November/December 2004


Wobble Light Designed to Brighten Building Sites
The Wobble Light, from Wobble Light LLC, of Hoffman Estates, Ill., was designed for building and construction applications where high-powered illumination, lighting durability and safety are vital. Unlike tripod lighting units, the manufacturer says Wobble Light is durable, easy to set up, self-righting and nearly impossible to damage, according to a company news release. 

A polycarbonate dome protects the light’s bulb from direct contact with hard objects and debris, while also providing a shield from open bulbs and metal housings. The portable light offers directional light in a variety of wattages and can illuminate an area in excess of 100 feet in diameter, according to company information. 
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Bosch Unveils Two Circular Saws
Bosch Power Tools and Accessories of Mt. Prospect, Ill., a division of the Robert Bosch Tool Corp., has unveiled a new line of lightweight circular saws. 

The CS10 and CS20 both feature a composite foot that was designed to resist bending under pressure and glide easily across all surfaces. A 15-amp motor and lightweight magnesium upper and lower guards provide balance, while adjustable levers ensure a tight, locked bevel for fine-tuning. A blower- and quadrant-designed system quickly removes sawdust. In addition, the CS20 comes equipped with a rafter hook, a rafter angle chart molded onto the housing and DirectConnect, a universal professional cord management system.

The company is also now offering its 1590EVSK jigsaw. Its principal feature is the precision control blade guide system that virtually eliminates blade wander on the tool. The new system incorporates the standard T-shank three-point blade holder as well as an additional clamp that grasps the blade lower for added stability. The tools also feature a one-touch blade change system and toe-less foot bevel.
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J.A. Dawley Introduces GlideStop Table Saw System 
J.A. Dawley Mfg. Co.’s new GlideStop RF table saw system now makes possible the exact positioning of a T-square-style rip fence. The manual table saw fence accessory can be added to new or existing T-square-style table saw fence systems. 
Indexing allows return of the tool to a variety of width positions.  The GlideStop RF offers unrestricted full use of the fence rail, while allowing multiple set-ups to be kept in place at all times. The increased linear stability of the fence makes movement smooth and precise, eliminating the need for the knuckle rap.

In addition to the standard hairline sight gauge, a battery powered digital readout accessory is available with fraction, decimal and metric displays. 
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Stanley Offers 3-in-1 Tool
The Stanley Works, of New Britain, Conn., has created 3-in-1 tool that functions as a level, stud finder and a vertical and horizontal layout tool. 

The Stanley IntelliLaser Pro features a 20-foot laser layout line and a 180-degree pivoting laser plane with level and plumb vials. The stud detector recognizes studs and  joists through up to ¾ inches of drywall and other common wall materials and has continuous live wire detection up to ¾ inches in depth. In addition, an LCD display with new patent pending graphics visually informs the user of the proximity of the stud. Two self-contained hang pins make it possible to mount the unit to the work surface. 
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