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Volume 44,  Issue 7                                        September  2005

     Dear Shelter
         Reader Feedback

Required Reading 
I just wanted to let you know that I just finished reading Mark Reasbeck’s article, “Guaranteed for Life ... and Beyond” (see June SHELTER, page 8). What an excellent article! It should be required reading for all new employees in customer service and for field technicians before they ever go on their first service call. 
As office manager here at Heritage—and having been involved in the customer service end of the window business for more than 30 years—I run into the issues that you address on a daily basis. 
Perhaps we should even include a copy of your article with our “Window and Door Operation/Maintenance Guide,” which we give to all homeowners as they occupy their new homes. 
Thank you for expressing so clearly something which we in the window business have to deal with on a daily basis. I will make sure that everyone on my staff who deals with customers and warranty issues gets to read this article.
Jennie Chavarria
Heritage Windows
Gilbert, Ariz.

Thanks for a Good Laugh 
I work in service and warranty for a window company in Minnesota. I recently read Mark Reasbeck’s article entitled “Guaranteed for Life .... and Beyond” and I have to tell you, my co-worker and I just about split a gut laughing. We could have quoted you verbatim on what homeowners and contractors say about “warranted items.” It was great reading, and we just wanted to let you know. 
Jennifer Fish
Hayfield Window and Door Co.
Hayfield, Minn.

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