St. George Road 
Springfield, MA 01104
413/827-7600 F: 413/827-0696

Full House Co.
320 North Dr.
Melbourne, FL 32934
321/752-8180 F: 321/752-8116
825 Petaluma Blvd. S.
Petaluma, CA 94952
800/553-5825 F: 707/762-0621

Norfield Industries
P.O. Box 459 
Chico, CA 95927 
530/879-3137 F: 530/879-3140
Triad Ruvo Manufacturing
P.O. Box 130
Alda, NE 68810
308/384-1780 F: 308/384-8326

Wise Corp.
13170 92nd St. N.
Largo, FL 33773
727/585-6225 F: 727/586-6334


Samantha Carpenter is the editor of SHELTER magazine.




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