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March  2005                                Volume 44,  Issue 2

Your Guide to the Latest in New Products

As much as with any fashion, new materials, new designs and even new building products are big news, and in this issue of SHELTER those developments in products are taking center stage. Our First Annual New Products Guide will spotlight just a few of the recent changes and additions in machinery, windows, doors and hardware. And if these next seven pages leave you still looking for more, visit for additional options.

Endura Products to Distribute SureSill™ Sloped Sillpan
Two new products designed have been introduced to eliminate the issue of leaks from improperly installed door or window units are being manufactured by SureSill Ltd. of Austin, Texas, and distributed by Endura Products Inc. of Greensboro, N.C. SureSill provides a horizontal surface for installation of windows/doors, while HeadFlash™ is intended to prevent water intrusion at the top and between the head of the window/door unit and the building. 

SureSill offers a patent pending sloped design, combined with integral drain channels to ensure that any moisture in the pan is directed to the exterior of the house. The pan, available in 4 9/16- and 6 9/16-inch widths, features a 3-part design comprised of a channel plate (pan) and end caps. The plate is joined with a pair of lock-in corners through a keyed profile and secured with an approved bonding sealant, creating a sloped and drainable, waterproof sill pan. 

Both products are cut onsite to fit the exact measurements of any window, door or rough opening, and are both cost effective and user friendly. 
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EverGuard Offers Maintenance-Free Frame Components 
Maintenance-free EverGuard frame components, designed to provide stability for exterior door units, are now available from Evermark LLC. The 1/8-inch PVC cap, glued directly to the wood, provides jambs and mulls with stability and protection. The components are also resistant to dents, scratches and rot, according to the company. 

Bonded with a high-quality, exterior-grade adhesive, the PVC cap becomes an integral part of each jamb or mull post. The jambs and mulls are available in common widths and lengths, with straight end-cuts or fabricated to custom specifications. In addition, they can be milled, drilled, cut and nailed like standard wood jambs.
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Dunbarton Offers Pre-Hung Steel Door System
Dunbarton Corp. of Dothan, Ala., has announced a pre-tested opening system designed for use in drywall construction. Called Redifit, this system tilts into an opening and attaches in just a few steps. The door and frame are pre-squared, and the leg of the frame covers less-than-square openings. The frame is 18-gauge electrogalvanized steel with an 18- or 22-gauge closure, and is provided to fit wall sizes from 4 inches to 10 1/2 inches in 1-inch adjustable increments. 

According to company information, this energy-efficient, steel-edge door system has a 90-minute positive rating. Positive pressure is approved with supplemental sealing package. Standard widths are 2-foot 6-inch, 2-foot 8-inch, 2-foot 10-inch and 3-foot, with a 6-foot 8-inch or 7-foot height. The system can be pre-finished to eliminate field painting. Door styles include 6-panel, lush, 9-lite, 15-lite and full view. 
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FrameSaver® Introduces Rot-Resistant, Wood Frames for Garage Doors
FrameSaver, based in Nacogdoches, Texas, has announced the expansion of its FrameSaver product line. Known for its rot- and moisture-resistant wood door frames, the company is now offering the same FrameSaver technology and money-back guarantee for wood garage door frames. 

Utilizing patented, rot-resistant ends, the frames are designed to eliminate wicking or moisture intrusion. Featured in primer colors of white, grey or tan, the new FrameSaver garage door frames are available in lengths of 8 and 10 feet, with dimensions of 2 by 6 inches, 2 by 8 inches and 2 by 10 inches.
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Young Mfg. Sills and Frames Prevent Leaks, Rot
Young Manufacturing Co. Inc. of Beaver Dam, Ky., has introduced its Clad-Plus II door frame. According to company information, Clad-Plus II offers the beauty of a traditional door frame and brick mould unit, but is rot-free and never needs painting. Young’s maintenance-free, polymer-treated hardwood frame is encased in high-impact vinyl. A zipper attachment hides exposed fasteners, creating a completely waterproof shield. To prevent wicking, insulators are used on the ends of all vertical components.

