Building a Future for Distributors and Dealers of Building Products

Volume 44,  Issue 8                                        October  2005


Though the devastation of Hurricane Katrina forced the AMD Convention (see related stories, pages 20 and 38), in New Orleans to be cancelled, you can read about the products that you would have seen on display at this year’s convention right here below.

Bold Innovations Begin with Young Ideas

Wood is the traditional choice in residential door frames; however, wood door frames are susceptible to rot in the presence of moisture, warmth and fungus. 

Young Manufacturing Co. of Beaver Dam, Ky., combines the beauty of a traditional door frame and brickmould unit with complete weather integrity in their Clad Plus II, the patented, rot-resistant, low-maintenance, never-needs-painting door frame. Clad Plus II is constructed of carefully-selected, polymer-treated hardwood encased in premium high-impact vinyl. To prevent wicking, insulators are used on the ends of all vertical components. 

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Get a Move on with LCS
LCS Precision Molding of Waterville, Minn., recently introduced its LCS600 door skid, which company officials say protects door-side jamb bottoms.

The company also offers the LCS601 window slide bottom protector, which facilitates moving large and awkward window units, and the LCS2000 lift handle—a solution to transporting heavy and clumsy window and door units for shipping departments, freight handlers and contractors. 

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Frame It Up with Doorframer
Doorframer Inc. of Roseville, Calif., has added to its growing catalog two new products—a 2 3/4-inch backset closure clip (CL-5) and the split-jamb closure clip (CL-4). 
With a reinforced plastic molded construction, the CL-5 fits all 2 3/4-inch backset doors, specifically heavy entry doors from manufacturing through installation. The profile remains the same as the flat jamb closure clip, delivering high-performance quality and ease of installation, according to company information.

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It’s Not A Door Without Endura
Colfax, N.C.-based Endura Products debuts “It’s Not A Door Without Endura” as the centerpiece of a new marketing strategy. The new promotion is designed to communicate the benefits that Endura Products provides to any entry-door system. 

Builders have long been aware of the impact that door components make on a door unit. An entryway without the correct components will allow air and water infiltration, which ultimately lead to installation problems and callbacks. 

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FrameSaver Helps Eliminate Callbacks
FrameSaver® officials say it is the only wood-door frame with a lifetime rot-resistant guarantee.

Based in Nacogdoches, Texas, FrameSaver provides technology-based, moisture-resistant, wood-frame solutions for the building and construction industries.

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The Fabulous Four
FrontLine Bldg. Products, a member of the Bay Industries Corporate Family of Green Bay, Wis., is offering four new door-frame products.

Now available are the 3-1/2-inch flat casing, backband/ brickmould trim, all-aluminum garage-door frames (both with 5-1/2-inch and 7-1/2-inch jamb depths), and the arch-top garage door frame—an arch-top garage door frame with all-aluminum vertical jamb legs on the market.

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P.H. Tech Builds to Last
P.H. Tech of Levis, Quebec, offers a new generation of door frame systems—an all-PVC entry-door frame that’s built to last and makes an ideal complement to all your PVC product lines.

According to a company release, it’s easy to create any type of door-entry configuration with this frame, which is completely in-swing or out-swing reversible. The frame is designed to be low-maintenance for life—it won’t rot, weaken, warp or swell. And multiple weatherstrips protect against drafts and leaks.

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Be Aware with WoodWare
Memphis, Tenn.-based WoodWare offers a Windows-based Warehouse Management System (WMS) as well as other software solutions to the millwork industry. Besides the WMS, WoodWare’s products include WebConnect™ modules for Internet inquiries, quoting and ordering. All of the modules utilize the Caché post-relational database and the company’s software module.

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One Hundred and Running
Omaha, Neb.-based DMSi has added its 100th customer to the list of those who use Agility—its Windows-based application. 

