January-February 2003

From the Editor
    The Issue at Hand

A New Year’s Resolution

The New Year has officially begun and with it, many of us have made a New Year’s resolution. My resolution (which is to clean out needless items in my closets) will really help me keep my sanity after our twin boys are born. 

I thought you might be able to relate to what some other SHELTER readers' resolutions are. 

Jim Darling, president of Merit Millwork Inc. of Tomball, Texas, said that his company’s “resolution is to have a “professional” meeting for his sales staff once a month. He explained that by “professional” he means that at eight out of 12 meetings he plans to invite industry professionals or vendors to make presentations. He said that competition is stiff and that's why it is important for his sales force to be the most knowledgeable, friendly and dedicated group in the marketplace. 

Jeff Johnson, vice president of Western Pacific Building Materials of Portland, Ore., said, “Given the current overall U.S. economic condition and the instability surrounding our world, my resolution or challenge for 2003 will be to keep our employees focused on the positive aspects of the Western Pacific environment and the blessing of having a strong building economy.”

As I asked for responses on what readers’ resolutions are, I found that many people don’t make them. Many make a point to change things right when they notice something needs improvement and others make goals throughout the year.

I'm not only going to make a New Year's resolution for myself personally, but I’m also going to adopt one for SHELTER. My resolution for SHELTER is to find out what you want covered in upcoming issues and to report on those topics.

Beginning with this issue, I think we are off to a good start. We have some great new columnists for this year, such as Allen Dyer, president of ECMD Inc., who will be writing about distribution channel strategies. We will also be hearing from Kellie Schroeder, executive vice president of the Wood Moulding and Millwork Producers Association. You can also continue to enjoy three columns that were published last year: NSDJA Headlines, Safe Sense and Behind the Counter.

I won’t be able to accomplish the SHELTER resolution alone. I need your help. Write to me and tell me what topics are important to you. Plus, we always welcome comments on published articles. I look forward to hearing from you. 

Samantha Carpenter, Editor




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