The frame is available in outswing or inswing, in single, double, patio or sidelite units.
In addition, the company is offering its high-performance clad sill. The flashing and weatherstrip prevent leaks. The all-wood, furniture-grade oak interior features an all clad exterior that is virtually maintenance free, while the solid one-piece hardwood base is fully treated to prevent rot. Young’s full-length construction cap cover comes standard. The sill is available in adjustable and fixed sill, patio and sidelite. Mill, brass and bronze finishes are available.
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Contact Offers Its Family of Frames
Contact Lumber Co. of Clackamas, Ore., offers its Family of Frames, a series of door frames that the company says are designed to fit just about any door style and budget. 
Made of 100-percent rigid thermofoil (RTF), an exterior grade PVC that can be permanently adhered over almost any substrate, Everon® Clad, one option from the series, is a finished component that is durable, maintenance-free and easy to clean. Everon Clad does not require painting, but with proper preparation, it can be painted to match any trim color. It may be used for interior as well as exterior applications. 

Impact® pre-finished exterior wood door frames and mouldings are made of a finger-jointed softwood or composite substrate that is wrapped with impregnated cellulose prior to painting. Available in almost any color, these pre-finished frame and brick moulds come complete with a 10-year warranty against compromised painted finish/film integrity and wrap delamination. Impact has been designed for easy machining, using the same equipment as is used for primed wood. In addition, customers can pick their favorite manufacturer’s door system and Contact Lumber will machine Impact to the required frame specifications. 

All Family of Frames products are available with a 20-minute fire rating to meet local code requirements and all come with a limited 10-year warranty. 
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Fen-Tech Introduces New Styles and Shapes 
Fen-Tech, of Superior, Wis., has introduced its Freedom Frame line of high-performance, low-maintenance door-frame products. The product line features New England-style wide exterior trim, a concealed jamb jacks adjustable system for plumb installation and a coordinated transom program.

The door frame products are manufactured from an engineered blend of composite wood and plastic and feature a durable ASA acrylic polymer cap. The moisture-proof products feature a color-stable and consistent exterior finish that does not need painting and can be finished in any color. The products are now available in conventional brick-mould design for 2-by-4 construction and narrow-line design for 2-by-6 construction. 

Fen-Tech has extended its line of specialty-shape vinyl windows. The line features 22 variations on designs. In addition to the new specialty shape vinyl windows, the company can provide manufacturers with insulating glass and custom grid patterns, as well as curved wood or Super Jamb interior trims. 
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Truth Hardware Unveils Two New Systems
Truth Hardware, of Owatonna, Minn., has unveiled two new door hardware systems, Encore™ and Fusion™. 

The new Encore system operator was designed to incorporate the same strength and performance characteristics of the company’s original Maxim® operator. It features a smaller, sealable housing/gasket, a removable cover and a full flip folding handle. The new Tango™ series handle and cover sets are the first of many set designs that will work exclusively with the Encore system. 

For the single- and double-hung window market, the Fusion lock & latch system allows the homeowner to operate their lock and tilt latch from one central point. According to a company news release, the system is easy to use and aesthetically appealing, since the tilt latches can now be enclosed within the sash. Adjustable to any sized window, the new system is available with trigger-actuated retractable latches, low-profile, snap-on housing and a pick-resistant base plate for increased security. 
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Ultrafab Offers Gold Series Weatherseals 
Ultrafab Inc. of Farmington, N.Y., is now offering the Gold Series line of pile weatherseals. The high performance weatherseals offer UV- resistance for even the most severe applications. The pile is also designed to resist the growth of mold and mildew on the seal itself. The seal is available in a variety of colors, and every foot of the product is marked on the backing to ensure the user they are installing Gold Series pile.

In addition, the company is offering an extensive line of angle pile for use in all types of roll-screen and bug-seal applications. A variety of angles, sealing fibers and densities are available. 
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Columbia Aluminum Products Takes Notice of Coding
Columbia Aluminum Products LLC, a manufacturer of sills, weather striping, astragals, and flooring metals based in Commerce, Calif., has taken notice of the stringent codes being proposed under such bills as Dade County, Fla. 

