Building a Future for Distributors and Dealers of Building Products

April 2006                                Volume 45,  Issue 3

AMD Product Central
Manufacturer Members Highlight Their Hottest Products

Read on to find the latest products available from Association of Millwork Distributors’ (AMD) manufacturer members. This is the third annual edition of this special section, which highlights AMD and its membership. 


Young’s Tread Keeps It Tight

Young Manufacturing Inc. of Beaver Dam, Ky., has developed and patented a Moisture Compensating Return® tread. 

Constructed of either red oak or poplar, the company joins classic design with its tongue-and-groove construction that alleviates stress and gaps by allowing the tread to slide along the groove instead of separating from the return. The company’s special fastening and adhesion design completes the exclusive patented features to resist joint gaps.

Two for the Price of One

Endura Products Inc. of Colfax, N.C., recently acquired FrameSaver, a manufacturer of patented rot-proof frames. The patented FrameSaver technology features wood door frames fingerjointed with a wood composite material made from a combination of recycled sawdust and virgin plastics. This composite will not absorb water or allow it to wick up the frame. All frames are green friendly and cost-effective. With a guarantee against rot and insect damage, the company says callbacks are eliminated.

The FrameSaver technology is available in entry, patio and garage door frames. Built for entry and patio doors, the frames are offered in widths from 4-1/8 to 7-1/4 inches with lengths of 6 feet 8 inches and 8 feet. Garage frames are available in a variety of sizes.

Stain It with Royal’s Entry Door Frame

Royal Mouldings of Marion, Va., introduces the “Stainable Entry Door Frame,” which the company says enables the woodgrain of any door to be echoed in the 100-percent cellular vinyl PVC frame which surrounds it. 

Proframe®, noted as the first totally NO ROT® exterior door frame, has been engineered with patented technology by Royal Mouldings. 

Important to its credentials are certificates held for Warnock-Hersey +/-90 PSF Impact resistance, Miami-Dade County code and UL ratings of 20 minutes. 

Features unique to Proframe® are the interlocking frame and brickmould and the ability to match the door frame with stainable doorlite surrounds.

Get the First Residential Fiberglass Entry Door Framing System

Tecton Products LLC of Fargo, N.D., is introducing the first residential fiberglass entry door framing system. The Tecton Door Systemä (TDSä) is pre-finished and fabricated, requires little need for shimming, and its unique finish also resists scratching and denting.

The Tecton Door SystemÔ isn't just another plastic doorframe; it is structural, stiff and strong enough to take entry door abuse, according to company officials. Resistant to mold and insects, it also won't warp since fiberglass is temperature-stable in either an arctic cold or desert heat environment. Independent lab testing shows that the system performs beyond residential requirements.

In slam testing, the system completed a million cycles, easily exceeding the 50,000-slam standard. Additionally, during pre-hanger assembly trials of the door system, assembly time proved significantly less than that of typical clad systems.

Extrusion Available from Buildex

Buildex Co. Ltd. of Seoul, Korea, has been successfully adapting its production processes for the past nine years to meet the demands of changing markets. The company does extrusions for exterior door jambs/frames and moldings with environmental-friendly materials such as composite ABS/PS materials and composite vinyl materials.

The company’s composite cellular exterior door frame components like jambs, brickmoulds and other kinds of door and window components, trim boards, reversible V-groove beaded plank and shutter components are rot-resistant, low-maintenance, cadmium- and lead-free.

Guard Yourself with Jamsill

Jamsill of Talent, Ore., offers the Jamsill Guard™, a sill pan flashing for exterior doors and windows designed to prevent water damage from door and window leaks.

It is injection molded of high-impact polymers that will not deteriorate over time. The product has been time tested for more than 22 years, with nearly one million sold and not one reported leak, according to the company.

Jamsill Guard’s three-piece design allows the installer a range of adjustability to fit all rough openings and is bonded together with PVC cement. This flashing system accommodates most door and window applications in either 2-by-4 or 2-by-6 construction. It is not visible after installation.

