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March  2005                                Volume 44,  Issue 2

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Go Team Go!
Group Cohesion Leads to Success
by Terry Bumgarner

Teamwork is paramount to our industry and plays a vital role in our continued growth and success. 

Our Association of Millwork Distributors’ (AMD) team is much the same. Rosalie Leone, executive director of AMD, has built a team of competent, motivated people—which I call Team AMD—who have led us beyond anything we thought possible a few years ago. Our committees, along with the board of directors, continue to strive in making the association greater as we work toward a common shared goal. Team AMD incorporated new ideas this year by adding a column called “Code Corner.” 

Sarah Rice, C.B.O. with Schirmer Engineering Corp., will be providing AMD members with the latest information on developments in building codes in the United States. This has been a wonderful addition to our Team AMD Newsletter that allows us to stay current within our industry. 

As current president of AMD and owner of King Sash & Door, I believe teamwork is important to any business. I have been watching NFL playoffs and college football games and cannot get the coaches and players out of my mind. In football, each player has a task that is unique, yet complements the framework of the team. The players are divided into units—defense, offense and special teams. In each group there must be cooperation and a common strategic goal. This type of cooperation makes for a winning team. 

Our goal as managers is to form our companies into single operating units. As managers, we are coaches. We take individuals of varied backgrounds and weave them into a group with a common goal. In a perfect situation the salesperson gets correct orders, a team member proofs orders and gets them into production, production personnel correctly produce the product, loaders get the order to the proper routing and deliverymen get the orders to a satisfied customer. This is teamwork at its best. 

Unfortunately, if a person on the team falls short, then another person has to have the ability to correct the situation or the system is broken and the program fails. However, it is our job as managers to insure our team is trained properly. This can be achieved in many ways. 
Incentives motivate most people, but this alone does not make a lasting team. Building a winning team includes job security and job satisfaction along with incentives. By treating employees with respect, a mutual sense of loyalty develops. 

I have a wonderful team at King Sash & Door. In 2003, we realized that we needed to expand our facilities in order to better serve our customers. In December of 2004, we completed the relocation of our plant from Winston Salem, N.C., to Mocksville, N.C, a move of just eighteen miles but a major undertaking. Having a team that worked 24/7 for a month, before and after the move, allowed us to continue our day-to-day operations with only a few minor issues. Incentives alone would not have produced the kind of dedication it took to make our move possible. Our team loyalty was the cohesive element that allowed our move to go smoothly. 

Every day I get up thinking how nice it is to be able to work in the millwork industry. The AMD staff and King Sash & Door staff make my job much easier. This industry affords us the opportunity to associate with some of the greatest people in the world. Our continued success depends upon our business teamwork and loyalty to the millwork industry. 

Terry Bumgarner is president of AMD and owner of King Sash & Door of Mocksville, NC

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