Building a Future for Distributors and Dealers of Building Products

Volume 44,  Issue 5                                        June 2005

     From the Editor
         The Issue at Hand

Employees Equal Success

In my many interviews for articles about manufacturers, distributors and dealers over the years, most officials thank their companies’ successes to their employees.

Now the pessimist in me can’t help but think there had to be some bad apples in those companies, but obviously the good ones far outweighed the bad ones. 

You may be wondering what those companies do to retain good employees. From the work environment in which we live today—where most people in the Generation X age group change jobs at least seven times in their careers—we all could learn what to do to retain good employees.

Author Marsha Lindquist addresses this issue on page 22. She talks about some ways to keep good employees. 

SHELTER also contacted some manufacturers and distributors in the industry and got their feedback on what their definition of a good employee is as well as how they retain them.

Also in this issue of SHELTER, you can find the latest trends in door and window products on page 26.

This issue also contains our HARDscapes section, which features decking, fencing, railing and other outdoor products.

I recently had the privilege of visiting U.S. Lumber in Atlanta, which carries Trex decking. Find out why this distributor decided to carry composite decking and why it says this is a great product for other distributors to supply to their customers (see page 42).

In addition, learn why sunrooms are one of the biggest rages this season (see page 38), and why one of our assistant editors will never look at big-box stores the same way (see page 44).

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P.S. I’m looking for some more people to interview for the Avocations column.  So let me know if you know someone in the industry who has an interesting hobby.

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