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Volume 44,  Issue 7                                        September  2005

     Product Focus

Alternative Materials
Panels Offers Moisture Resistance
Chicago-based CMI’s Extira composite panels deliver high performance in a wide range of non-structural exterior applications compared to wood, MDF and other composite materials. 

Builders use Extira to make column wraps, fluting, rosettes, brick mould, pilasters and exterior door trim and frames. Manufacturers select Extira panels to make shutters, carriage-style garage doors, and specialty trim manufacturers choose Extira to make a host of custom and stock decorative trim pieces. 

Produced as a solid panel, Extira is available in 1/2-, 5/8-, 3/4-, 1- and 1-1/4-inch thicknesses, and comes in unprimed panel dimensions of 4 foot by 8 foot, 4 foot by 16 foot and 2 foot by 16 foot. 

Developed and manufactured by CMI with its TEC™-patented sealed press composite technology, Extira is 90-percent wood. The wood is physically—and chemically—bonded under intense heat and pressure with phenolic resins to provide exceptional moisture resistance, superior machining capabilities, high yields and stable pricing and availability. Unlike wood, MDF and other composite materials, Extira is treated with zinc borate, a wood preservative, and resins that make it moisture, rot and termite resistant. 

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Contact Lumber Can Wrap MDF Mouldings and More
Since the mid-1980s, Clackamas, Ore.-based Contact Lumber has used alternative materials. In 1986, Contact pioneered the practice of profile wrapping, providing an economical alternative to solid oak millwork. Since then Contact has created innovative and new product categories on a regular basis.

Today, Contact Lumber can wrap almost any species of veneer (as well as a variety of synthetic materials) over virtually any substrate, including aluminum, vinyl and MDF. The company’s Everon Clad is 100-percent rigid thermofoil (TF), an exterior-grade PVC that can be permanently adhered over almost any substrate, providing a finished component that is durable, low-maintenance and easy to clean. 

In recent years, Contact’s fastest growing profile-wrap product category has been in components for window and door OEMs. Literally dozens of Contact Lumber veneer-wrapped profiles with substrates including vinyl and aluminum are used by most of the world’s leading window and door OEMs as alternatives to increasingly more scare solid wood components.

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Georgia-Pacific Introduces Reversible 4/4 PrimeTrim® Engineered Wood Trim
Atlanta-based Georgia-Pacific Corp. has expanded its line of engineered wood products with the introduction of reversible 4/4 PrimeTrim engineered wood trim to complement the current 5/4 reversible product offering. The reversible product was designed to allow dealers to carry one board that offers increased versatility. 

Reversible 4/4, 5/8-inch PrimeTrim features a smooth surface on one side and a textured surface on the other. The product is easy-to-handle, primed and ready to paint.

According to company information, it is suitable for use in non-structural trim applications such as fascia, corner boards, door and window trim and column covers. It is available in 16-foot lengths and standard lumber widths. 

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