Weather the Storm with a New Company

Durable Products of Frankfort, Ohio, has formed a wholly-owned subsidiary—WeatherShed LLC—exclusively for the manufacture and distribution of a new line of composite door frames.

 In development since 2003, the WeatherShed composite frames bring to market a competitively-priced alternative to the fingerjoint pine frame that solves the issue of jamb rot as well other maintenance issues associated with fingerjoint pine, according to company information.

 In addition, the WeatherShed frames are engineered to be as machined and stapled easily with standard door shop equipment as pine components. The company says there are no problems with staple blowback or material too hard to accept screws.

The new product has all the benefits of a no-rot composite with a lifetime guarantee and the compatibility of a complete line of Durable Products’ door sills to meet nearly any door size, shape or function.

 All components can be delivered as an engineered system, or purchased individually to meet customers’ specific requirements.

G-M Has the Selection

G-M Wood Products of Newaygo, Mich., offers the pre-hanging distributor a selection of high-quality frame components. The company product lines include: stain-grade softwoods and hardwoods, premium rot-resistant products and high-quality pre-primed fingerjoint frame components.

Stain-grade products include clear pine, red oak, mahogany and newly-introduced hem fir. Pre-primed fingerjoint products range from doorframes to mull posts in a variety of sizes. Rot-resistant products include a poly-fiber product line that offers the durability of PVC-type products.


Truth Gets to the Point

Adding to its already popular line of handle sets and single-point mortise locks for sliding patio doors, Owatonna, Minn.-based Truth Hardware offers its new line of 2-Point Mortise Locks. 

The company says that savvy homeowners are now demanding the added security and increased performance that multi-point locking provides, and Truth’s new 2-Point Mortise Locks are ideally suited to meet this requirement. Available in three different styles to meet the varying design requirements of sliding door manufacturers, Truth has also added a unique “anti-slam” feature which assures that the lock hooks can’t be damaged by accidentally closing the door with the hooks extended.


Go High-Tech with Builders Automation

Largo, Fla.-based Builders Automation Machinery Co. recently introduced a high-tech version of its popular 996E pre-hung door machine. A single operator utilizing a touch-screen display can handle all the processes of the new 996E/TS, according to company officials.

“All functions are fully controllable through a selection of stored programs accessible via an English/Spanish bilingual touch-screen,” chief executive officer Robert J. Mitvalsky said. 

This newest pre-hung door equipment sports a unique, programmable carriage for infinite change capabilities of both lock-bore and dead-bolt applications. It’s equipped with all the standard features of the 996E predecessor and can also be ordered with the recently-introduced QuikDump hinge applicators and pre-drill options. 

Builders Automation manufactures a complete line of automated pre-hung door and prefabricated stair machinery designed to handle low to high production levels. New and reconditioned equipment comes with a 1-year warranty.

Triad Adds to Its Team

Triad/Ruvo-Merrick Machinery of Alda, Neb., has teamed up with Buckland Sales of Manchester, Conn. Buckland will represent the Triad line of wall panel equipment, as well as Triad stair manufacturing equipment for Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.

“We are excited to have [the Buckland team] on board to add to our nationwide network of quality representation,” said national sales manager Lanny Morris. “In his brief stint with the company, Buckland has already shown a willingness to go the extra mile for customers and has been anxious to lend a hand to any size operation—getting them into equipment that is right for their particular needs.”

WISE Up with the 8800 E-Series

Wise Corp. of Largo, Fla., is announcing a major upgrade to its 8800 Door Machining Center, which was first introduced in 1988.

The 8800 E-Series features touch-screen technology and illustrates automatic change from 6 feet 8 inches to 7 to 8 feet pre-hung machining. Door hand, size, hinge size and lock backset are all indicated on the user-friendly monitor.

The up-clamp feature assures proper spacing between door and jamb regardless of undersized or oversized door slabs.


Enjoy the Four Seasons with Wood Products

Founded in 1995, Four Seasons Wood Products is proud of its dedication to excellence. Although the company itself is just a little over a decade old, its owner, sales and management staff offer more than 100 years of combined mouldings and wood components experience.

