May 2003

WMMPA Products on Parade
The Latest in Wood Mouldings

While there are a number of new products available in the mouldings and millwork category, SHELTER is spending some time this issue focusing on those from the wood sector. Read on to see what the Wood Moulding & Millwork Producers Association members have to offer.

Arauco Offers Ultralight MDF Mouldings
Trupan/Paneles Arauco S.A. of Santiago, Chile, offers Trupan Ultralight MDF Mouldings made from its Trupan Ultralight MDF Boards. 

According to the company, the mouldings are designed perfectly for easy cutting, coping and mitering. In addition, the MDF surface offers a smooth finish and top-quality primed coating.

Medford Moulding Goes Online

Medford Moulding of White City, Ore., has launched a new website at The website includes background on the company, details on its moulding offerings, photos of its manufacturing processes and links to some of its distributors and associations, including the WMMPA.

Cefla Offers Machinery for Moulding Manufacturing
Cefla Finishing America, a division of Stiles Machinery in Grand Rapids, Mich., offers its sanding, finishing and drying systems for manufacturers of moulding, millwork and related components. According to the company, its belt and/or wheel profile sanding, spray or vacuum finishing and applicable drying systems ensure the manufacturer will achieve required quality and daily production. In addition, it offers systems to finish and transport any size components as well as assembled window and door frames.

Best Moulding Offers Range of Wood Types
Best Moulding Corp. in Albuquerque, N.M., offers a range of mouldings to suit your needs. The mouldings are available in pine, radiata, red oak, poplar, maple, luan and finger joint. The company’s product line consists of standard wood moulding patterns and hard wood moulding patterns, along with customized mouldings to meet your own specifications.

Mikron Offers R200
Mikron Machinery of Renfrew, Ontario, offers the R200 automatic rosette maker, which the company says greatly reduces the time spent making rosettes. Now, with one simple process, the operator can load a hopper, turn the machine on, put a bucket in front and manufacture perfect 2 1/5- to 5-inch blocks. The R200 runs off pneumatics, to it can fully cycle itself in 2 to 5 seconds from start to finish.

CMI Offers Extira™
Chicago-based CraftMaster Manufacturing Inc. (CMI) has introduced Extira, a next-generation, exterior-grade, treated wood composite panel, to complement its CraftMaster® Door Designs and MiraTEC® Treated Exterior Composite trim. According to the company, the composite panels deliver quality performance in a wide range of non-structural exterior applications compared to wood, MDF and other composite materials.

Extira is 90-percent wood that is bonded physically and chemically with phenolic resins to provide exceptional moisture resistance, machining capabilities, high yields and stable pricing and availability.

Port-O-Lite Introduces Extension Jambs and Mouldings
West Swanzey, N.H.-based Port-O-Lite offers its extension jambs and mouldings, which are made to customer specifications from solid pine. They are available as accessory items for many major window brands and are shrink-wrapped in pairs, cut to length, drilled to your specifications and barcode-labeled per customer request.

Rocky Mountain Acquires Medallion
Rocky Mountain Forest Products of Laramie, Wyo., has acquired Medallion Millwork Inc. of Marysville, Calif.

“Our concentration in the small-patterns and Medallion’s concentration in the wide-patterns makes for a terrific fit between our two companies,” said Chuck Shawver, president of Rocky Mountain. “We will be able to provide a ‘one-stop shopping’ for solid lineal mouldings throughout the United States and Canada.”

The Medallion Millwork name will be retained and all of the current personnel of the company will remain. Don Mays, Medallion general manager, will continue in his leadership role and will join Rocky Mountain’s management team as an owner of the new company.

Corza Offers PREMOL MDF Mouldings
Santiago, Chile-based Corza has available its PREMOL MDF Ultra Light Moulding, an easy-to-install, lightweight moulding line with with a weight that makes it easier to install, easier to handle and easier to store. It also features a premium jesso enduring finish, according to the company. In addition, Corza offers a wide selection of special-order mouldings.

Terranova Institutes Sustainability Report
Terranova Forest Products of Wando, S.C., has incorporated the “Sustainability Report” into its management system. According to the company, the report is published to create greater efficiencies throughout the company and to communicate the economic, environmental and social performance of the company to shareholders and society. 

“Terranova bases its strategies of growth on the sustainability principles that assure the preservation of the environment and the social responsibility, especially with the communities around the economic activities that it develops,” said Julio Moura, the president of the company.

Contact Lumber Offers Embark® SL
Contact Lumber of Portland, Ore., offers its Embark SL prefinished mouldings and millwork, which it says give the stained look of hand-finished hardwoods without the time and expense of on-site finishing. According to the company, the mouldings are available in colors that will complement the prefinished door options of major door manufacturers. Embark SL mouldings are shipped ready to install upon delivery. They are available in a wide range of profiles and finishes that adapt to the creative design requirements of the user. The mouldings are available in 14-foot lengths and cut-to-length door unit components.