Company officials say DMSi software is used in more than 350 of North America’s top building-material suppliers to manage daily activities in more than 1000 warehouses, yards and offices. 

Agility is designed, engineered and developed from scratch specifically for millwork and building-material distributors. It offers dramatic improvements in functionality, speed, reliability and flexibility, according to a company release.

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Make Business Easier with CAI

Smithfield, R.I.-based Computer Associates Inc.’s (CAI) Ponderosa ERP software solution for building materials and millwork companies is a fully-integrated, Windows-based software system that automates and optimizes all business functions. 

Developed and continuously refined by CAI in conjunction with an advisory group of clients, Ponderosa is the software of choice for a growing number of building materials and millwork businesses, according to company officials.

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Get On Board with KVAL
Petaluma, Calif.-based KVAL’s new DL-NCB computer-controlled doorlite cut-out machine is the latest generation of KVAL’s CNC machines. 

The DL-NCB uses an 11-horsepower variable-speed high-frequency motor in place of conventional motor and spindle drives for the cutting head. An on-board diagnostic program allows the user to immediately determine the source of any operating error or failure, even after it has occurred, according to company information.

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Win with a Full House
Full House Co. of Melbourne, Fla., is offering the high-speed and versatile Marquise Diamond door machine. The machine is 8-foot capable and automatically sizes from 1 foot to 4 feet in width, including raised-molded doors. 

Instant changeover for hinge size, flush hinge for double beveled doors, door hand and lock backset are all illustrated on the Siemens touch-screen control. Lock height and automatic deadbolt can be changed by simply pressing the measurement. 

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Make Ruvo a Priority
Merrick Machine Co./Triad-Ruvo of Alda, Neb., introduces its expanded line of options available for all Ruvo high-production machinery.

“Every customer’s needs are different, every customer has different daily production requirements, every customer has different machine feature priorities and every customer has different specification requirements. Ruvo’s goal is to make it easy for each customer to customize the machinery to meet his specific needs,” said Lowell Tuma, assistant sales manager. 

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Make the Wise Choice
Wise Corp., of Largo, Fla., has introduced its model 1525A automatic hinge jamb machine. According to a company news release, the machine was designed to process a variety of materials quickly and accurately. These include splits, flats, rabbetted jambs or mull posts.

Touch-screen controls and a quick-change bar template make the model 1525A suitable for matching the hinge patterns for a lot of door manufacturers. The machine features incremental depth and backset adjustment and indices from the jamb stop to assure the quality of the finished unit.

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Stop and Learn with BAM
Builders Automation Machinery Co. (BAM) of Largo, Fla.’s chief executive officer Bob Mitvalsky says his company’s equipment can increase distributors’ profits by increasing output and decreasing costs by using new or upgraded equipment featuring mechanical and technological enhancements.

“Our industry-leading line of automated pre-hung door equipment is now even better with the addition of pre-drill units, according to company president Wolfgang Schusser. “On both our 995E and 996E machines outfitted with 1550 hinge applicators, customers can select to have the pre-drill units added as options, or we can even field-install this upgrade onto existing machines,” he said.

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Reach the Top with LEDCO
Arch-top doors are now affordable and readily available through your LEDCO distributor. The Shelbyville, Ky., door manufacturer’s Classic Curves doors are offered in solid-core construction in both 6-foot, 8-inch and 8-foot applications. The company also encourages customers to ask about its KD or pre-hung program.

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Customize with Buffelen
Tacoma, Wash.-based Buffelen Woodworking Co., offers customs, specials, one-offs as well as production-line doors. The company also offers a jamb program for customs, with brickmoulds, astragals and sills to match in any species. 

Buffelen delivers a package where everything matches—exteriors, interiors, bi-folds and transoms. Company officials also say the company has the capability and flexibility to change sizes, species, cores, width, height and configuration.

