October 2003

From the Editor
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Out and About

Since my 5-month-old twin boys, Clay and Owen, were born, Iíve made it a point to get ďout and aboutĒ at least twice a week. But Iíve yet to spend the night away.

Samantha Capenter This yearís National Sash & Door Jobbers Association (NSDJA) convention will be my first extended period of time away from them. Boy, I bet it will be hard. But, I know that their grandparents will do a fine job taking care of them.

I look forward to this yearís convention for many reasons. One of these is that I am not three months pregnant (with twins, no less) as I was at last yearís convention and will be able to move easily around the convention floor to see what great products manufacturers have to offer SHELTER readers (see what products some manufacturers will be offering at this yearís convention on page 35).

Iím also looking forward to sitting in on the educational seminars, especially ďUniting the Window and Door Industry: NSDJA and WDMA in Partnership.Ē I sat in 
on last yearís presentation by Alan Campbell, the Window & Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA) president, and it led to a couple of articles about the side-hinged exterior door standard (see November/December 2002, page 40, and January/February 2003, page 32). You can find out more in this issue about the educational seminars at this yearís convention on page 34.

I hope to get information for articles not only from seminars but also from attending. Please come by the booth (#321) and visit with me and tell me what you would like covered in SHELTER. Distributors, manufacturers and manufacturersí representatives are all welcome!

Iím also looking forward to seeing Brian McIlwee take the reigns as president of the association. Iíve enjoyed working with 2002-2003ís NSDJA president George Lorenz, and I look forward to working with Brian this next year (learn more about Brian McIlwee on page 40).

This yearís Awards Breakfast also has me intrigued. Iíve seen the movie ďCatch Me If You Can,Ē and I think it will be very interesting to see what kind of speaker Frank Abagnale will be.

Iím sure a number of you are looking forward to the convention, not only because itís in sunny Florida, but because itís the perfect opportunity for a family vacation to Disney World. 

Too bad my boys arenít old enough to visit with Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

See you there!

Samantha Carpenter, editor 




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