Michael Weinig Inc. Offers Unimat Moulders
Mooresville, N.C.-based Michael Weinig Inc. has developed a new generation of Unimat Moulders to make small and medium run production profitable. Offered in several different models, the moulders are customized to meet each manufacturers’ needs and provide for quick set-up and fast production. With the PowerLock tooling system utilized in the machine, tools can be exchanged in seconds by just pressing a button. The machine provides cutterhead revolutions of up to 12,000 RPM.

In addition, the moulders feature the Re-Dial memory system, which allows all setting data of previous manufactured profiles to be recalled by pressing a button. The moulders are available in Unimat 1000 Star for high speed, the Unimat 2000 Speed for high manufacturing flexibility and the Unimat 3000 for fully automatic set-up.

Morelock Offers Hybrid Poplar Products
Morelock Wood Products of Bend, Ore., is in the process of adding hybrid poplar products to its offerings. The company currently utilizes many Western wood species, such as madrone, juniper, myrtle, Pacific Coast maple and western ash.

“We are excited about the possibilities that this new product has to offer our customers,” said Scott Morelock, chief executive officer for the company. “Poplar simply adds to our history of experimenting with and creating markets for under-utilized Western wood species.”

Windsor Goes Colonial
Windsor, Calif.-based Windsor Mill has added a new selection of products to its WindsorONE™ Mouldings Collection, the Colonial Revival Style products. According to the company, the line includes a three-piece crown, picture moulding, two-piece window detail, two-piece base moulding and casing.

“This Style is tied together with ogee (s-shaped) details that show up on each moulding,” said Brent Hull, founder of Hull Historical Millwork in Fort Worth, Texas, and designer of the new WindsorONE Mouldings Collection. “Architecturally, we followed the styles of our forefathers.”

National Casein Offers 1862 LV
National Casein of Santa Ana, Calif., offers a fast-setting polyvinyl adhesive, 1862 LV, that it says is specially formulated for finger jointing. According to the company, the adhesive has been tested in its labs and passes ASTM D5572 requirements for finger jointing. It also has high heat resistance and resists chalking down to 38’ Fahrenheit.

The product comes ready-to-use and requires no mixing. It is recommended for applications in which the end product will be used under interior non-structural conditions and the relative humidity does not fluctuate greatly during service. In addition, the adhesive is designed for room temperature curing and is easy to clean up with water.

Mt. Taylor Millwork Offers Range of Mouldings
Mt. Taylor Millwork Inc., which is based in Milan, New Mexico, manufactures high-quality pine, red oak, poplar and banak mouldings. 

The mouldings are available cut-to-length and with bar-coding and packaging as required. 

Don Hall Offers Wood Cleaner
Waco, Texas-based Don Hall & Associates has introduced cleaning products for wood companies. According to the company, its VPW-SC-1000 is a readily biodegradable suractant that removes petroleum derivatives and wood resins. It is aqueous-based, non-toxic and emits no VOCs. 

The cleaning liquid is available ready-to-use and in concentrate form. The company says it removes oil and soilage from glass, woodwork, tools and cutters.

Tre-Pol Offers Array of Wood Products
Tre-Pol International of El Paso, Texas, offers exterior door frames protected with its TP-230 treatment to prevent rot. The frames come with a 10-year warranty. In addition, the company offers an extensive line of wood mouldings.

Setzer Offers Array of Millwork Options
Setzer Forest Products Inc. of Sacramento, Calif., offers MDF mouldings, millwork, solid, fingerjoint, pine, fir, oak and knotty pine mouldings, along with priming, mitered casing sets (shrink-wrapped). The company says its mouldings are certified by FSC and SCS.

World Wide Wood Develops SMI Program
World Wide Wood Network of Yelm, Wash., has developed a web-based tool to automate the inventory of windows and window products. The company reports that its W3Net™ SMI program simplifies the entire inventory management and order replenishment cycle. 

The system sends automated reorder alerts to the supplier that include suggested replenishment orders. Then, a supplier can create a final order by accepting or modifying the suggested order based upon practical sales considerations such as weather and transportation issues.

Baltic Offers Millwork Variety
Baltic Lumber & Moulding of Brookfield, Conn., offer a variety of mouldings to suit your needs, along with the option of Siberian forest wood. Among its offerings are finger-joint mouldings and millwork.

Sauder Mouldings Offers Variety 
of Hemlock Mouldings

Sauder Mouldings of Ferndale, Wash., offers true stain grade mouldings. According to the company, its on-shore guaranteed supply of raw material allows it to offer high-quality fine-grain Hemlock mouldings to complement any style or décor.


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