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C&S’s New Venture
Founded in 1976, C&S Door of Christiansburg, Va., is a premier manufacturer of interior doors and bifolds. The company’s assets were recently purchased by CMI, a Chicago-based manufacturer and marketer of CraftMaster® door designs. 

C&S will also begin marketing CMI’s new CraftMaster Cellini series, which combines a special raised-panel molding affixed to a smooth-surfaced, molded door to deliver enhanced beauty at an affordable cost, according to company information. 

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CRL Says Don’t Panic
CRL glass door panic and deadbolt handles for both single and double 1/2-inch or 3/4-inch tempered glass doors provide an economical means to satisfy both security and life safety requirements of tempered glass doors, according to company officials. 

Manufactured and distributed by Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL), a leading supplier to the construction industry, these panic and deadbolt handles, are designed to allow maximum view, and present a contemporary look to glass doors. They feature a dogging system that defeats locking action during business hours.

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Keep Your Patio Door “Tru”
Therma-Tru Slim-Line™ patio door systems combine the durability of fiberglass with exceptional thermal performance and an advanced trouble-free track system. This reduces callbacks and delivers lasting performance for homeowners, according to company officials.

The broad glass-viewing areas let in light and outdoor beauty, and the tempered low-E glass and double weatherstripping provide comfort and energy efficiency. Optional internal grids are available in all four standard colors: white, almond, stone and bronze. The door systems are available in one, two, three and four-panel configurations with a range of widths and 6-foot 8-inch and 8-foot heights. 

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Door Options on Demand
As the percentage of custom homes increases, requests for non-traditional door options are on the rise, according to officials at Shawano, Wis.-based Heritage Veneered Products, manufacturer of WOODPORT® interior doors. 

The company offers popular stain-grade, including birch, poplar, knotty alder and knotty pine, with the spotlight on the raised two-panel arch, flat two- and three-panel traditional and French doors with beveled glass. 

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An Alpine Expansion
MAi of Wylie, Texas, is adding two door models, one with matching sidelites to its successful Alpine Collection.

The extensive line’s model variety is expanded even more by the options offered. 
All are available in 8-foot heights and six models are available in 36-inch and 42-inch widths. All are crafted from naturally-distressed Andean Walnut™. With the addition of panel grooving or glass TDLs, cross bucks or clavos, straps or a working speakeasy and grill or fixed glass, the appearance takes on an individualized custom look, according to company information. 

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A Family’s Dream Door
McCleary, Wash.-based Simpson’s chalkboard panel doors are perfect for families on the go, whether it’s used in the kitchen, pantry or a kid’s room.

The new doors are available in three design configurations. Choose from one door-length chalkboard panel, two vertically-stacked chalkboard panels separated by a rail and the same configuration of two panels with a chalkboard panel on top and a 1/4-inch wood panel below. Each door is 1-3/8 inches thick and can be specified in heights of 6 feet 8 inches, 7 and 8 feet and in a succession of widths from 2 to 3 feet. 

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Lynden Makes a Difference

Lynden, Wash.-based Lynden Door produces solid-core doors with agfiber, an environmentally-friendly alternative in residential, commercial and architectural doors.
Agfiber core is a solid-core panel made from 100-percent recovered agricultural fiber. In addition to using a product that performs well, it offers you the opportunity to support a cleaner environment, according to company officials. Agfiber core contributes to a cleaner environment by helping agriculture reduce air pollution, by producing an environmentally-friendly industrial product utilizing a renewable resource, and putting no additional strain on the forests. Agfiber core is also formaldehyde-free, which reduces the emissions of harmful chemicals in the environment. 

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McPhillips’ Doors Make an Impact
McPhillips Manufacturing Co. Inc. of Mobile, Ala., has been through at least 100 hurricanes in its 84 years of business. The company reports its doors have always performed in these weather situations—the only difference now is that they are tested and have statewide approvals in Texas, Florida (except Miami-Dade), Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina, according to company information.