The company’s original product line consisted of moulding face frame, crown and custom rips, produced during leased, after-hours machine time in New Richmond, Wis.

The company has experienced significant growth since its humble beginnings and officials say it is recognized for continually exceeding its customers’ expectations in the quality of its products, as well as its dedication to service.

A.H. Furnico Offers Thinner Coating on Products

A.H. Furnico Inc. was established in 1999 in Indianapolis, Ind. The company says it provides customers with high-quality, low-cost products with the added benefit of on-time delivery and great service.

A.H. Furnico ships millions of lineal feet of mouldings and door frames per month to its customers throughout the United States. Most moulding millwork products are coated with a calcium carbonate and adhesive mixture. The company offers a thin Jesso Coating of less than 1/16 inches. 

Along with its standard mouldings and jambs, it can complete custom orders as well.

Clear, Defect-Free Wood Mouldings Available

Clackamas, Ore.-based Contact Lumber Co.’s complete line of natural wood-wrapped mouldings are available in cherry, maple, mahogany, oak and other species. They give builders a clear advantage over solid hardwood mouldings for finishing out interiors. The mouldings come in 14-foot or 16-foot lengths (even 18-footers on request), packaged and ready for easy installation with no pre-drilling. The dimensionally-stable finger-joint substrate is wrapped in defect-free real wood veneer with color uniformity the full length. Moulding is available in virtually any profile up to 10 inches wide.

Yuba Specializes in Highly-Mixed Loads

Yuba River Moulding and Millwork Inc. of Yuba City, Calif., is a full-line producer of pine mouldings and millwork items. Highly-mixed loads are the company’s specialty; however, it is capable of producing straight-run loads as well. All loads can be shipped on a full or partial load basis, depending on a customer’s specific needs.

The company also manufacturers pine window parts. The company matches each part from one run to the next and is capable of maintaining a +/- .055 tolerance through the manufacturing process.

According to officials, the company has the capability of storing up to 7 million board feet of lumber to fulfill its customers' diverse requirements without interruptions.

Masisa: A World of Difference in Wood Products™

In business since 1960, Masisa manufactures and distributes FSC-certified, value-added wood products to customers throughout the world. Masisa’s vertically-integrated operations enable the company to produce much of its own raw materials for a large volume of competitively-priced products with predictable delivery.

Masisa’s growing list of business products includes pine and French interior doors, fingerjoint and medium-density fiberboard (MDF) mouldings and millwork available with Masisa’s Ultra Prime™ finish, OSB and MDF boards and Plycem Trim®, the company’s line of fiber cement exterior trim.

With approximately 10,000 employees worldwide, Masisa operates facilities throughout South America and has North American headquarters in Atlanta and operations in Charleston, S.C.

Become Au Naturale with Finium

Finium of Frampton, Quebec, is a hardwood pre-finished mouldings and stair treads manufacturer that is part of a group that has been in the wood business for more than 25 years.

 The company offers a complete line of products featuring its natural and stained finish. The company guarantees its color match for all pre-finished flooring brands, including exotic species.

Finium uses UV-curing and aluminum oxide in its finish process. Each piece is individually stamped and shrink-wrapped to insure high quality. The company also offers a 25-year finish warranty.

Lighten Your Load with Sunset Moulding

Based in Yuba City, Calif., Sunset Moulding has been in the business of creating moulding products for more than half a century.

Proud manufacturers of Suntrim™ mouldings, the company’s two MDF manufacturing facilities in Live Oak, Calif., and Idabel, Okla., produce more than 200 truckloads of Suntrim™ each month.

Improvements to the company’s manufacturing process and new machinery installations have enabled Sunset Moulding to run a 20-percent lighter-weight product, while maintaining its Suntrim™ quality.

The company says its premier prime process offers distributors an outstanding finish, short lead times, specialized packaging and more than 500 architectural profiles from which to choose.

