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Volume 44,  Issue 9                                       November/December  2005

     The Winners' Circle

First Place Award Winner:
Finyl Vinyl Offers a Selection of Pergolas 

Finyl Vinyl Building Products Inc., a Huntington Beach, Calif.-based manufacturer of vinyl exterior building products, introduced a new line of outdoor pergola kits. 

The pergolas are fabricated from high-quality polyvinyl chloride components and the vinyl structural elements are reinforced with galvanized steel for strength and durability. 

In addition to strength, the high-impact, weather-resistant structures are also durable. The company says they will never rot, rust or corrode, are impervious to insects, and will not chip, peel or splinter. 

With open sides and a variety of beam designs, the pergola kits offer a variety of designs and sizes to complement virtually any backyard setting. Five styles are available, in sizes that range from 8 by 8 feet, to an expansive 24-by-16-foot structure. 

All styles can be mounted either on a slab or in ground, as a freestanding structure or attached to the home. Finyl Vinyl pergola kits are available in either white or tan on several models. 

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Second Place Award Winner:
Deckorators’ Railings Now Feature Glass Balusters
St. Louis-based Deckorators Inc. has introduced beveled-glass balusters for deck railings, the first products in its new Scenic Series. The balusters are made of high quality components including 5/16-inch tempered glass. 

The 4-inch wide balusters have safety edges and are designed with a universal stair angle that allows the products to be installed easily on deck stair rails without the need for customization. 

The products work with any type of wood as well as composite decking materials. 

According to information from the company, the glass balusters include corrosive-resistant fitting that make them suitable for humid and salt air environments. They are available in clear view, as well as dusk and autumn view tints. 

Deckorators will expand the Scenic Series product line in January 2006 when it introduces its new Contour glass balusters—hourglass-shaped glass pickets for decks.

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Third Place Award Winner:
EverGuard Offers Maintenance-Free Frame Components 

Maintenance-free EverGuard frame components, designed to provide stability for exterior door units, are now available from Evermark LLC of Buford, Ga. EverGuard Deluxe—the flagship Ever-Guard component—is constructed with a 2 1/2-inch PVC jamb bottom, along with an integrated full-length PVC cap. 

This combination provides the ultimate in exterior door frame protection, guaranteed to eliminate moisture wickage through the bottom of a jamb. A more economical option available is Everguard with EndSeal in place of the PVC jamb bottom.

Bonded with a high-quality, exterior-grade adhesive, the EverGuard PVC cap becomes an integral part of each jamb, mull post or brickmould. Dent- and scratch-resistant and impervious to rot—the 1/8-inch PVC cap is glued directly to the wood to provide jambs, mull posts and brickmould with long lasting stability and protection. The PVC is colored throughout and provides trouble-free shelter from the elements, according to company officials.

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Fourth Place (A Three-Way Tie):
TimberTech® Introduces Deck Drainage System 
TimberTech of Wilmington, Ohio, offers DrySpace, a deck drainage system that channels water away to keep the area below a second-story deck dry and functional. The three-piece system is easy to install and provides homeowners with additional outdoor living or storage space. 

When properly instal-led, DrySpace diverts water away from a house’s foundation before it falls through the gaps of a deck. The drainage system is made from solid vinyl for maximum strength, durability and weather resistance. 

It installs easily to the underside of any new or existing deck spanning 12-, 16- or 24-inches on center. The product is available in off-white and is backed by a five-year warranty that covers material defects, according to information from the company. 

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MFM Building Products Offers Flexible Flashing 
MFM Building Products Corp., of Coshocton, Ohio, is offering WindowWrap™-Flex for maximum flexibility in a flashing system. The durable, self-adhered membrane consists of rubberized asphalt laminated to a polyethylene crepe film. 

According to a company news release, the flashing stretches around sills, round and arched windows, doorways and other curved or irregular openings. Properly applied to OSB or wood sheathing under exterior surfaces of brick, stucco, vinyl or metal siding, it self-seals around nails and screws. 

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WMMPA Updates Profile Series Pattern Book Collection
Woodland, Calif.-based the Wood Moulding and Millwork Producers Association (WMMPA) has a new version of its profile series pattern book available. The book contains standardized medium-density fiberboard (MDF) patterns, informational background on MDF, installation guidelines and recommendations for MDF mouldings. 
It also shows images and ideas on how to build up MDF mouldings to enhance any installation. It is printed in both English and Spanish.

The book gives illustrations and pattern numbers for all of the most popular softwood moulding patterns. Grading rules and standards of various products are included. 
According to Kellie Schroeder, WMMPA executive vice president, the pattern book serves as the industry standard for moulding patterns.