If your customer’s building codes require impact-rated doors with a DP-50 rating, check out McPhillips’ Hurricane Ivan series coastal impact doors.

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A Signamark Door with a Mission
Tacoma, Wash.-based Signamark, a division of Trinity Glass International, offers the Lehigh door as part of the company’s Mission Series of decorative interior doors.

The art glass in the Lehigh door features a granite-finish border, which surrounds accents of ribbed and clear-beveled glass—all outlined with antique patina caming. Its 5/8-inch triple-pane construction features art glass that is protected between two layers of tough, tempered glass, making it easy to clean, sound-deadening and energy efficient.

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A “Wood-erful-Looking” Garage Door
A new pre-finished wood-grained steel garage door, named Taylorwood™ by West Branch, Mich.-based Taylor Building Products Inc., combines the look with the practicality of a low-maintenance finish in a natural-looking oak-grain design.

The multi-step finishing process is produced in a factory-controlled environment that ensures uniform medium-oak, woodgrained appearance and long-term durability, according to company information. 

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Doors continued The Power of Three
Chicago-based CMI manufactures and markets three diverse, yet complementary, product lines: CraftMaster® door designs, MiraTEC® treated exterior composite trim and Extira® treated exterior panels. In July 2005, CMI acquired the assets of independent door manufacturer C&S Door Corp., enabling the company to integrate its raised-panel door design.

The Cellini series is a design option that is available in both the modern, two-panel, square-top Carrara® design and the two-panel, true arch-top Caiman® design in standard 6-foot 8-inch and 7-foot passage door sizes.

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A Time-Tested Product
The Jamsill Guard™ by Jamsill Inc. of Ashland, Ore., is a sill pan flash-ing for exterior doors and windows designed to prevent water damage from leaks.

Injection molded of high-impact polymers that will not deteriorate over time, the product has been time tested for more than 22 years with nearly 1,000,000 sold and not one reported leak, according to a company release.

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Gossen Launches Away with New Products
Gossen Corp. has launched a new cellular PVC window product certified for use in hurricane-prone areas. 

The double-hung window successfully met the performance requirements of ANSI/AAMA/NWWDA 101/I.S.2-97, according to company information. The DP-50 rating was achieved without the use of reinforcement in the sash or checkrails.
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DuraLite’s Distinct Designs
Gadsden, Ala.-based Dixie-Pacific’s DuraLite Accent Collection offers unique architectural elements, according to company officials. 

The collection includes two distinctive designs: recessed panel and square-fluted columns.
The DuraLite columns are non-tapered, manufactured from fiberglass-reinforced polymers (FRP), low-maintenance and suitable for exterior or interior applications. 

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Pick Your Destination with Polincay
Polincay of Santiago, Chile, is well known in the U.S. market as a producer of ultralight medium-density fiberboard Jesso-primed mouldings. After taking a major step by opening a new sawmill with state-of-the-art equipment, company officials say the company is now able to offer the same quality of its Jesso finishing on Radiata pine finger-joint mouldings. 

It offers all standard WM® patterns, as well as many different custom-built profiles for individual needs.

The company ships to all U.S. ports and works closely with most of the steamship lines in Chile. Products can be delivered to any U.S. destination in less than seven weeks, according to a company release.

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Your Moulding and Millwork Connection
Moulding and Millwork of Calgary, Alberta, is offering a number of products, including Pacific Coast hemlock mouldings, S4S solid-oak mouldings, clear pine, finger-joint pine mouldings (raw or primed), Platinum Prime MDF mouldings, Douglas fir mouldings and door-jamb components, print and embossed prefinished mouldings, exterior and interior jamb components, MDF paper-wrapped mouldings and furniture components.

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Olde Lexington Adds a Little Excitement
Olde Lexington Products of Lexington, N.C., offers a new collection of crown moulding profiles with new dentils, ropes and wider profiles. 

The manufacturer says the collection has a crown to complement every style from French country to new traditional.