Other services include mitering, bar-coding, prepackaged sets, shrink wrapping and specified lengths.

Best Offers Bar Coding

Best Moulding Corp. of Albuquerque, N.M., has been manufacturing quality mouldings for more than 50 years. The company offers solid lineal and cut-to-length mouldings in pine, Radiata pine, oak, poplar, soft maple, cherry and banak, as well as finger-joint and finger-joint primed and chamfer strip.

Best Moulding can provide jambs and dadoes to each company's specifications and can accept long and short runs of the mouldings to customer specifications. Bar coding is also available.

U.S. Superior Brings Chinese Products to U.S. Market

U.S. Superior Forest Products of Miami, Fla., is now selling products from China such as primed frames, primed split jambs, primed mouldings, red oak veneered jambs, Russian pine veneered jambs, Jesso jambs and Russian pine doors.

With quality inspection offices in Yanji, Shenyang, Tianjin and Jin Shan, U.S. Superior covers most of the Chinese wooden products mills.

All loads are quality inspected before shipment to achieve best quality and service.

Adorn Your Walls with Century

Marietta, Ga.-based Century Architectural Specialties, a manufacturer of decorative architectural products, offers eight wall accent collections, which adorn nearly every door, window and wall enhancement one could imagine.

The Century collections include: wall niches, corbels, panel mouldings, stair brackets, pilasters, plinths, capitals, frame corners, decorative accents and rosettes. Inspired by the architectural styles of classic European and American eras, designers, builders and architects can incorporate these accent products into their specifications easily.

Century products are low-maintenance, impervious to insects, will not rot, split or crack and are backed by a three-year limited warranty.


Software Addresses Dealers’ Needs

Friedman Corp. of Deerfield, Ill., is expanding the functionality of its newest dealer software program, Quote Management Information System (QMIS), to address the needs of dealers who sell pre-hung doors. 

Distributors have needed the ability to quote and order doors and the associated hardware and components from multiple suppliers with the same application. The QMIS door module allows distributors to quote doors and all of the associated components/ hardware required to hang the door. Quotes are presented in a consumer-friendly format that allows the contractor or homeowner to see the details of each door easily. 

The distributor generates orders, shop work orders and invoices from the quote. The QMIS door module works in conjunction with the base QMIS application allowing users to quote virtually any product from any vendor.

The Right Stuff: WoodWare’s Var-I-Frame™ Configurator

WoodWare Systems of Memphis, Tenn., provides software solutions to help companies that pre-hang doors, mull window units or manufacture millwork products.

One of the driving forces behind the development of the WoodWare System was the complexity of building records for door and window units in most other computer software applications. The company believes there’s a better solution: WoodWare’s Var-I-Frame™ Configurator.

Var-I-Frame™ greatly reduces the number of product records needed to set up and maintain door and window units. It allows millwork companies to pre-hang doors (including entry doors with sidelites and transoms), mull window units (banked and stacked in any combination) and do other millwork assembly with no bill of materials required. This is far superior to the bill of material or “kitting” approach of other software companies.

Become More Intuitive

Distributing windows just got easier with Omaha, Neb.-based DMSi software. DMSi recently added interfaces for several popular window lines into Agility, one of the millwork industry’s leading business software solutions.

From the manufacturer’s system, you can electronically transfer information directly into Agility to save time, eliminate errors, increase efficiency and improve customer service. With Agility, the company says you can now automatically create quotes, orders and purchase orders from the manufacturer’s system, as well as easily manage non-stock, special order items including order matching/cross-docking at receiving.

WMS Builds Momentum

Alpharetta, Ga.-based Majure Data’s warehouse management system (WMS), RF Navigator, has built considerable traction within the building products industry over the last five years. By April of 2006, more than 30 building products facilities will have implemented the RF Navigator WMS system to help improve inventory accuracy, warehouse efficiency and customer service, according the company.

Considerable enhancements have been made to the WMS system to meet the specific demands of the industry, including millwork, general building products, moulding, roofing and siding.

