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Volume 44,  Issue 3                                        April 2005

     From the Editor
         The Issue at Hand

Light at the End of the Tunnel

By the time you receive this issue of SHELTER, my family life will have resumed some sort of normalcy. Most of you have kept up with the fact that my husband Jeff was deployed with the Arkansas National Guard in October 2003. It’s hard to believe that he’s been gone nearly 18 months. 

When Jeff left, our twin boys, Clay and Owen, were six months old, and when he returns they will be celebrating their second birthday in a few days. Boy, is Jeff in for a shocker! Before he left, Clay and Owen had begun sitting on their own. When he returns, they will be running, jumping off objects and getting into everything that Mom and Dad say not to.

The other day I walked into my bathroom to discover that they had gotten into a tube of my lipstick. I know many of you are chuckling because similar events have happened in your household.

I wouldn’t have been able to make it through this 1 ˝ years without the support of many of you, my family and especially my very understanding boss and co-workers at Key Communications Inc. 

Support is very important in today’s business and work environments. That’s why this issue of SHELTER is so important. This issue features the second annual Association of Millwork Distributors’ (AMD) Special Section on page 13. Those of you who are distributor members (AMD) make sure you check out what new products your manufacturer members are offering.

Also in this issue, assistant editor Brigid O’Leary profiled 84 Lumber in Pineville, N.C. See on page 10 what makes this building materials retailer different from its competition.

In addition, assistant editor Megan Headley secret shopped a lumberyard in Galveston, Texas. Find out what this lumberyard could do to improve their secret shopper grade of a B-/C+.

Again, thanks for the support.

Samantha Carpenter, editor

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