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Up and Running with TLC
Willacoochee, Ga.-based TLC Mouldings offers the Harmony line of MDF/LDF primed interior mouldings. Raw and primed boards are also available in lengths up to 18 feet. “The company’s third moulder line is up and running and it looks forward to fulfilling your moulding needs,” according to Craig Young, sales manager.

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Don’t Miss Your Turn
White City, Ore-based Turncraft, a division of Cascade Wood Products, introduced new products in 2005 to meet the growing demand for alternative building materials: Poly-Classic Craftsman columns and Poly-Classic composite railing systems. 

This month, Turncraft will introduce the Poly-Classic composite railing system, which offers the look of premium wood with the low-maintenance benefits of polymer. Made from a blend of wood flour and engineered polymers then topped with a vinyl coating for superior protection, the new railing system resists penetrating stains, warping, splitting, rotting and peeling. The system is available in either white or khaki, in three distinctive styles, and, as with all Turncraft Poly-Classic products, will carry a limited lifetime warranty.

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Make Contact First
Clackamas, Ore.-based Contact Lumber’s says it is now capable of wrapping any species of real-wood veneer over profiles in almost any substrate, including metal, vinyl, fiberglass and a variety of wood composite materials. 

The company’s can-do approach to market challenges from builders and architects, as well as OEMs, has resulted in hundreds of products uniquely engineered to meet a single customer’s specific need.

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A Superior Product
U.S. Superior Forest Products Inc. of Miami (a part of Brazilian Pine Group) offers a broad range of products.

These products include: finger-joint raw and finger-joint primed jambs; finger-joint veneered and finger-joint raw mouldings; finger-joint blocks and blanks; six-panel pine doors and French pine doors. 

The company began sales in 2003 and is now supplying 100 loads per month to several U.S. distributor locations. 

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Ferche’s Personal Touch
Ferche Millwork of Rice, Minn., continues to bring out new moulding ideas through programs like its Decorator Series of mouldings, which packages mouldings into matched families or groupings. This past year it began manufacturing select mouldings in 18-foot lengths to better meet the need developed by longer stair systems.

The most recent product development, targeted at median- through upper-end priced homes, features the simplicity of craftsman styling. 

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A Master’s Corbel
Universal Wood Products of Van Nuys, Calif., continues its efforts to research and help develop its architectural mouldings and ornamentation aggressively. The company offers a complete line of architectural high-relief and embossed mouldings of classic and traditional design.

Universal Wood Products is proud to present the Corbel Collection of architectural hand-carved corbels. Each birch corbel is hand-carved by master wood carvers and can easily be painted, stained or glazed. They can be used alone or in endless combinations to provide a variety of interior design needs.

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Marvin’s Ultimate Solution

Warroad, Minn.-based Marvin Windows and Doors introduces the Ultimate Double-Hung Magnum.

A high-quality, spiral balance system allows the Ultimate Double-Hung Magnum to achieve easy, smooth operation, according to a company release. 

The constant force of the spiral balance system, which meets AAMA 902-99 Class 5 specification, creates even pressure to provide minimal effort whether opening or closing the window. The spiral balance system will adjust up to 10 pounds for fine tuning and carries over 70 percent of the sash weight. Typical double-hung balance systems carry only 30 percent of the sash weight, according to company information.

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A Match Made in Heaven
Dorchester, Wis.-based Parrett Windows is a leading manufacturer of quality made-to-order transoms. With nationwide distribution, the company has the capacity to meet almost any need in wood or clad/wood transom windows.

Parrett Windows’ aluminum-clad transoms match perfectly with FrontLine Building Products’ clad entry-door system, according to company officials. 

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Coming Full Circle with Kolbe
Traditional styles combined with today’s technology are what customers want and Wausau, Wis.-based Kolbe’s 5/8-inch performance divided lite (PDL) is grilled to these specifications. 