Majure Data has partnered with DMSi and utilizes 20-plus years of experience with bar-coding and wireless technology.

Become Integrated with Ponderosa

Smithfield, R.I.-based Computer Associates offers Ponderosa—a fully integrated, Windows-based system that automates sales order processing, inventory management, product configuration and purchasing, accounting and 18 additional business functions.

Ponderosa’s inventory control system monitors and manages the movement of product from receiving of raw materials to the shipment of finished goods. The company says barcode scanners streamline receiving, tracking, material transfers, forward pick replenishment, picking (sales orders, truck loading and routing), physical inventory, cycle counts and employee utilization—without cumbersome third-party applications.


Look Good with Novaline®

Railing Dynamics Inc. of Egg Harbor Township, N.J., has debuted a new composite railing line called Novaline. The new railing system features a patented oriented long-strand, wood fiber-plastic composite technology.

According to the company, Novaline offers the look of wood while eliminating some of its maintenance hassles, such as rotting, cracking or warping. It is offered in four customizable, upgradeable base kits, each using the same extruded inner wood structural core with various coverings applied to create completely different railing styles. 

One style is a white co-extruded system, two styles are offered in extruded, variegated wood tones and the fourth style, a first of its kind, is an unfinished wood composite which can be painted or stained easily.

Trim Up with Omega-Tek

Omega-Tek Building Products Inc. of West Swansea, N.H., has released Kwik-Corner™, its first product in a lightweight Kwik-Trim™ line of cellular PVC trim. Kwik-Corner is a one-piece extruded 5-1/2-inch house corner with a patented “blind nailing flange,” which allows for installation with no nails showing. 

It comes in 10-foot and 19-foot 6-inch lengths. A plain flange for butting siding to the corner and a “J” channel flange for hidden butts will be available. It is perfect for wood, cement or vinyl siding or shingles.

Round Out Your Product Line with Dixie-Pacific

Gadsden, Ala.-based Dixie-Pacific’s™ DuraCast™ round tapered fiberglass columns are designed for all types of decorative and load-bearing installations. The company says they have architecturally-correct projections and proportions, require very little maintenance, are extremely durable and are ideal for indoor or outdoor applications. All parts are insect-, weather- and decay-resistant and carry a limited lifetime warranty. 
The columns are available in a variety of sizes and in either a plain or fluted shaft. 

DuraCast™ Fiberglass Columns are composed of fiberglass reinforced polymers, which makes them load bearing. They are manufactured with a true architectural taper and are 100-percent factory-sanded.

Meeting Growing Demand

White City, Ore.-based Turncraft®, a division of Cascade Wood Products, has introduced two new products to meet the growing demand for alternative building materials: Poly-Classic® Craftsman columns and Poly-Classic composite railing systems. Both offer quick, easy installation and low-maintenance performance.

Poly-Classic Craftsman columns are made of expanded cellular PVC. The collection offers the popular look of Craftsman-style columns, including tapered, non-tapered, fluted and raised-panel styles. They can be done in quick and simple installation inside or out, with hollow centers useful as channels for downspouts, wiring and plumbing.

The Poly-Classic composite railing system offers the look of premium wood with the low-maintenance benefits of polymer. Made from a blend of wood flour and engineered polymers then topped with a vinyl coating for superior protection, the company says the railing system resists penetrating stains, warping, splitting, rotting and peeling.

Go to the Source

The Alcoa Home Exteriors Retail Distribution Group of Pittsburgh, Pa., is a source for quality home exterior products. The company offers a wide variety of products including standard and custom shutters; dentil mouldings; decorative corner posts; door surround systems; mantel systems; J-Block® mounts; dryer vents; gable vents; lineals and window casings; Leaf Relief® gutter protection systems; among others.


Think Out of the Box with L.J. Smith

L.J. Smith of Bowerston, Ohio, has introduced its decorative inlaid box newels for a more dramatic stairway appearance. These box newels are available with two different inlay patterns and a variety of wood specie combinations.

