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Volume 44,  Issue 6                                        July/August  2005

     Product Focus

WISE Upgrades 8800 Series
Officials at Wise Corp. of Largo, Fla., have announced major upgrades to its popular door machining center, first developed in 1998.

The 8800 E-Series features touch-screen technology and illustrates automatic change from 6-foot 8-inch to 7- and 8-foot pre-hung machining. Door hand, size, hinge size and lock backset are all indicated on the user-friendly monitor, according to a company release. 

Various machining options, such as dead-bolt bore for doors and strike jamb are also indicated. Door counters for daily and total cycles and an integrated timer, keep management informed of machine usage and plant productivity. The up-clamp feature assures proper spacing between door and jamb regardless of undersized or oversized door slabs.

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Commander-di Uses Touch Screen
The Commander-di, Petaluma, Calif-based KVAL’s newest door processor, uses a computerized touch screen panel to machine doors with jambs, or doors only, for hinges and cylinder locks. 

The Commander-di utilizes full digital integration to adjust lock and hinge locations and sizes. In operation, settings for each door are scanned with an available bar-code reader or selected with a simple mouse click. New patterns can be programmed in moments by persons with no previous programming experience. In addition, there is no limit to the number of lock and hinge templates the computer can store and instantly recall.

After touching the appropriate file name, a graphic image of the selected door appears. The operator touches various parts of the screen to change the hand, change the number of hinges and locks, or update a list of parameters. There is no limit to the number of patterns that can be stored for future use, according to a company release.

The Commander-di accommodates flush or raised molding doors and also machines jambs that vary in thickness. 

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Machine Completely Preps Door, Hinge and Strike Jambs
Alda, Neb.-based Merrick Machine Co. (Triad/Ruvo) offers the Ruvo 928-8 horizontal pre-hung door machine. It is capable of machining doors from 6-foot 8-inch to 8-foot high, 1-foot 4-inch to 4-foot wide and 1 ¾-inch or 1 3/8-inch thick. The 928-8 machines the door for two, three or four hinges, bores the lockset, strike and latch and routes the face plates, while at the same time the 928-8 automatically machines the hinge jamb and strike jamb. This value-plus feature eliminates the need for a separate jamb machine and the labor required to run this second machine, according to company information.

The 928-8 machine can then be customized to meet the needs of each customer. Optional 1550 automatic hinge applicators or pneumatic screw feed guns, pre-drilling, 0- to 5-degree beveling, touch screens, bilingual touch screens, stand alone vacuum systems or ready for your central vacuum system are available.

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Full House Offers Machine with Flush-Hinge Technology
Full House Co. of Melbourne, Fla., is offering the Marquise Diamond machine. It is 8-foot capable, handles doors from 1- to 4-feet in width and accommodates raised-molded doors with instant changeover of hinge sizes, according to the company.

Other options available include the ability to change it immediately from standard to commercial face plate, hinge applicators, pre drill, ball-catch drill and deep-pocket mortise.

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Vega Unveils New Door Jamb Router
Vega Automation of Ontario, Canada, presents a new universal door jamb router.
This machine was designed for small-to-medium-size companies and is capable of mortising three, four or five hinges with a ¼- or 5/8-inch radius, virtually any width and depth, as well as strike plate and latch hole for lock and dead bolt, adjustable strike plate pocket or a multi-point locking systems’ hardware pockets. 

The machine comes equipped with NC drive system and a human machine interface. It comes pre-programmed with the most common hinge and strike dimensions. If the hinge or strike specifications are different, the operator simply enters the new dimensions onto the touch screen, loads the jamb and walks away. Cycle time is between 30 and 60 seconds.

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Norfield Introduces New Horizontal Machining Center
Norfield Industries of Chico, Calif., introduces the technologically-advanced Eagle, its newest horizontal machining center. The Eagle is designed for door shops requiring both the speed and the flexibility to handle a variety of door types and materials.

The Eagle uses a unique door-edge referencing sequence, so that hinges are consistently mortised at desired depths and locations. According to company officials this eliminates set-up and calibration time when changing door height and thickness. Change-over from 6-foot 8-inch to 8-foot door heights are made with a one-touch A-B hinge pattern change. The operator touch screen (7-inch standard, 10-inch optional) includes useful system alerts, on-screen diagnostics and integrated system controls.

Additional options include a hinge application system, hinge pre-drilling, auto-width indexing and ball-catch drilling. The Eagle can be combined with Norfield’s 530 loader, the 560 sizer/beveler and the 540 assembly center for a complete production line.

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Dust Collector Can Be Installed Indoors or Outdoors
Dustvent of Addison, Ill., offers the Q-series cyclones, which generate from 1000-4000 CFM under load, driven by 1.5-10 HP motor and provide 99.9 percent dust collection efficiency, according to a company release. 

The cyclones are manufactured in three sizes and are combined with the integral blowers to create eight new models. These “controlled tornado” collectors are used for large amounts of coarse dust (as in wood shops), where fires are expected (as in abrasive cut-off saws), or to separate fine from coarse dusts (as many chemical processes require).

Four styles of after-filters are available. The cyclones can be paired with drum, cabinet or hopper dust catches. Optional features include noise absorbers, spark traps, sprinkler connections, explosion modifications, abrasive lining, casters, filter shakers and shaker timers. The cyclones can be installed either indoors or outdoors.

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Young Manufacturing’s Clad Plus II
Young Manufacturing of Beaver Dam, Ky., is offering its patent-pending Clad-Plus II vinyl door frame. 

The low-maintenance, polymer-treated hardwood frame is encased in high-impact vinyl.

A patented zipper attachment hides exposed fasteners and creates a waterproof shield. Available in glacial white and sandstone, the vinyl window never needs painting. 

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Pre-Drill Option Available on Popular Automated Pre-Hung Door Line
Builders Automation Machinery Co. of Largo, Fla., has made its automated pre-hung door equipment even better with the addition of pre-drill units, according to company officials. On both the 995E and 996E machines outfitted with 1550 hinge applicators, customers can select to have the pre-drill units added as options. They can also be field-installed onto existing machines.

“As raw materials and door construction change, adaptability is important. Some of our customers have noticed inconsistencies—particularly puckering in MDF doors—that make pre-drilling a desirable step in the manufacturing process,” according to Wolfgang Schusser, company president. 

The pre-drill units are mounted to the router bases and simultaneously drill pilot holes for screw application prior to hinge application. They pivot to remain out of the way while routing, position automatically for drilling, and then retract again. 

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GlassCraft Offers More Flexible Moulding
GlassCraft Door Co. (GDC) of Houston has expanded its flexible moulded product line to include more than 450 standard crown, base, casing, chair rail, S4S and complimenting moulding profiles. GDC Flexible Mouldings utilize pure polyurethane resins and additives that greatly reduce the potential of cracking and splitting while maintaining a high degree of flexibility, stain-ability, paint-ability and performance. 

GDC Flex products offer a low-cost alternative to traditional wood radius and curved mouldings and can be cut, sanded and applied using typical woodworking methods. According to Sam Coultus, product development manager for GlassCraft, “Our flex products offer superior stain-ability to capture the natural look of wood and are not affected by salt, moisture, heat or extreme cold and will not warp or rot … making these products an excellent selection for a wide variety of applications, including both straight and curved shapes suitable for interior and exterior applications.”

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