June  2004


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With this issue of SHELTER, we premier an exciting new quarterly section called “HARDscapes”—dedicated to covering the outdoor professional sales market, with a concentration on decking, railing, fencing and more. The special section is in response to requests from many of our readers who are concentrating more and more on these areas in addition to their other product lines. We are very excited to be bringing you this new information and hope you enjoy HARDscapes.

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What’s on Deck
heck Out the Latest in Decking and Fencing Products

They may seem like simple decks or white picket fences, but the range of products available for your customers is endless in this important arena of decking and fencing. Read on for a sampling of a few of the newest decking and fencing products on the market.

Lumber Loc™ Allows for Board Expansion
KK Mfg. Co., Inc. manufactures Lumber Loc Exotic hidden deck fasteners for the deck and dock industry. The company says it is the only fastener that allows for expansion and contraction on the length and width of a deck board which occurs naturally on all woods and composites. The fastener also eliminates pre-drilling. 

According to the company, Lumber Loc™ is the perfect partner for the growing number of exotic hardwoods on the market today.
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Dixie-Pacific’s Railing Systems Uses New Technology
Gadsden, Ala.-based Dixie-Pacific says its QuickRailTM is one of the most technologically advanced railing systems on the market. QuickRail is low maintenance and is manufactured from a tri-layer composite technology—a unique patented process that the company says provides greater strength than standard mono-extruded PVC railing systems. 

QuickRail is designed for easy installation, and kits are conveniently packaged with all components in a single box. Each rail kit includes the top rail, bottom rail, spindles, crush block, brackets and screws.
The QuickRail system is available in two colors: vibrant white and desert tan.
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Expands Durable Deck™ Line
Pompano Beach, Fla.-based Anchor Systems Inc. has expanded its product line with two new products: Durable Deck Structural Board and Durable Deck Cap.

According to the company, Durable Deck Structural Board is a strong, lightweight board designed to be installed directly onto stringers. It serves as an alternative to traditional wood decking surfaces. Likewise, the Durable Deck Cap enables the builder to cover number-two-grade pressure-treated lumber with an easily applied cap, which can also be used to cover existing deck boards and stair treads where board spacing allows.

Both of these new products feature the company’s patented slip-resistant surface, which is created from GEON™ polyvinyl chloride. Anchor Systems says its Durable Deck products resist rotting, chipping, splintering and cracking and effectively eliminate exposed nails and screws.
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Royal Crown Offers DeckLok™ 
Royal Crown Limited of Woodbridge, Ontario, now offers the Deck Lok System, which it says is a complete deck and railing system designed to make installation quick and easy. According to the company, the system utilizes an innovative, patent-pending snap connection system with no exposed fasteners. In addition, each side of the Deck Lok System is available in a different color.
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TimberTech® Introduces Whitesand System
Wilmington, Ohio-based TimberTech now offers its new Whitesand Ornamental Railing System, made completely from wood composite materials. The durable system requires little maintenance, according to the company, and has a soft, white appearance that is aesthetically pleasing. It is available as both a kit, and its parts are available individually or as accessories.

The whitesand color formulation is a patented blend of pure plastic resins and high-quality wood flour, and joins several other colors in the line, including TimberTech cedar, grey and redwood.
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Trex Adds Accents™ Line
The Winchester, Va.-based Trex Co. has introduced Trex Accents, a new line of deck boards with a rich, woodgrain texture. According to the company, the new line is available in a deep tan, a deep grey and a reddish brown. The deck boards are available in lengths of 12, 16 and 20 feet.

“The Trex Accents woodgrain texture provides another option for homeowners who yearn for the natural look of wood, but want the outstanding durability and splinter-free qualities of Trex decking,” said Shellie Sellards, product manager, residential decking.
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Regenex Unveils Aurora Decking
Regenex Corp. of West Middlesex, Pa., recently introduced the Aurora Decking System, which it says combines the look and feel of wood with the low-maintenance properties of vinyl. The system consists of a variegated deck surface that looks like real wood and has a wood-grain texture, though its boards are made with vinyl and a hidden fastening system. The decking is slip-resistant when wet or dry, according to the company, and is splinter- and screw-free.