The company’s new box newels are identical in dimension, and are assembled in the same manner, as its standard box newel line. Optional accessories such as top plates, finials, embossed carvings and rosette blocks are easily added to the inlaid box newels on the job, with finish nails and construction adhesive.

Rise Above It with Menuiserox

Since 1979, Menuiserox Inc. of Beauceville, Quebec, has been providing hardwood stair components. The fully-integrated company rigorously controls all of its product processing and handling steps.

It offers manufacturers or stair builders on-time delivery and outstanding customer service. With its modern new 55,000 square-foot plant and high-tech equipment, the company says it’s a great choice as a partner for high-quality products.

Menuiserox also offers handrails, bending rails and landing treads that correspond with customers’ specifications. White hard maple, red oak, cherry, beech and many more species are available. The company also offers handrails up to 24 feet long.


Shake It Up with CMI’s Corvado™

Keeping pace with current design trends, Chicago-based CMI recently introduced the new Corvado two-panel, square-top plank interior door. The smooth-surfaced Corvado resembles the classic Shaker-style door, yet it is versatile enough to complement a broad range of home décors from Southwestern and rustic to contemporary. 

The latest addition to CMI’s family of CraftMaster® interior doors, the Corvado has a distinctive groove and modified sticking profile that provides the rich feel of a traditional plank door, while adding beautiful architectural details. Corvado is available in standard 6-foot 8-inch and 7-foot heights and in a variety of passage widths. Bifolds will be available for most standard openings from 2 feet to 6 feet.

Go Out on the Patio with P.H. Tech

It’s easier than ever to add Levis, Quebec-based P.H. Tech’s patio doors to your product line-up. The patio doors come preassembled, which means there’s no need to stock multiple components or hire extra personnel, according to company officials.

Options on the doors include, knock-down, partially-assembled or fully-assembled, mechanical frame assembly, frame with PVC pressed on wood or all-PVC frame, mechanical or welded PVC sash, 2-sash, 3-sash and 4-sash doors and IG units (dual-seal, Intercept® Spacer, clear or low-E argon).

In Strong Demand: WOODPORT® French Door

Based on strong consumer demand, Heritage Veneered Products of Shawano, Wis., has expanded its WOODPORT® French door line to include more decorative glass. In addition to the pantry doors already available, consumers can now order etched glass with “laundry” and “wine.” Other glass styles include reeded and faux prairie. All French doors are available stain-grade or primed. 

Heritage also expanded its specialty door line to include half-lite glass and panel combinations, mixed species, applied mouldings and louvered doors. These designs will appeal to custom builders and homeowners who are looking for upscale, unique interior doors. 

These recent additions allow Heritage to offer the industry a high number of options from one resource. The new styles also complement the company’s existing product line, which already includes a wide range of engineered-raised and flat-panel stile and rail doors. Heritage is also known for its broad list of “standards” —standard widths 1 foot to 3 feet 6 inches, standard heights of 6 feet 8 inches, 7 feet, 7 feet 6 inches, 8 feet and thickness of 1 foot 3/8 inches or 1 foot 3/4 inches. 

Get Crafty with Buffelen

Buffelen Woodworking of Tacoma, Wash., established in 1913, offers a large selection of Craftsman-style doors, sidelites and transoms. These doors offer clean lines and a classic look. With the simple, yet elegant, blue- and amber-accented leaded glass designs, added to the very popular “Esquire” door, Buffelen offers a door to fit any craftsman opening. 

Accent shelves also are available in both standard or dentil shelf designs.

Charm Your Customers with the Estancia Series™
GlassCraft Door Co. of Houston introduces the Estancia Series of knotty alder doors, which offers the aesthetic elegance and the rustic charm to complement a wide range of architectural styles that range from Southwestern and Hill Country to Tuscan, Tudor and Mediterranean.

Choose from six finish colors in both standard and distressed finish options. The solid Estancia Series doors—those without glass panels—are available with a decorative and functioning “speakeasy” with a choice of wrought iron grilles, and with “v-grooving” and “clavos” on the panels to give an old-world, wood plank look. Some doors offer a selection of beautiful decorative beveled insulated glass, while others may be ordered with hand-made wrought iron grilles.

