October 2003


Publisher’s Notes
    An Opening View

Opportunity Knocks

It is that time of year for the Annual NSDJA Convention. This year’s show will be held in Orlando, Fla., October 12-16. As in the past, SHELTER magazine will give you extensive details and important information about this year’s show on page 33.
The NSDJA show lets you get out and get in front of the manufacturers whose products you sell everyday and gives you the opportunity to check out new products and see the latest enhancements to existing products, giving you an edge over your competitors. More importantly, the convention gives you the opportunity to enhance your relationships with your working associates. 

Brian Welsh This time is extremely valuable in the competitive world in which we live. You know how hard it is to get in to see a new client or prospect, so why not make a trip to the show and visit with them all at once? You will find within our NSDJA special pull-out section a detailed list of exhibitors with booth numbers, so you can start making a schedule and a list of those with whom you want to meet.

A little one-on-one time with a manufacturer never hurts. It can give you the opportunity to sell yourself and/or your organization to them, and, at the same time, they would love for you to take a look at what they are offering. So, it is a win-win situation for everyone. But, you certainly need to attend in order to take advantage of this great networking opportunity.

This leads me in to my next subject. If you are not marketing your company continually and taking advantage of opportunities like the NSDJA show, you know someone else is—your competitors. In my travels, I have come across some comical billboards. On some of these signs it is obvious the company is trying to get you to buy a billboard advertisement with some creative one-liners. These sayings are creative and comical enough to apply to any business. So, I would like to share some with you:

• Shhhhh! Don’t advertise—we don’t want to know about your company.

• Don’t advertise—lose customers, go broke, go home.

• Don’t advertise—you just might have to hire new employees.

• What are you looking at?

• Caught you looking.

• If you don’t, someone else will—(your competitor).

• Don’t advertise—keep your business a secret!

• Don’t advertise—nobody likes making money!

There are many more. But, whatever business you are in, it is a constant battle to keep your company in the forefront of your customers’ minds. Simply put, you need to stay active with your marketing plans. The NSDJA Convention presents the perfect opportunity to either get active or remain active in your customers’ minds by advertising yourself in person.

See you in Orlando!

Brian Welsh, publisher

P.S. Come by the SHELTER booth (#321) and talk with editor Samantha Carpenter or me. Give us your ideas on how we can make SHELTER a better 
marketing tool for your company. 


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