The WMMPA has also released a CD-ROM with more than 400 standardized profiles. Each pattern is depicted in .dxf file format, which is compatible with most CAD-like profiles. 

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Fifth Place:
Flashing System for Window and Door Installation
SureSill Ltd. of Austin, Texas, provides a technically-advanced, user-friendly flashing system for door and window installations. The company offers a sloped head flashing called HeadFlash™, which was developed after years of experience in homebuilding, expert testimony and forensic engineering, according to company officials.

The company’s product and accompanying documentation (Water Management Guide and Assembly Guide) were designed to meet and exceed any door or window manufacturer’s installation requirements, as well as the International Residential Building Code 2005, ASTM Standards, AAMA Guidelines and Generally Acceptable Trade Practices.

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Sixth Place (A Three-Way Tie):
Honduran Mahogany Doors
Solid Honduran mahogany is the preferred material for many of the world’s most prestigious portals, specifically those made by Borano Inc. of Miami Beach, Fla. Carved from the species, swietenia macrophylla, revered down through the ages and popularized by fine mahogany Victorian furniture, Borano entry doors are custom-made, like fine furniture for the entryway, according to a company release. 

Door jambs are cut to a generous 1-3/4-inch thickness. Borano’s on-line customer service is unique and easy to access. Quotes can be viewed, and orders, tracked on-line, via Borano’s easy-to-use website. Finally, the doors arrive prefinished within 45 days of the original order.

Borano hand-crafts each door to the customer’s unique design—limited only by the customer’s imagination—or from an ever-expanding selection of exquisite patterns, from classic to avant-garde, according to company information.

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Endura Products Offers SureSill™ Sloped Sill Pan
The SureSill Sloped Sill Pan™, distributed by Greensboro, N.C.-based Endura Products Inc., is a cost-effective alternative to self-fabricated units. 

The SureSill pan offers a patent-pending integrated drainage system with a recessed slope and horizontal surface to ensure that any moisture in the pan is directed to the exterior of the house. The sill pan is designed in three pieces, including a sloped channel plate and two precision interlocking end caps. 

Installers cut the channel plate to the determined measurement for the opening, add the lock-in end caps through a keyed profile and secure the pieces with sealant. The SureSill Sloped Sill Pan is available in 4-1/8-inch, 4-9/16-inch and 6-9/16-inch widths. 

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Genius Introduces New Retractable Screen Series
Genius Retractable Screen Systems of Northport, Ala., makes the finest retractable screen systems on the market. Unlike surface mounted screens, Genius Retractable Screens complement any decor while providing complete protection against flying insects and other airborne pests, according to company officials. 

The modular design of the company’s retractable screens allows for the greatest versatility possible, and it also offers a Knock-Down (KD) pack that includes easy-to-follow instructions and all the components necessary to make the final sizing cuts to quickly assemble either at the jobsite or your factory.

The petite design of the Genius screen cassette makes it ideal for recess mount applications. Recess mounting allows the screen to nestle in the natural profile of a door or window where it virtually disappears. And, while all Genius screens come standard with the company’s strong, durable Elite Series fiberglass insect screen, it also offer TuffScreen™, an incredibly strong fabric designed for heavily traveled doors and often-used windows. 

The TuffScreen fabric is 50-percent stronger than traditional screen fabrics but allows for virtually the same clear view out when the screen is engaged. TuffScreen is also the ideal choice for those homeowners with active children or commercial applications.

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Seventh Place:
JELD-WEN® Fiberglass Door Collection Imitates Real Wood
Klamath Falls, Ore.-based JELD-WEN’s IWP® Aurora™ custom fiberglass exterior door collection offers high-end fiberglass entry systems designed to imitate real wood. The Aurora doors are cast from real wood, then hand-painted with details such as knots and distressed at the factory so that each piece is unique. 

Each door has a PolyMicro polyurethane core to provide a dense, solid feel. The doors are pre-finished with the company’s PermaGlow™ system, in which layers of specially formulated grain filler and UV-protective stain coats are applied. Each door then gets a final protective top coat, created to withstand extreme environments.

Available in Old World and Craftsman styles as well as the traditional classic collection, these wood-looking doors offer the aesthetic appeal of wood. According to the company, these hurricane-rated entry systems stand up to the harshest weather conditions, require very little maintenance and won’t swell, fade or warp in extreme temperatures. 

