May  2004

Moulding the Future
A Viewpoint from the WMMPA

Five Days Versus 48 Hours
A Snapshot of the WMMPA
by Kellie A. Schroeder

The Wood Moulding & 
Millwork Producers Associ-ation (WMMPA), established in 1963, will be conducting its 41st Summer Meeting in Long Beach, Calif., from August 3-7, at the Hyatt Regency. In those five meeting days, the WMMPA will share 41 years of experience and hard-earned knowledge regarding the wood moulding and millwork industry with attendees. The WMMPA will take attendees through four decades of family, friends and practical information millwork operations seek. The WMMPA could change your future in this industry. 

For most, five days is a large investment of time, not to mention money. I like to look at it this way: in five days, an attendee will walk through his competitor’s plant; listen to domestic and international market reports; share ideas and strategize with his closest competition; listen to thought-provoking presentations regarding wood mouldings and millwork; and establish long-term friendships within the industry, while having a good time.

A New Formula
Don’t have five days to spare? What if I told you that you could reap the majority of these rewards in just two days? The WMMPA has instituted a new formula for its business meetings to accommodate those attendees that need to “get in and get out” with as much information as possible without a large time investment. The two-day plan covers the Thursday and Friday of our meetings, disseminating the bulk of the critical information to attendees in 48 hours. 

Of course, if you miss Tuesday, you won’t be able to attend the plant tours. Wednesday is family day and our WM® Golf Scramble on Catalina Island. On Thursday and Friday, we are all business with a bit of fun thrown in during the evenings to give the attendees a chance to unwind and recharge their batteries.

Saturday is our last optional activity day (deep sea fishing, Disneyland, Universal Studios, Venice Beach, Rodeo Drive/Beverly Hills, etc.) followed by our very popular Lotto Dinners that evening.

Attend the Business Meeting
The WMMPA board and I would like to invite all wood moulding and millwork manufacturers to attend our business meeting. Register as many company representatives as you wish and then come see for yourself first-hand what we are all about. You may be asking yourself, “Why should I attend a meeting and then join the WMMPA? What benefits will I reap besides the open forum for sharing information amongst manufacturers at the meetings?”

Benefits of Membership
There are plenty of benefits to joining the WMMPA. First and foremost is the legal right to manufacture the WM® moulding patterns and display the WM® logo in your advertising or on your invoices, etc. These two rights alone are worth your member dues. 

Couple that benefit with: education opportunities; insurance programs; safety meeting information; business and management improvement; manufacturing/production workshops; sales training workshops; product promotion via the website, domestic/international trade shows, and trade magazines; FAS funding for export travel, trade missions and trade shows; input on industry standards such as grades, priming, treating, and fire frames; industry networking with other manufacturers and supplier vendors; manufacturing plant tours; participation in the industry in which you are involved; car rental discount program; hotel discount program; energy and tax discount program; internet business exchange discount program; discounted advertising rates with SHELTER magazine; resource trips to various countries to uncover raw material supply; and representation at domestic/international trade shows for all members. 

Why not join us in Long Beach this summer and take your own snapshot of the WMMPA? Whether you spend five days or 48 hours with us, you will walk away with your own personal picture of the WMMPA. From there, you will be able to make an informed decision on whether the WMMPA can benefit you and your company. 
If you would like to join the WMMPA this summer in Southern California for a mixture of business, information sharing, education and sun, ring me up to request a registration packet. Registration packets will be mailing out at the end of May. You may reach me (or any WMMPA staff member) at 530/661-9591. If you would like further information regarding the meeting prior to calling, you may visit our events calendar page to review the meeting agenda on the WMMPA website at 


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