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April 2006                                Volume 45,  Issue 3

Product Focus


Intelligent Door Building Machinery

The RRB-3F stop stitcher from St. George, Utah-based Dotul Inc. is a stop stitching machine that applies mitered or butt-jointed stop to a jamb using a choice of crown staples or finish nails. 

The machine is a front nailer, attaching the stop by shooting a crown staple or finish nail through the front of the stop into the jamb. The company says the machine is ideal for low- to middle-volume door shops that want to improve the quality and efficiency of the stop application process.

The company provides factory-trained technicians for start-ups and includes a detailed operators/ parts manual with every machine, and it comes with a one-year, limited warranty.

Sparks Don’t Fly With M. K. Morse’s New Cutting Saw

The M. K. Morse Co. of Canton, Ohio, has unveiled its new CSM14B 14-inch metal cutting saw with dry cutting technology. Equipped with a Metal Devil® 14-inch carbide tipped blade, the saw produces a virtual spark-free environment. 

The powerful, low-speed, high-torque motor is optimized for metal cutting at 15 amps and 1,300 revolutions per minute. The heavy-duty steel base provides stability with pre-drilled holes for easy bolt-down to any work bench. With six pre-set markings in the base, the vise is quick and easy to set for 45- or 90-degree cuts. A large cutting capacity, 5-1/8-inch diameter pipe and 3-3/4-inch rectangular allows a wide variety of materials to be cut. The saw also features a chip collection tray, built-in carrying handle, adjustable chip deflector, on/off trigger switch on the handle and a blade that is fully enclosed when not engaged in cutting.

Serious Tool Sets from Great Neck Saw Manufacturers

Great Neck Saw Manufacturers of Mineola, N.Y., has made several new combination tool sets available to retailers. The new sets include a five-piece plier and wrench set, 22-piece screwdriver set and a 59-piece mechanics tool set. 

The five-piece pliers and wrench set is constructed of heat-treated carbon steel with micro-nickel finish and cushioned grip handles. The set includes 8-inch adjustable pliers, 8-inch long-nose pliers, 7 ˝-inch diagonal pliers, 8-inch slip joint pliers and 10-inch groove joint pliers. 

The 22-piece screwdriver set is engineered with high-carbon steel blades, cushioned grip handles and chrome plating to resist rust. It features heat-treated shafts for durability. This set includes eight slotted screwdrivers, seven Phillips screwdrivers, two square screwdrivers, four Torx screwdrivers and one offset screwdriver.

The 59-piece mechanics tools set is intended for professional and serious mechanics with the most often used tools for a wide range of automotive maintenance and repair, according to the company.


New Stringer Saw for the Stair Industry

Triad of Alda, Neb., has developed and unveiled its new Open Stringer Saw for the stair building industry.

The new saw was designed to increase productivity and safety, as well as to save time. It is powered by two soft start motors and uses two 30- by 80-inch tooth carbide tipped blades. The company says the saw will cut up to four separate 2 by 10 or 2 by 12 stringers at one time. The machine is controlled by a personal computer and has automatic indexing and cutting. An in-feed, and out-feed roller conveyor comes standard with the unit.


New Rosettes Compliment Medallions

Focal Point Architectural Products of Tarboro, N.C., has debuted four new rosettes that are perfectly-sized to fit over medallion center holes. 

The company says many customers are interested in medallions to use as decorative elements for walls or ceilings, rather than as a base for a light fixture. The new rosettes are a solution for the common problem of covering the center space that usually accommodates lighting wires.

The aster and ivory rosettes measure 5 inches across, while the cosmos and chantilly designs measure 5.5 inches. They can also be used alone as a wall accent, picture hanger, door or window accent or curtain drawback. The products are factory-primed and ready to be painted, faux-finished or stained.

The rosettes are made of durable polyurethane, which has the workability of white pine. The low-maintenance, insect- and mildew-resistant products arrive ready to install.


StormBlocker™ Provides Protection Against Severe Weather 

Omnitek Products Inc. of Grapevine, Texas, is offering its new StormBlocker™ shelter system for protection against the devastating effects of tornadoes, hurricanes and severe wind events. 

Assembled from thin composite panels capable of deflecting wind loads and airborne debris, the StormBlocker system surpasses Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and National Storm Shelter Association (NSSA) guidelines. Shatterproof composite laminate panels enable the shelter system to absorb or deflect wind loads and debris impact generated by the most destructive weather events. The lightweight, high-strength composite panels are used over a reinforced framing system with structural connectors, foundation anchors, anti-intrusion doors, locks and hinges provided by industry leaders.


Johnson Controls Launches Leedspeed™ Software

As the number of businesses and organizations interested in sustainable green buildings increases, Johnson Controls Inc. of Milwaukee has developed software intended to simplify building certification. Leedspeed™, a web-based software application hosted at, navigates the user through the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Green Building Rating Systems.

“Johnson Controls is the premier partner for forward-thinking companies that want to achieve the financial, social and environmental benefits of green buildings. This software program takes our best practices and helps facility owners assess multiple buildings, evaluate return on investment, manage green building projects and prepare and submit the LEED certification application,” said Paul von Paumgartten, director of energy and environmental affairs for Building Efficiency of Johnson Controls. Johnson Controls has used the system for the past three years in hundreds of buildings and continues to offer the service to its own customers.


Next Generation in Housewrap Technology

Fortifiber Building Systems Group has announced WeatherSmart™, a polymeric weather-resistive barrier. As part of a complete moisture-control system, WeatherSmart offers builders a warranted solution that works in all climates and behind virtually every door cladding, according to the company.

The new housewrap was developed from of new innovations in polymer technology and building science. It is a polymeric weather-resistive barrier that employs a high-strength non-woven substrate and a monolithic non-perforated coating of smart polymers. The company says it delivers balanced moisture control in any weather condition, regardless of humidity levels and temperatures. Its construction also provides a reliable air infiltration barrier, while remaining durable and ultraviolet stable.


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