May  2004

From the Editor
The Issue At Hand

Lawsuits and More

Lawsuits are no stranger to the building products industry. In our industry, the class-action lawsuit craze used to be about asbestos, but now it’s about mold.

In “The Window Guy” column, author Mark Reasbeck discusses what is happening with construction defect lawsuits in Nevada and how it is affecting his and other businesses. Watch for even more coverage of construction- defect lawsuits in future issues. 

SHELTER will also cover a number of topics that distributors discussed recently, during the round table discussion at AMD’s Top Management meeting in February. They told us they wanted more about new technologies, the future of distribution, codes and government issues, economic forecasts, working a convention, dealing with employees and new ethnic concentrations in certain parts of the country.

While I’ve discussed some of what SHELTER will highlight in the future, let me talk about this month’s issue. The meat in this month’s issue is about decking and fencing. There is a plethora of decking and fencing products in the marketplace. If you are looking to stock some of these products, read “What’s on Deck” in our special section called Hardscapes. You’ll also want to read about Bob Jaacks Rustic Wood Fencing, a dealer of Western red cedar yard products, on page 24 to find out what some of the positives and negatives are to selling these products.

Please let me know if there are additional topics or products you would like covered in the future.
Samantha Carpenter, editor 


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