These doors may be ordered individually, or hung in matching knotty alder jambs for both interior and exterior applications. Single door and round-top and arch-top double door entryway configurations are standard. Estancia Series doors have engineered stiles and rails, and the panels offer laminated construction to eliminate splitting. All Estancia Series doors are backed by a 5-year limited warranty.

Express Yourself with Bolection Door

The opportunity to express one's self should never be limited, according to Bolection Door of Greensboro, N.C. The company says inspiration to design is nourishment for the soul.

Bolection Door offers a MDF door system accompanied with infinite design capabilities. The company has developed more than 17,000 unique designs for its clients The company’s products and services include:

·        solid MDF;

·        Edge™ technology;

·        90° Corner²™;

·        a wide variety of design capabilities;

·        Fully raised panels; and

·        Raised Bolection moulding.

Decades of Custom Entryways

Decades of fine, custom millwork are the pinnacle of Fort Worth, Texas-based Latson's Custom Millwork Inc.’s long term success. Jim Latson, original founder and owner built the company with a strong work ethic and commitment to low overhead. This enabled Latson's Mill to expand while developing dedicated, loyal relationships.

In 2003, Jim Latson retired passing the torch to his son, Marko. Brent Latson, Marko’s brother, became vice president of manufacturing and long-veteran Albert Mendoza became vice president of operations. The company says its attention to detail makes these doors unmatched in the industry.

Motor Along with ODL

ODL Inc., a Zeeland, Mich.-based building products supplier, has introduced the company’s new motorized door glass blind and the ODL Michael Graves Collection.

The blinds provide the homeowner with an easy-to-use, low-maintenance solution for controlling light and privacy. The first door glass product of its kind, ODL Motorized Door glass blinds feature blind slats sealed between two panels of tempered safety glass. The battery-powered motorized tilt system easily tilts slats open or closed at the touch of a button, which is integrated into the door glass frame.

The ODL Michael Graves Collection features elegantly clean designs inspired by trends in architecture, fashion and housewares. Three styles of decorative door glass: Acacia; Vienna; and Fleur-de-lis, are available.

The Acacia style of decorative glass features abstracted floral motifs connected vertically by parallel lines. The Vienna family of decorative glass is representative of early 20th century Viennese art, style and design.

Make Music with an Accordion Folding Door

Woodfold-Marco Mfg. Inc. of Forest Grove, Ore., is offering two new brochures to its customers. One is its newest 12-page accordion folding door brochure and the other is its 4-page roll-up door brochure.

The company says that all its accordion and roll-up doors are custom-made exactly to size and are available through a network of building material and specialty distributors.

It also offers custom shutters and interior hardwood shutters.

Look to Mesker for Fire-Rated Doors

Mesker Door of Huntsville, Ala., has been supplying the industry fire-rated and non fire-rated steel doors and frames and has been in business since 1864. Mesker products meet or exceed all Steel Door Institute and architectural design specifications.

The company’s products are approved for fire-rated labeling with UL, WHI and FM.

The Doors of a Lifetime

Lifetime Doors Inc. of Farmington Hills, Mich., says it’s a pioneer of the “production flush door.” It is one of the country’s largest privately-held flush door manufacturers with approximately 500 employees and a cross-country complex of modern manufacturing facilities.

The company has a range of unfinished and prefinished doors and bifolds from which to choose, and it offers a flush or molded door products.

Go Rustic with Plastpro

Livingston, N.J.-based Plastpro's new Rustic Collection provides a classic appeal while bringing a contemporary decor to any home.

Every door in the collection contains a deep graining with European architectural style. The doors come in a variety of sizes including heights of 6 feet 8 inches or 8 feet and widths of 3 to 3 feet 6 inches. The collection contains Plastpro's patented Hydroshield Technology, which creates a waterproof seal around entry doors.


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