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Volume 44,  Issue 9                                       November/December  2005

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A Service-Oriented Industry Association Members 
Reach Out in Wake of Hurricanes
by Terry Bumgarner

As you already know, due to Hurricane Katrina, the Association of Millwork Distributors cancelled its annual convention this year. The convention has been an event that we always look forward to every year. This is the first year in our history that we did not host this annual event. The 42nd Annual Convention was to take place in New Orleans. 

We at AMD strive to serve our members and our communities with leadership and education within the millwork industry. It will be our job in the coming months and years to help our neighbors in the Southern Gulf States to rebuild their communities. 

Returning to “Old Fashion Values”
In times of tragedy we lean to each other for help and support. September 11, 2001, changed our nation in a radical way. It seems that we had become accustomed to not getting to know our neighbors and fellow business associates as well as we once did. We moved in a very fast-paced lifestyle that focused on ourselves. We were too busy to keep the “old fashion values” that were instilled in most of us as children. 

I grew up working for my father, and although it was not in the millwork industry, it was in my family’s business. The millwork industry is comprised of many companies that have been passed down through the generations. Several decades ago the framework of business depended not on computers and staff changes but on people who knew one another. 

Now with the advanced technology that we have, our business is more concise and accounting can be done with several clicks of the mouse. This convenience has helped us reach goals and move forward in production. 

Stop and Listen
Natural disasters and those of terrorist attacks are requiring us to stop and listen and to lend a hand to people we have never met nor likely will meet. 

Through each of these disasters, I see communities reach out to help those in need. These are the values that our fathers taught us about and practiced. We need to carry this humanity forward and not let these devastating tragedies be the only time we collectively come together. 

AMD Works for Each Member
Having a “plan” seems to be on most people’s minds lately. At AMD we have taken great strides in successfully continuing with our strategic plan. As you move forward with your own strategic plan—a plan that will likely include situations of increased energy cost for production, utilities and delivery—know that we are all in this together. These disasters will stretch all of us with our resources. During this time of adjustment we will need to be mindful of the hardships our neighbors face in the Gulf States.

Clean Up Time
Our industry will play a vital role in the rebuilding of Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida. The clean up has begun and the Gulf Coast is now in the infant stages of what is to be a long process of rebuilding. It will be imperative for us within the millwork industry to help these communities. 

The areas affected by the devastation from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita will look to our industry for our knowledge and will use our products during this process. I know that we at AMD and our members can assist in providing these needs to a region that is now dependent on us in the millwork industry.

Let us remember that our nation is one of strength, courage and determination, as we come together to help rebuild the southern gulf coast into thriving communities. 

Terry Bumgarner is president of AMD and owner of King Sash & Door 
of Mocksville, N.C.

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