June  2004

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Return on Investment
Gain an Advantage by Joining AMD
by Terry Bumgarner

In today’s business economy, everyone is looking for their return on investment. Managers ask questions like, “What is in it for me?” Chief executive officers and chief financial officers alike are looking for ways to stretch their hard-earned dollars. 

I am here to offer you one answer to all of those questions—join the Association of Millwork Distributors (AMD) or come to the 41st AMD Annual Convention in Salt Lake City, October 9-13, 2004, as a non-member and see for yourself what a difference this experience can make in you, your employees and your company.

As the AMD’s first vice president, I have the privilege of chairing this year’s Annual Convention Program Planning Committee, and what a thrill it has been.

AMD in the Rockies
Salt Lake City is a new venue for the AMD Annual Convention. This beautiful city has so much to offer—great restaurants, free transportation within the city via the Trax trolley system, Temple Square and, of course, the Great Lake. This site simply enhances the wonderful program dedicated to the best of the best in the millwork industry.

Sensational Speakers
Many great speakers are lined up for the annual convention.

Adam Fein, founder of Philadelphia-based Pembroke Consulting, will share views from his latest book, Facing the Forces of Change: The Road to Opportunity. Fein leads the firm’s work with wholesale distribution executives, helping develop business, marketing and channel strategies in rapidly changing markets. 

Fein brings an impressive breadth of insight into industry trends and customer needs and helps shape business strategies for wholesale distribution companies.

Immediately following Fein, Dave Kahle will speak to distribution salespeople with his seminar, “Transforming Your Sales Force for the 21st Century. Dave is the sales guru for the distribution industry.” He’s the author of the book, How To Excel at Distributor Sales, has published more than 500 articles and has helped hundreds of distributors transform their salespeople.

The opening session will feature a familiar name to many, Rep. John Kasich. For 18 years, Congressman John Kasich effectively served his constituents in the 12th Congressional District of Ohio. Rising to the rank of chairperson of the House Budget Committee, Rep. Kasich has become a nationally-recognized leader of the Republican Party.

He is also the author of the best selling book, Courage is Contagious, which profiles everyday Americans doing extraordinary things to aid their communities and fellow man. Courage is Contagious made the New York Times “Top 30 Best Sellers List” and reached number 8 on’s “Hot 100.”

The AMD awards breakfast will feature Vince Poscente. At the age of 26, a recreational skier at best, Poscente decided to act on his dream of becoming an Olympic athlete. Choosing the sport of speed skiing, at the age of 30, Poscente was vying for the gold in the Winter Olympics. Come hear his message: “Essential Tools for Life Mastery.” An expert on creating optimum performance, Poscente shows audiences how to use his Olympic techniques to ignite their vision, commit to it consistently, expand their bottom line and confidently eclipse their competition. His consulting group works with top corporate leaders to change their thinking, aligning everyone with a corporate vision and goal.

AMD ConventionHeadquarters
The Grand America Hotel will serve as the AMD headquarters hotel. Ranked 30th on the list of 100 top North American Hotels by Condé Nast Traveler, the Grand American is in the company of the Chicago Four Seasons, the Bellagio, the Regent Beverly Wilshire and the Ritz-Carlton New York. Visit The Grand America Hotel and experience one of the most extraordinary hotels in the Rocky Mountains.

Come join us at “AMD in the Rockies.” It promises to be an extraordinary event.

Contact the AMD office at 727/372-3665 for more information about joining the Association of Millwork Distributors or attending the annual convention. Distributors are welcome to attend (retailers are not eligible to attend), and the AMD Annual Convention is not open to the public. 


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