As a result it is introducing a new astragal. The 350 astragal comes complete with a three-point sealing system at the boot to prevent intrusion of all types. A stainless steel, screwed-in base plate eliminates boot loss and trim clips at the top of the astragal to prevent water from protruding down. It also features an aesthetic colonial face. 
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MFM Building Products Offers Flexible Flashing 
MFM Building Products Corp., of Coshocton, Ohio, is offering WindowWrap™-Flex for maximum flexibility in a flashing system. The durable, self-adhered membrane consists of rubberized asphalt laminated to a polyethylene crepe film. 

According to a company news release, the flashing stretches around sills, round and arched windows, doorways and other curved or irregular openings. Properly applied to OSB or wood sheathing under exterior surfaces of brick, stucco, vinyl or metal siding, it self-seals around nails, screws and stables. 
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Crown Corner Blocks Designed for Ease and Elegance
Crown corner blocks from Olde Lexington Products of Lexington, N.C., were designed to add both ease and elegance to a crown moulding project. Available in plain and dentil styles, and manufactured of solid wood, these blocks may be stained or painted to complement any given décor. 

The body of the block uses a full ¾-inch stock and Vee nail construction to produce a substantial block. With four standard sizes, each offering an inside corner, outside corner and mid-block, the no-miter installation is intended to make simple work of any crown moulding project. 
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Wise Corp. Designs 1525A Hinge Jamb Machine
Wise Corp., of Largo, Fla., has introduced its model 1525A automatic hinge jamb machine. According to a company news release, the machine was designed to process a variety of materials quickly and accurately. These include splits, flats, rabbetted jambs or mull posts. 

Touch screen controls and a quick-change bar template make the model 1525A suitable for matching the hinge patterns for a lot of door manufacturers. The machine features incremental depth and backset adjustment and indexes from the jamb stop to assure the quality of the finished unit.
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Builders Automation Machinery Unveils New Generation Stair Router Machine 
Builders Automation Machinery Co., of Largo, Fla., has unveiled a new stair router machine with an updated design and high-tech components.

The CNC/MFSR stair router is programmable, working directly from CAD drawings, which the engineer can download to the processor. Processes can also be controlled through parameters the operator manually enters into a menu-driven touch screen. After calculating the fractional dimensions that define the stair configuration, input is quick and easy, according to a company news release. 

The company has engineered the stair router with four axes that will cut two stringers simultaneously at an industry-leading cycle time. The servo-driven machine is also capable of making the top and bottom landing cuts without removing or repositioning the stringers. 
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CMI Unveils CraftMaster® Cellini™ Door Series 
The new CraftMaster Cellini series from Chicago-based CMI combines a special raised panel molding affixed to a smooth surfaced, molded door. 

Named after Italian sculptor Benvenuto Cellini, who was known for the intricacy and detail of his works, the Cellini Series showcases detailed craftsmanship with raised molding accents and defined panels. 

The series currently is available in both the two-panel, square-top Carrara® design and the two-panel, true arch top Caiman® design. Both profiles in the series have a smooth finish and are made from molded, high-density fiberboard to resist shrinking, cracking and joint separation. 

They are of-fered in 6-foot 8-inch and 7-foot heights, as well as a variety of widths. 
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MI Adds Impact-Resistance to Insight Windows
MI Windows & Doors of Gratz, Pa., has announced the addition of impact-resistant windows to its Insight cellular composite window line. According to company information, the Insight impact products offer high-energy perfor-mance as well as impact-resistance. The Florida-approved impact products are currently available in double-hung, picture and related specialties. 
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Residential Window Now Meets Commercial Classification 
Crystal Window & Door Systems of Flushing, N.Y., has introduced its series 5500 double-hung aluminum window. The 3 ¼-inch jamb depth window has achieved, through independent national laboratory testing, a heavy commercial classification, although it is also suitable for residential building types. 

The double-hung window features strong, durable aluminum frame and sash construction. Dual pane insulating glass with a PPG Intercept® spacer and double meeting rail interlock were designed for energy efficiency. 

Continuous top and bottom anti-drift clip locks and recessed metal tile latches blend aesthetics with safety and security. Sashes tilt in for easy cleaning, while a sloped exterior sill promotes runoff and alleviates water, ice and snow accumulation. 
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Buffelen Woodworking Introduces Its Latest Entry Door
Buffelen Woodworking of Tacoma, Wash., has introduced a new line of entry doors that combine an 1 3/8-inch groove-raised beaded panel with the company’s traditional Craftsman look. 

