September  2004



A Rocky Mountain Convention
Salt Lake City Hosts the AMD Annual Convention for First Time

Are you on the fence whether to attend this year’s 41st Annual Association of Millwork Distributors (AMD) Convention at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City? After reading about this year’s convention, you absolutely will not want to miss this year’s show October 9-13.

General Information
The AMD Annual Convention will set the stage for distributors, manufacturers and manufacturer’s reps to gather under one roof to network and target the most pertinent issues in the millwork industry. Attendees can speak with others in the industry to share ideas and solutions to common problems. Plus, they can view the best that the millwork industry has to offer. Distributors and manufacturers will be able to feast their eyes on new products, services and the newest technology in the millwork industry. 

You can register for this year’s convention three ways: via internet at, by fax at 727/372-2879 or by mail at 10047 Robert Trent Jones Parkway, New Port Richey, FL 34655.

Airport Transfers and Taxi Information
The Grand and Little America Hotels are located in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, just 15 minutes from the Salt Lake International Airport. The hotels run shuttle vans every 20 minutes from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., and from 10 p.m. until 6 a.m. the van runs every 30 minutes, by appointment only. The shuttle stops at Terminal 1 (all airlines except Delta) in front of Door 6. There is a sign outside “Hotel Shuttles” designating the stop area. For Delta travelers, you will meet the shuttle van at Door 10, which also has a sign outside “Hotel Shuttles” designating the stop area. 

A fifteen-minute taxi ride from the Salt Lake International Airport to either host hotel costs approximately $15.

Salt Palace Convention Center
The exhibit hall is located at the Salt Palace Convention Center and features more than 160,000 square feet of exhibit space and is approximately a seven-minute TRAX ride from the Grand and Little America Hotel. 

There will be a grand prize drawing in the exhibit hall for both the distributors and the manufacturers. Attendees must be present to win. 

AMD Badge Policy 
Badges will be available for pick-up at the Grand America Hotel (convention headquarters) starting on Friday, October 8. You’ll need a photo ID available to obtain your registration materials. Badge switching is not permitted, and AMD says violation may result in a company being requested to leave the convention. Badges must be worn for admittance to all AMD functions. If you have forgotten your badge, a member of the AMD staff will be pleased to assist you. 

Dress Code & Climate 
The attire for the convention is business casual. The average daily temperature in Salt Lake for the month of October is a high of 65 and a low of 20 degrees.

Dining Out
One way to treat your customers right is to enjoy dinner and conversation together at the annual convention—the problem is—where do you go? Here is a listing of some of the top restaurants in Salt Lake City.

Au Bon Appetit has floor-to-ceiling windows, French street signs, table settings and adjoining patisserie which create the aura of a French sidewalk café. To begin, there are warm slices of genuine French baguette. Entrées include a choice of soup or salad, and pairings of starches and vegetables. French wines and imported beers make this the ultimate French experience. The food is exquisite, the atmosphere simple, yet chic. 

Bambara is located in the Hotel Monaco, and the menu is filled with dishes that are fresh and American, with Asian touches and unexpected conjunctions. Seattle transplant Chef Scott Blackerby uses fresh herbs from his roof garden and cultivates the best sources for his ingredients. This was a favorite of the AMD program planning committee. 

Flemings Steak and Wine Bar’s menu, as its name implies, will feature the finest in prime beef, augmented by a variety of chops, fish, chicken, generous salads, inventive side orders and indulgent desserts. The innovative wine list will offer some of the finest wines in the world, over 100 of them available by the glass.

La Caille’s
surrounding gardens and vineyards is a creation of a “must see” in the Salt Lake area. Just 20 minutes from downtown, the internationally acclaimed restaurant and menu will make you feel as though you have stepped back in time to the rural valleys of Bordeaux, Champagne and Alsace. 

