July/August 2003

From the Editor
    The Issue at Hand

Boy Oh Boy!

Life has been very exciting around our house. April 2, 2003 marked the day that my husband, Jeff, and I welcomed our baby boys, Clay and Owen, into the world. 

Here I am with my 2 1/2 month-old sons. Clay is on the left, and Owen is on the right.

I spent eight weeks on maternity leave, and during those weeks, I fed babies, changed diapers, laundered clothes and slept. (Let me assure you that sleep was at the bottom of the list.) And yes, I occasionally called to check in with Penny Beverage who did a fantastic job holding down the fort as editor of SHELTER while I was away.

I returned back to work nearly a month ago. Since I work from my home, Iím desperately trying to master the art of multi-tasking. But, I look forward to the challenge of being a top-notch mom and top-notch editor.

Enough about me and my little darlings. (Iím sure youíll hear more about them in the future.)

In this issue of SHELTER, there are several ďmust readĒ features. 

Thinking about attending the 2003 AWFS Fair, July 31-August 3, in Anaheim, Calif.? On page 20, learn what this woodworking show has to offer distributors and dealers.

SHELTER will be profiling a distributor in every issue, beginning with this issue. On page 22, read Penny Beverageís profile on Merit Millwork, a distributor based in Tomball, Texas.

Consumers are becoming more educated about energy-efficient products. On page 24, read about the Energy Star program. This article outlines the program, why manufacturers are labeling their products Energy Star-certified and how selling Energy Star-certified products benefits distributors.

Also in this issue, read the latest on the Canadian lumber tariff saga on page 14, find out who is moving up in the ranks of their company on page 28 and learn about the newest products in the industry on page 30.

As always, please let me know if thereís something you would like covered in SHELTER. And once again, Iím glad to be back to continue to supply you with some hopefully great reading material.


Samantha Carpenter,


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