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Volume 44,  Issue 8                                       October  2005

     From the Editor
         The Issue at Hand

Showing Compassion

Sadness and shock is what I feel as I write this monthís editorís column. The images and stories from Hurricane Katrina are too much to bear for me, as I know they are for many of you. 

Over the last several weeks, my thoughts have been with those who were devastated by this storm. 

As I hear and read about this stormís impact, I canít help but look at the positives in my life.

I know that I am fortunate to have my family, my job and my house and belongings. 

I live in Memphis, about six hours from New Orleans and even closer to locations in Mississippi that were devastated by this storm. Iíve come across people in Wal-Mart or shelters who were affected by this storm. My heart goes out to them and those whom I havenít met. 

While Iíve heard heart-wrenching stories, Iíve also heard stories of human compassion. Single households are housing 15 to 20 or more people in their homes, churches are sponsoring 300 refugees from the storm, corporations are donating millions to the relief effort, etc. (Read about how manufacturers, distributors and retailers are helping with the relief effort on page 38).

Within the millwork industry, people are rising to the cause as well. This yearís Association of Millwork Distributors Convention was scheduled to be in New Orleans this month but was cancelled due to the destruction to the city. The association is encouraging its members and those who were exhibiting at the show to donate to the relief effort (see more on page 41). 

Itís the stories of people helping people that shine a little light on such a tragic event. I know this devastating storm has made me question what I can do and if thereís more I can do to help those that need it. Helping is certainly the least I can do.


Samantha Carpenter, editor
SHELTER magazine

P.S. Though we were at press when the AMD convention was cancelled, we were able to rework some sections and bring you what products you would have seen at this yearís convention. Please see page 26. 

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