Log Haven has long been considered Utah’s finest canyon dining, and has received a long list of awards and commendations. It is a beautiful log mansion serenely nestled among pines, waterfalls and wildflowers, perfectly showcasing Utah’s Wasatch National Forest, yet is only minutes from downtown Salt Lake City hotels.

The Metropolitan has fine innovative food, attentive and knowledgeable servers and award-winning design and sets the gold standard in Utah. Located in a beautifully renovated downtown warehouse, the restaurant blends an ultra-modern ambience with gracious food service and food that never disappoints. Chef Perno’s tasting menu delivers a multi-course punch of world-class cuisine, allowing diners to sample his impressive dishes. This restaurant was another favorite of the program planning committee.

Martine has become essential to downtown nightlife and the city’s culinary scene. The restaurant’s focus, tapas (small Spanish appetizers), features a menu which changes every two weeks, offers a variety of the small snacks, from halibut cakes with saffron aioli in fennel-tomato broth to fried risotto and artichoke cakes with tomato tapenade. The wine list is small but carefully chosen. 

The New Yorker, a few steps down from Market Street, transports you to a world of cool elegance. In the main dining room, crisp white tablecloths and oversized white plates offset patrons’ high-powered wardrobes. A 1,000-bottle wine cellar doubles as a private dining room for groups. Creatively conservative, the menu contains traditional favorites of longtime regulars. Daily specials expand the repertoire to offer seasonal selections. Portions are generous and pleasing to the eye, and side dishes are fresh and hearty. 

From the foyer to the seats, Spencer’s is inviting and comfortable. Enormous semicircular booths line the perimeter of the sizable dining area. In the center, a big semiprivate room is enclosed in glass windowpanes, following the Mission-style décor of the room. No-nonsense prime-aged beef and quality chops are cooked with finesse. 

Optional Tours
AMD has set up a number of optional tours for attendees, including Snowbird Tram & Lunch, Highlights of Salt Lake City Tour, Red Butte Garden Tour, Who’s Who of You Genealogy Research and Beading Class & Bead Bar. Space is limited on these tours, so registering early is suggested. For more on the optional tours, visit 
Look to next month’s issue of SHELTER for a full exhibitor list, exhibitor floor plan, show hours, educational speakers and exhibitor products.

Important Information for Non-Members:
If you are not yet a member of the AMD, you may be eligible to attend as a non-member. To qualify to attend, you must work for a distributor that sells millwork and related building products at the wholesale level, a manufacturer of millwork product or service or a manufacturer’s rep. 

Pre-registration is strongly encouraged as registering on-site as a non-member may result in delays and possible non-attendance should you not qualify to attend. Retailers, contractors and builders are not eligible to attend. Architects and interior designers who present a business card may visit the exhibit hall on Tuesday, October 12, 2004, free of charge or on Sunday, October 10 and Monday, October 11, for a minimal charge.

To increase the safety and security of attendees, all persons must show a photo ID. The AMD Annual Convention is not open to the public.


Salt Lake Distributor
The following AMD distributor members are located in Salt Lake City:
Lumber Products—Utah
2850 S. 900 W.
Salt Lake City, UT 84119
800/388-9393 F: 801/972-0502
Products: stile and rail doors, flush doors, embossed doors, metal doors, bifold doors, patio doors, hardwood mouldings, veneered mouldings, architectural mouldings, door lites, thresholds, weatherstripping, melamine shelving, hardwood lumber and hardwood plywood.
Trimco Millwork
2900 S. Main St.
Salt Lake City, UT 84115
801/467-0077 F: 801/484-1833
Products: millwork, doors and windows and stair parts.

Getting the Most Out of a Conference
You were excited to attend a conference, filled an extra luggage with tons of material, and attended so many sessions that you have brain overload. Now that you are home, you are tired, overwhelmed with too much stuff, and you toss the stack of papers in the corner, hoping to get around to sorting your notes and materials when you have time. Only, you never have time because you have more pressing things to do, and the most immediate things get first attention. As a conference attendee who has attended dozens of conferences for many years, I finally designed an organized action plan that will energize and revitalize the enthusiasm you had when you first arrived at the conference.

