November/December 2004

     Product Focus

Stiles E-Tech Introduces Cutting System
Now available from Stiles E-Tech, of Grand Rapids, Mich., Hecht’s SP05 length stop system, designed for automated precision measuring and cutting of various size work pieces for window, door and framing applications. 

The system is based on a sturdy 80- by 80-millimeter aluminum body. The numeric control from Hecht Electronic operates with chain measurements, absolute measurements or a combination of both. The SP05 employs a robust DC servomotor that enables speeds up to 120 meters per minute. The specially-designed barring system can be set up play-free to reduce human error in measuring. The machine also features touch-screen controls and menu-controlled operator support. 
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ViWinTech Introduces Vinyl Doors and Windows
Vinyl Window Technologies, or ViWinTech, of Paducah, Ky., has introduced its GrandVista patio door collection, a new line of vinyl patio doors. The collection includes traditional sliding, French sliding, center-hinged and French options. 

The patio doors are available in three interior wood-grain laminate colors, light oak, dark oak and cherry, and two exterior options, chocolate brown and hunter green. Matching sidelites, transoms and geometric shapes with decorative glass options are also available. In addition, the French sliding and center-hinged doors are available with the ShoreLine coastal rating designed to meet Florida hurricane standards. 

The company has also introduced TruFit, a vinyl replacement sash kit. The all-vinyl kit is designed as an energy-efficient, low-maintenance option to wood windows, while imitating the look of wood. TruFit is currently available in white and tan and will fit standard window sizes as well as custom sizes for double-hung frames.
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Napco Introduces UltraSpan Vinyl Siding
Kearney, Mo.-based Napco’s new UltraSpan premium vinyl vertical siding/soffit was designed to stay straight, strong and virtually dent-free for years. According to a company news release, when properly installed the product will resist sagging, cupping and bowing, while helping to seal out the elements. UltraSpan Rigidmaster groove architecture helps ensure that panels lay flat and resist sagging. The panel thickness of .046 inches and panel projection of .625 inches add to the product’s rigidity and dent-resistance.

In addition, UltraSpan incorporates the Elusivent hidden ventilation system, which features an angled ventilation design to create positive airflow in attics and rafters. The soffit is also designed to reduce the build up of dirt associated with typical aluminum surface vented soffits. 
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Window Designed for Forced-Entry Resistance 
The Bilco Co., of West Haven, Conn., has introduced the 650 series masonry hopper window for new home construction applications. The two-piece system consists of a pour-in-place buck and window insert. The buck features injection-molded vinyl construction and built-in steel lintel. According to a company news release, the buck’s built-in security bars prevent unauthorized access into the home throughout the construction process, then, once construction is complete, the security grille is removed and the window insert is snapped into place.

The 650 series hopper window features maintenance-free vinyl construction and Intercept® warm-edge spacers between the two lites. The window also has a heavy-duty locking mechanism and, according to a company news release, it has achieved the industry’s highest rating for forced-entry resistance. 
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Rollex Brings Darker Colors to Its Vinyl Siding
Rollex Corp., of Elk Grove Village, Ill., has introduced Manchester vinyl siding, which features the company’s darkest vinyl siding colors to date. Color options include medium-brown Carmel, gray-blue Blue Granite, brown-gray Acorn and medium-green Sage, as well as 14 light and mid-range colors.

Manchester’s dark-hued DuraColor panels utilize a new, fade-resistant top-layer material from chemical company BASF Corp. This capstock, an acrylic copolymer resin, won’t chalk and provides 99.5 percent UV protection to the underlying vinyl siding, according to information from BASF. In addition, Rollex has developed a proprietary vinyl formulation that protects panels against warping from the solar heat absorbed by dark colors. 

The siding offers the company’s first rollover-style reinforced nailing hem, which is designed to double the thickness of the vinyl around the fasteners for a secure installation. Also new is a calibrated nail guide, laser imprinted along the hem, to help installers locate wall studs. 
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