The 5/8-inch PDL gives the window the look of a traditional putty single-glazed window from the early 1900s. The deep-coped profile creates a detailed shadow line and enhances its historical curb appeal. 

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Two is Better Than One

Railing Dynamics Inc. (RDI) of Egg Harbor Township, N.J., offers the Strata deck system, which is a two-layered deck system. The foundation board is earth-friendly and injection-molded from pre-consumer scrap polymers. 

The boards are cut and fastened like wood boards for simple installation. Unlike wood, Strata will never warp, rot, crack or split once installed, according to company officials.

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Glass with a View
Kenyon’s Stained Glass Factory Inc. of Grove City, Ohio, has a unique collage of laminated glass designs. These designs are manufactured by laminating two pieces of clear glass together with a design enclosed between them. This process gives the unit added strength, making the glass panel break- resistant, according to a company release.

This creative glass supplements your homes comfort by reducing sound. This particular application is 40-percent sound deadening.

Kenyon’s laminated design products, known as the Colorado Collection, was created with manufacturers in mind by providing a decorative, high-strength, lower-cost unit. 
Laminated units can be insulated per special request. This fabricated collection has a minimum size availability of 3 square feet and a maximum of 15 square feet.

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Seal It Up with SIKA
Madison Heights, Mich.-based SIKA Corp., is offering a complete line of sealants and adhesives for numerous millwork OEM manufacturing and field-installation applications.

The company’s product range includes: Sikaflex® polyurethane, Sikaflex silane-terminated polymers, Sikafast® acrylic assembly adhesives, SikaSil™ silicones, Sikaflex modified-silane polymers and SikaLastomer® elastomeric sealants and non-skinning butyl caulk.

SIKA high-performance sealants and adhesives are used in general millwork factory assembly applications, including joinery, cladding and bedding of glass for windows and doors. Specialty applications include impact-certified sealants and adhesives for use in hurricane and blast-resistant window and door glazing and bedding applications.

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Reach the Top with Carolina Stair
Carolina Stair Supply of Uhrichsville, Ohio, is a family-owned business that has been associated with high-quality custom staircases and stair parts for more than 25 years.
The company stocks oak and poplar and has a three-week turn around on cherry, hard maple, white oak, mahogany and Brazilian cherry. Company officials say the company maintains a $1-million inventory and ships job lot orders in 48 hours or less. 

The company is also a builder of curved, flared and spiral stairs to customer specifications.

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Staircases Live On
Stairs are often the most architecturally-significant feature of the home. Fitts Industries of Tuscaloosa, Ala., always tries to remind its customers, kitchen cabinets are easily remodeled or finished, walls are easy to paint, but very rarely do homeowners remodel their staircases. 
It is important to remember that the choices you select will often out live the avocado green appliances in the kitchen. 

The hottest trend in stair parts in 2005 has to be the resurgence of wrought iron. Once a fixture in the late 1960s and early 1970s, wrought iron has returned to evoke the elegance of European architectural beauty. 

Fitts stocks six unique wrought iron finishes-powder coat flat black, satin black, powder coat silver black, powder coat antique bronze, rubbed bronze and antique nickel. These finishes were selected to replicate the beauty of the past, with an updated feel of modern-day sophistication.

To compliment its wrought-iron offering, Fitts has introduced two new wrought iron inlay box newels. These elegantly-styled newels are available in oak and hard maple with inlays in black, silver black and antique bronze iron finishes.

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Get Covered with PLM
Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual Insurance Company (PLM) of Philadelphia provides property and casualty insurance coverage to more than 4,500 lumber and woodworking businesses in 38 states throughout the country. 

Company officials say it is one of the largest single underwriters of lumber business in the country with more than $150 million in premiums. 

It works on an open brokerage-basis (through independent agents and brokers). You can select the local broker of your choice. If you are currently working with an independent agent or broker, working with PLM will not change that relationship.

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