Step #1 Advance Planning
Familiarize yourself with the conference. Go online and run off all details of the conference to set up a list of sessions you wish to attend. Look at last year’s conference information and order some of the tapes/CD’s to acquaint yourself with the best speakers that pertain to your topics of interest. Observe who returns each year as a speaker. Those are the tried-and-tested ones who everyone loves to hear. If the current speakers have books, go to the bookstore and find out if they pique your interest. Some websites offer the names of attendees from last year. If you have access to their e-mail addresses, contact them and ask which sessions were the most valuable to them. By the time you get to the conference, you will be in control of what course of action you want to take.

Step #2 What to Take
Travel as light as possible, but don’t forget to throw in an umbrella and raincoat. It’s a help to get the weather forecast on your computer before you leave so you don’t have to second-guess the weatherperson. If you can take your computer, it will be helpful in transcribing your notes while you can still decipher them. Be sure to take a supply of medications should you run into a little difficulty. A small flashlight in your travel bag can come in handy in unusual circumstances. Take a bottle of water on the plane. It will help with jet lag, and drink water all during the conference instead of coffee and sodas. This will keep your energy level up. Your mind gets stimulated at a conference, so pack a journal to write your thoughts. Throw in a few energy bars for emergency, as well as two pair of comfortable shoes. Alternate wearing the shoes from one day to the next and your feet will say, “Thank you.” Did I say travel light?

Step #3 Travel Day
Arrive at the conference a day early, if possible, to recover from jet lag and to get an early morning start on the conference the next day. Upon arrival, settle into your room as soon as possible. Get the unpleasant task of unpacking over quickly. Strike out on a mission to acquaint yourself with your surroundings. Pick up your registration packet and identify the rooms where meetings will be held. Also, find nearby restaurants, pharmacy, shopping, sightseeing points and other places of interest for your off-time. I have heard so many conference attendees say on the last day, “Oh, I didn’t know that place was so nearby.”

Step #4 First Day of Conference
Make a beeline to the freebee table to collect everything you even think may be of interest. Before leaving the conference, you can read through everything you collected, sort and toss without having to take everything home. Take some Post-it Notes to attach to key information and a yellow highlighter to capture key thoughts. Check out the book table early on for books you know you want to take home and pick them up right away so you have a good selection. Make careful notes of tapes/CDs you want to purchase. These materials will give you take-home value that will last for a long time. Be prepared to allocate some of your spending money for them. It may be easier to have these materials mailed to you instead of carrying them home in an extra suitcase since the airlines now limit carry-on and bags you check, plus it will save you the wear and tear of lugging extra luggage.

Step #5 How to Take Notes
Write your notes on the right side of a spiral binder and reserve the left side for your To Do List. Jot things on your To Do List as your mind is stimulated by notetaking. At the end of each day or near the end of the last day of conference, accumulate your To Do Lists into one compact list, assigning an A list for most urgent short-term projects, B list for important short-term projects, C list for research and D list for long-term projects. By the time you get home, you have a complete plan of action that requires little brain power to activate. 

Step #6 Take a Break
The biggest problem you may face at a conference is trying to attend every session from early morning to late at night. It is impossible to pack it all in. Don’t hesitate to take breaks. If you can, stay at the hotel that sponsors the conference. When you hit a lull in your energy level, excuse yourself for an hour. This amazing time of refreshing will refuel you for several hours beyond your normal limit. Take walks outside, if possible. Go to the hotel health club daily. Anything to keep your body revived. Have some quiet time alone for reflecting each day.

The Conference is Over
What a satisfying feeling to end the conference knowing that you have increased your skills and source of knowledge. You can now return home refreshed mentally, physically and spiritually. And, you have a plan of action that can immediately propel you forward.


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