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March  2005                                Volume 44,  Issue 2

       Ultimate Hobbies

Executive Believes in Sharing Talent
by Samantha Carpenter

You may think of Tom Petty when you hear the word—Freefall—but it’s also the name of the band with which Royal Mouldings’ Art Ramey, executive vice president of sales and marketing, plays.

Ramey has been playing in a band for 25 years, and this particular band—Freefall—has been together ten years. 

Art Ramey has played in a rock band for 25 years

“The name was influenced by the mountain area [in which we are located] and watching eagles and other birds riding the draft wind down the mountains,” Ramey said. “That’s the same natural lift you get playing music.”

Ramey plays electric guitar and electric bass, and he also sings about 30 percent of the songs.

Ramey says that he has owned 80 to 100 guitars in his life, but he admits that his wife thinks he has only owned two.

“I usually play a Fender Custom Telecaster, Rickenbacker, Gibson Les Paul Studio, Schecter Bass and Hartke Bass. The others are hidden,” he said. 
Freefall, which plays an eclectic assortment of music from the 60s to Mo

own to Lynyrd Skynyrd, performs three to four times a month, and practices twice per month (and every time Ramey’s wife goes bowling). 

“Actually, my wife is a great fan and supporter,” Ramey said.

Looking back on the coolest event at which his band has played, Ramey says it has to be opening for Gary Puckett and The Union Gap.

“He treated us very well, and was a great entertainer,” Ramey says. “Weddings are also a lot of fun. We enjoy seeing the bride, groom and families party when all the stress of the wedding is over.”

Ramey says his hobby has taught him to be more creative, to not be afraid to try new ideas and to realize that not everything one does will be accepted by everyone. He says it has also made him realize that life needs balance and that everyone should work hard, but find something for good, clean fun. 

“Everyone has a talent, so share yours with people and be a mentor to someone—that’s life’s purpose.” 

Freefall has been playing together for 10 years. Members of the band are (from left to right): Bill Hatcher, sax; Art Ramey, guitar; Todd Reynolds, drums; Tina Dixon, percussion and vocals; Charles Boling, bass; and Ed Dixon, guitar. Not pictured is Joel Hart, keyboards.

Samantha Carpenter is the editor of SHELTER magazine.

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