June 2003

From the Editor
    The Issue at Hand

Summer Returns

We start working on the June issue in early May and while it may not be officially summer yet, that time is certainly nearing. It’s staying light until nearly 8 o’clock these days, and when you go outside you actually feel a little warmer—not colder. Almost everyone in the area has shed his or her jacket. 

With the warm weather comes lots of good things, including summer vacations and trips to the beach, but also additional business, as consumers step outside and rethink how they can remodel. Many even take the opportunity to move into a new home, as several in our office are now preparing to do.

To help you prepare for the warm, busy summer months, SHELTER has lots to offer you in this issue. Starting with our cover, and ending with a feature on page 20, this month we offer a look at how Moulding Associates Inc. in Dallas is thriving in the door manufacturing business after more than 20 years. We also provide a look at how the company can help one- and two-step distributors, such as many of you, to utilize its doors in your business.

Then, on page 32, you’ll get a look at the newest doors available from a number of door manufacturers in the industry, including Vetter, Peachtree and Woodgrain Millwork.

This month, we also spotlight some of the newest tools and supplies that are now available to make your job a little easier each day. Read about some of these on page 24.

Finally, please visit us online at, for additional information about the industry, and watch for our soon-to-be-released online weekly newsletter with regular updates about the latest happenings.

While summer usually welcomes vacations, one in our midst will actually be returning to work as summer arrives. Your editor, Samantha Carpenter, is set to return from her maternity leave in early June, and will be returning to SHELTER with the July issue. I know she has appreciated all your nice e-mails congratulating her on the birth of her twin boys, Clay and Owen, and if you’d like to send her more congratulations or information for the next SHELTER, please contact her at

As for me, I’ll be returning my focus to AGRR magazine and will continue writing features for SHELTER, but please keep in touch with me at

Have a wonderful summer.

Penny Beverage is the managing editor of SHELTER magazine.


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