May  2004

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Why Belong to AMD
From Education to Social Functions, Membership Has Its Perks
by Brian P. McIlwee

It seems that I hear more than ever, that companies are evaluating reasons for belonging to the Association of Millwork Distributors (AMD). Truth be known, all associations are going through the same process.
If you are a distributor, why should you belong to AMD? Let’s look at some various reasons.

Education: There has always been the Millwork Home Study Course and Math Course. In addition, don’t forget the top management and convention programs and seminars. These help you to stay abreast of the latest industry standards, codes and certification programs.

Networking: Meet with others in your industry. Share best practices, knowledge and gain insight into the workings of our industry.

Benefits: Take advantage of AMD’s group health insurance program and support network with service companies geared to our industry. Additionally, AMD offers an alliance and conduit to 
the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors’ (NAW) resources and programs.

The Annual Convention: Visit one destination annually and see not only the latest and greatest products in the industry, but the people behind the products in the industry. The annual AMD convention features a single source location for the prominent millwork manufacturers to showcase their best products and services.

Social Functions: The relationships that you develop become lifelong assets that help you on your business journey. Our industry is still very much a “people business,” and you will find no better people than at AMD functions.

A Competitive Edge: All of the reasons above combine to create a competitive advantage that you carry over other non-AMD competitors. The degree of competitive advantage is often magnified by participation in AMD committee and board positions. 

Low Dues: Compared to most industrial trade associations, membership in AMD is a bargain. The potential takeaway can be priceless.

Now, that we’ve looked at why distributors should be members, let’s look at why a manufacturer or associate representative firms should belong to AMD. The answers are the same as above with a couple additions.
Customers: I hear from more manufacturers that they exhibit and attend the convention every year not because their biggest customers are there, but because their best customers are there.

Educated Customers: Supporting AMD extends the opportunity to educate your customer base. No one has to tell you that an educated customer is your best customer. Through its current and improving educational opportunities, AMD will allow their distributors and members to ride the waves of change successfully and keep your products growing in the marketplace.

Hopefully, I have highlighted some of the benefits of membership in AMD that you might be missing. For those of you reading this who are already members of AMD, your support is appreciated. For those of you who are not members, don’t be left out on one of the greatest opportunities to improve your 

To further explore the value of membership, I invite you to visit the AMD website at, or if you have questions about membership in AMD, feel free to contact the AMD headquarters and ask for Vicki Cooper, director of membership, at 800/786-7274. 

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