The beading is 2 1/4-inch on center and is available in 2-foot 6-inch, 2-foot 8-inch and 3-foot door widths, as well as 1-foot and 1-foot 2-inch sidelite widths. To complement this line, the company is able to manipulate this beaded panel to accommodate other sizes as well. The entry doors are available in most wood species.
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RiteScreen Creates New Screen From Two Systems
Rite Screen, based in Elizabethville, Pa., has announced the introduction of its Moose Advan-Edge patio door screen. The company has combined the strength and styling of the 3-inch Moose extruded aluminum profile with the performance of the Advan-Edge roller system to create an upgrade screen option for a patio door program. 

According to a company news release, adding the inset mortised handle with lock creates a screen that is unlike any other. 
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MAi Offers New Price Guide
MAi Wood Doors of Wylie, Texas, has introduced a new list price guide on Biltmore Estate For Your Home door designs. Ten new designs are illustrated in the price guide. The doors are available in two hardwoods—American white oak and Malaga cherry, which has the natural red tint and grain pattern of cherry. Clear-beveled and decorative art glass are featured in some models. 

Included in this collection are doors with panels that feature a linen fold design, a full radius top door embellished with decorative ornaments and a reversing rope design used around the perimeter of the top and bottom door panels.
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GlassCraft Introduces Two New Door Series
GlassCraft Door Co. of Houston, Texas, has added two new door series to its extensive offerings: the Buffalo Forge decorative steel doors series and the Dynasty antique wood, wrought iron and decorative glass door series.

The Buffalo Forge series features 14-gauge steel configured into a variety of standard and custom designs. These hand-crafted, pre-hung and pre-finished doors are available in single- and double-door configurations, with square, arch and radius head designs. 

The roll-formed frames are constructed in standard jamb widths with pre-drilled, recessed, self-guiding anchor holes featuring Q-lon weatherstripping and Endura sills. The fully weather-stripped in-swing glass panels are available in a variety of standard decorative insulating glass options and can be operated independently of the door for ventilation and cleaning. 

The pre-hung and pre-finished Dynasty Door systems are hand-crafted and utilize knotty alder and reclaimed antique douglas fir. The doors feature a hand-applied finish and distressing process that is combined with additional architectural enhancements such as clavos, strap hinges, wrought iron grilles and a variety of decorative insulating glass options. The doors measure 8 feet tall by 3 feet wide with a nominal 2-inch thickness. They are constructed with mortise and tenon joints hung in matching 4 5/8-inch jambs with ball bearing hinges. 
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Republic Names Exclusive Area Dealers for Enhancement Window Systems 
Republic Windows & Doors, based in Chicago, is offering its Enhancement window system. Enhancement achieved an AAMA DP rating of R65—the highest rating of any vinyl window in the market, according to company information. 

The window system is available in cherry, light oak and dark oak interior finishes, while hardware designed by Republic is available in five finishes. 

Decorative grid and V-groove patterns are also featured. Glass packs with R-values up to 9.26 or the company’s T.U.F.® tempered glass and the Stealth Lock® are included. Republic’s Stay Clean Glass® complements Enhancement’s no-maintenance vinyl package with the promise of less frequent cleaning.

In addition, the company has announced that its slider windows now come with anti-lift blocks, a fix for out-of-square window openings and an added security feature. 

The window’s anti-lift blocks allow the sash to lift out for cleaning from the inside, while preventing the sash from being lifted out from the outside. A proprietary design for the blocks allows for adjustment to three heights, rather than having to stock various sizes of blocks. The anti-lift blocks can be adjusted for height by turning, and then are snapped into place.
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MGM Industries Adds New Color Selection to Vinyl Window Series
MGM Industries of Hendersonville, Tenn., has added a third color selection to its signature 8006 window series. The new color, Earthtone, gives distributors another option to the white and tan colors available from MGM and other vinyl window manufacturers.

The 8006 is a double-hung, new construction vinyl window which features an extruded aluminum bottom nail fin to prevent damage during shipping and provide strength. With a factory mulled 180 brick mould and a full width jamb, the 8006 has the traditional, integrated look of a wood window without the maintenance. It is available with or without simulated divided lites and GBG shadow bars. 
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