In addition, Regenex says the system’s multi-chamber design keeps the decking surface cool. The system also is easy to install and maintain, meets most building code requirements and comes with a transferable lifetime warranty. The boards measure 11/2 inches thick by 57/8 inches wide. The system is available in Barnwood Cedar (gray), Tropical Teak (beige) and Northern Redwood (red).
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CBP Introduces CorrectDeck
Correct Building Products (CBP), which is based in Biddeford, Maine, has introduced the CorrectDeck System, made from the company’s ultraviolet-stabilized polypropylene and reclaimed hardwood fiber composition. According to CBP, the Correct-Deck System comprises a matching surface mount railing system, fascia, post caps and skirts. It is available in four colors, coastal grey, cedar, acadia and mahogany.
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BW Introduces Aluminum Balusters
BW Creative Wood Industries of Maple Ridge, British Columbia, offers Rail Simple™, attractively shaped, powder-coated aluminum balusters that screw into place. The balusters can be used in both new construction and remodeling projects and are packaged complete with matching stainless steel screws and a convenient carry-home bag. The rails are offered in two colors, black and pewter.

According to the company, Rail Simple balusters are rust-free and corrosion-resistant and have a powder-coated finish with a 25-year warranty.
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Fastener System Speeds Deck Installation
Valley Forge, Pa.-based CertainTeed Corp. has introduced its Hidden Fastener System (HFS™) option for its Boardwalk® Composite Decking line. The company says HFS makes deck installations easier and faster.

With no under-the-deck work required, the HFS is up to 50 percent faster to install than traditional decking systems. Each plank in the new deck system features a recess, or notch, that accepts a specially designed, self-aligning hold-down clip for a quick installation. 

To install, contractors need only one #8 x 2-inch deck screw per joist. The screw is used to conventionally fasten the first plank to the joist at one end of the deck, dock or porch. Then, at each joist, an HFS clip is slipped into the plank’s notch and fastened with a screw to secure the plank. The clip serves as the starter for the next plank. This method is fast, sturdy and automatically sets a required 1/8-inch gap between planks when properly applied.
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Elk Composite Expands Decking Line
Dallas-based Elk Composite Building Products has expanded its CrossTimbers composite decking and fencing line with new accessories and designer finishes. According to the company, it has a new embossed finish available on deck boards, fascia and fence pickets. The new finish provides the appearance of natural wood and resists warping and rotting. In addition, the company’s decking materials are available in a subtle, brushed finish.

In the way of accessories, CrossTimbers now offers a 4- by 4-inch post for hand rails with post caps and collars and a 1- by 1-inch corner trim piece to cover the deck board ends.
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Westech Unveils All-Vinyl System
Mount Vernon, Ind.-based Westech Fence has a new all-vinyl Presidio® Deck and Dock System, which features 11/2- by 12-inch-wide deck board with a slip-resistant embossed wood grained surface. According to the company, the low-maintenance vinyl composition of the system helps it to resist moisture, rotting, warping and termites. In addition, the vinyl remains cool even under summer conditions.

The Presidio Deck and Dock System is available in white, almond and pebblestone colors. It features easy-to-install one-piece construction requiring no special tools, attachment devices or clips to apply. The company says the deck board fastening screws are completely hidden and can be installed easily with a power screwdriver.
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Tiger Claw Announces Line of Hidden Deck Fasteners
Bristol, Conn.-based Tiger Claw Inc. has announced its line of hidden deck fasteners.
“In the past, hidden deck fasteners have been time-consuming and very difficult to install,” said David Hartmann, Tiger Claw president. “Traditional nails and screws, on the other hand, produce wood rot, board splitting and a less-than-attractive appearance. We believe Tiger Claw hidden deck fasteners will fundamentally change the way professional contractors and do-it-yourselfers build decks. Our research suggests that 2004 will be the year hidden deck fastener usage becomes not just a trend but the norm in deck construction.”
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Genova Offers Array of Fencing
Davison, Mich.-based Genova Products Inc. offers many elegant styles in picket, privacy and post and rail made of vinyl. According to the company, all of its products come with a lifetime warranty, and it has an extensive line of vinyl decking products available.
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Check Out the BowJak™ 
Vaughan & Bushnell of Hebron, Ill., has introduced BowJak, a tool to straighten warped and crooked decking boards. According to the company, the tool is simply tapped in next to the bowed board and, with the leverage from a pull handle, straightens the board before it is hammered into place. The process takes only a few seconds and, according to the company, can close gaps up to 21/4 inches wide. The company says the BowJak also can be used in any position, including horizontal, vertical or overhead. The tool weighs only 26 ounces and can be transported easily from job to job.
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L.B. Plastics Adds PVC Decking
Mooresville, N.C.-based L.B. Plastics recently unveiled a new PVC deck surface for its Sheerline® decking series. According to the company, the Sheerline PVC is soft, yet slip-resistant. The company says the one-piece decking can be installed quickly and can provide long-term savings for homeowners and commercial establishments. The new deck is available in white, beige or gray, and has high resistance to force of impact and ultraviolet rays.
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