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January/February 2005                                Volume 44,  Issue 1

     Product Focus

WeatherTrek Promotes Water Drainage 
Tyco Plastics & Adhesives, a part of Tyco International, based in Princeton, N.J., is offering WeatherTrek™ to residential builders looking to control moisture in exterior wall constructions. 

The housewrap features Valéron® engineered vented drain (EVD) technology, which promotes water drainage. WeatherTrek’s three-dimensional engineered surface was designed to direct any moisture that gets past the exterior siding down and away from the wall. Fastened directly to the sheathing, the housewrap enables moisture to drain rather than pond along siding edges. 

A crush-resistant surface pattern provides a dual airspace between the siding and exterior wall sheathing, reducing inward solar vapor drive—liquid that has collected on the house surface and turned into gas form through evaporation and is driven through the wall cavity by the sun. 

Jamsill Guard Offers Protection Against Water Damage
Jamsill Inc.™, of Talent, Ore., is offering its Jamsill Guard door/window sill pan flashing for protection against water damage. The flashing features seamless injection molded corners that completely wrap the subfloor and plate. Its interior edge creates a continuous seal along the sill edge. 

According to a company news release, the product should be installed in the rough opening before a door or window is installed, especially in extremely exposed areas. It is designed to fit most wood or aluminum sill widths and can be used with either 2-by-4 or 2-by-6 wall construction and is not visible after installation. Jamsill Guard is available in six series. 

EverGuard Introduces Frame Components
Evermark LLC has introduced EverGuard frame components. The maintenance-free components are designed to provide stability for exterior door units. Offered in common widths and lengths, EverGuard jambs and mulls are available with straight end-cuts or fabricated to custom specifications. EverGuard jambs can also be milled, drilled, cut and nailed like standard wood jambs.

Bonded with a high-quality, exterior grade adhesive, the PVC cap becomes an integral part of each jamb or mull post. Dent-resistant, scratch-resistant and impervious to rot, the 1/8-inch PVC cap is glued directly to the wood to provide jambs and mulls with stability and protection. The PVC is colored 100 percent throughout, making it much harder to see scratches that don’t require touch-up.



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