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Volume 44,  Issue 4                                        May 2005


Coming Soon to a Theater Near You
Movie Buff Guy Boulanger is Quite the Film Connoisseur
by Megan Headley

Members of the millwork industry are very familiar with finger-jointing machines like the one used by Roland Boulanger & Co. Ltd., a manufacturer of mouldings and wood components, based in Warwick, Quebec. The machine joins different blocks of wood, obtaining a surface as uniform as a solid piece of wood that is then cut to the sizes and thicknesses required to produce mouldings. 

It’s a completely familiar process to members of the millwork industry, but when a similar process is used in the movie industry, company president Guy Boulanger is baffled. 

“What I don’t like about film: I don’t like the way they produce it,” he said of an industry he otherwise thoroughly enjoys. The reason for his amazement is how the filmmaking is accomplished. Some scenes may be shot in the studio, while others are shot on location, before it’s all pieced together to create a movie. 

“I’m very impressed by the end result though,” Boulanger said. 

Boulanger says that he loves the movies because they offer him a chance to relax and “get out of the day-to-day.” Also an avid reader, he enjoys being able to take in a multitude of stories in a short time through a trip to the theater. 

He doesn’t have any favorite films, however. And once the film is over, that’s it, he’s through. 

“I never watch them over and over,” Boulanger said.
With so many different movies out there, it’s impossible to blame him. 

As to the type of films he likes, his criteria are easy to meet. “I don’t like fantasy,” Boulanger said.

Other than that, he considers himself very open to different film styles and genres: drama or comedy, Canadian, American or French. The last movie he saw was Hitch, starring Will Smith. He also recently saw the Academy Awards’ winner, Million Dollar Baby.

“It’s not exactly what you think it’s about,” he commented, without spoiling the ending. 

Throwing out these American titles, the French Canadian acknowledged that he does like to go to the movies whenever possible while he’s on travel in the States. 
Boulanger also noted some other ties between work and his hobby; specifically, similarities between the two seemingly different millwork and film industries. 

“[In both] you can be a star very fast and you can fall very fast—and you are the same individual,” he chuckled.

Boulanger also explained how in the entertainment industry—notably, with sports—it seems like “after a day, you’re old.” Although it may appear that way in the film industry, Boulanger argues that “if you’re good, you can hang in there”—just like in the millwork industry. He cited Clint Eastwood, a star in and director of Million Dollar Baby, as one example of that cross-generational success. 

Although he may just watch films as a diversion, Boulanger added that there are things to be learned from the movies. “You learn a lot about people’s minds,” he pointed out. “You have to live with all kinds.” 

You have to work with all kinds, too, and so Boulanger offered a bit of advice to the people he works with in the millwork industry.

“We are serious, because of the work we have to do—but we shouldn’t take ourselves seriously.”

Instead, sit back, relax and let the movies play. 

Megan Headley is assistant editor of SHELTER.

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