They are durable, energy-efficient and strong. The doors come with a variety of glass and window options, three woodgrain options and 19 pre-finished color choices. JELD-WEN IWP Aurora doors are available prehung.

The company also offers a selection of door hardware, including speakeasy grilles, clavos and other customizable options that help carry out a personalized look.

This door collection was selected as a Best Buy in Consumers Digest’s August 2005 issue.

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Eighth Place (A Three-Way Tie):
Meltdown Glass Offers Decorative Doors and Windows 
Meltdown Glass Art and Design of Phoenix, Ariz., has unveiled a new product line of decorative glass for door and window applications. Included in this line are 32 cast-glass textures available in thicknesses ranging from 1/4- to 1-inch, with a maximum individual panel size of 144 by 72 inches. The Meltdown Glass product line also offers many colors, as well as opaque, transparent and specialty treatment options such as etching and fused dichroic glass. 

For door and window applications, these decorative glass products can be fabricated to accept most industry standard glazing hardware and can also be fully tempered and placed into insulating glazing units. 

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Therma-Tru Introduces Two Collections and Sliding Doors
Therma-Tru Doors’ introduction of the Classic-Craft® Mahogany Collection™ fiberglass door system captures the look of mahogany with the composition of fiberglass. Six door styles and three decorative glass patterns are available for doorlites, sidelites and transoms.

According to the Maumee, Ohio-based company, the new collection helps builders, remodelers and homeowners create a grand en-tranceway reminiscent of America’s great historic homes. 

Another new line called Classic-Craft® Rustic Collection™ offers the old-world charm of Southwestern and European country architecture, combining the look of smooth-grain panels and arches with modern materials and technology. 

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Square Columns Available from Turncraft
For homeowners, builders and architects who won’t settle for anything less than the finest materials and craftsmanship, Turncraft® is a leader in meeting the growing demand for alternative building materials. 

A perennial favorite of SHELTER subscribers, Turncraft’s Poly-Classic® columns are made of low-maintenance rotocast fiberglass-reinforced polymer. These single-piece columns are among the most versatile and elegant supports available, according to company officials. 

The columns offer authentic architectural details for interior and exterior use and are available in a variety of styles including tapered, non-tapered, fluted and raised panels. In addition, the columns offer maximum load-bearing capacities, with hollow centers useful as channels for downspouts, wiring and plumbing.

In May 2005, Turncraft also introduced Poly-Classic Craftsman columns made of expanded cellular PVC. This new collection offers builders the popular look of Craftsman-style columns with quick and easy installation—but without any of the upkeep of real wood, according to company information.

All Turncraft products are covered by a limited-lifetime warranty.

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Ninth Place (A Tie):
Sunrooms Become Popular Additions
Sunrooms are among the hottest remodeling trends in the marketplace today. And manufactured sunrooms account for more than half of the $2 billion sunspace industry, according to company information from Venice, Fla.-based PGT NatureScape Patio Rooms.

PGT NatureScape Patio Room dealers enjoy positive cash flow and profit-making opportunities, according to company officials.

Some dealer advantages include:
• NatureScape rooms (including windows and doors) are custom-made to your order, so there’s no need for inventory; 
• Exact delivery dates with reasonable lead times; 
• Delivery in PGT’s own fleet of trucks ensures that your rooms can be ordered and installed in a timely manner; and 
• A reduction on labor costs, because NatureScape rooms come complete and pre-assembled so they can be installed in one or two days. 

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Fletcher Introduces Armourwood
Fletcher Wood Solutions, the Baltimore-based operation of New Zealand manufacturer Tenon Ltd., has rolled out Armourwood®—real wood products that are pressure-treated with an organic biocide formula to prevent infestation by timber-destroying fungi and wood-destroying borers and termites. 

The active ingredients of this new-generation treatment are insoluble in water and as a result will not leach out of any treated product. The chemicals won’t eat up fasteners like screws and galvanized nails, a problem that other CCA alternatives have faced.

Armourwood chemicals are approved by the EPA.

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Tenth Place:
Dixie-Pacific Offers Variety in Fiberglass Columns
Dixie-Pacific, of Gadsden, Ala., now offers new choices from its selection of large fiberglass columns. The new Accent collection offers architectural designs such as square tapered, knee wall, barrel, recessed panel, round non-tapered and square-fluted columns. Sizes and styles are added to the new collection daily. 

The company’s DuraCast fiberglass columns are manufactured from fiberglass reinforced polymers (FRP), with sizes ranging from 6 inches by 8 feet to 36 inches by 30 feet. All columns have architecturally-correct proportions and projections and will not decay, according to the company.

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